SMAN Top Ten Armies [1/27/18]

ABOMINABLE, SMAN HQ– Welcome to the first installment of the S/M Army News top ten armies list. This week we see 2 big armies in a close battle for the top spot and some smaller armies are introduced.

Edits- WN added to Top Ten as 3rd. 

SMAN Top Ten Armies

Week of January 20-27 2018


1. Elite Guardians of CP [NEW!] [66.75] 

2. Club Penguin Crew [NEW!] [59.50]

3. Wild Ninjas [NEW!] [29.00]

4. Blizzard Warriors/Red Cavaliers [NEW!] [28.75]

5. Romans [NEW!] [25.00]

6. Hawk Rebellion Catch [NEW!] [23.00]

7. New Underground Mafias Army [NEW!] [18.50]

8. Rebel Penguin Marines [NEW!] [13.50]

9. Eastern Hancock Underground Mafias Army [NEW!] [12.00]

10. Retards [NEW!] [6.00]

<>Close to the Top Ten<>

11. Rebel Penguin Alliance of CP [NEW!] [3.33]


Deductions: Rebel Penguin Alliance of CP, -20 points for multilogging.

1. Elite Guardians The EGCP come out on top this week with only 4 events. First they had a Reconstruction event where they maxed 19. They next day they held a U-Lead event getting 20 troops online. They ended off the week with two training events, maxing 19 and 21 respectively.


2. Club Penguin Crew- The Crew just barely ended up falling short of the 1st spot to the EGCP, but they still had a very positive week. First they logged on Ascent maxing 20+. On the 22nd their UK division logged on maxing 9 and later that day the US division logged on maxing 10+. They had another training session on Ascent in which they maxed 10 penguins online. The Crew had a Happy Birthday event for their US leader, Tymatt, maxing 15+. To end off their week CPC logged on for a training session, but that event later turned into battle with the Romans which they won, maxing 25+ in the process.


3. Wild Ninjas- This Spanish army started their week off on CPR maxing 18. They then had 2 trainings on SuperCPPS, maxing 14 and 12. They ended off their week on SuperCPPS again, maxing 12.




4. Blizzard Warriors/Red Cavaliers- What an unpredictable week for the BW. The Red Cavaliers were revived on January 20th, maxing 7 in their first event back. They then went on to max 6 and 7 in their next events. The Red Cavaliers died just a few days after being recreated. Xing, RC creator, created the Blizzard Warriors army on the 27th. They mad their opening event the same day, maxing 3.


5. Romans- The Romans had a really short week. They declared war on the Club Penguin Crew. They decided to battle them, maxing 5+ while the Crew had 25+. Later that day the Romans had a training event, maxing 11.

6. Hawk Rebellion Catch- A new army founded just recently, the Hawk Rebellion Catch find their way into the 5th spot in this week’s top ten. First they maxed 3 in a U-Lead event. Next they maxed 3 in an Ausia training. They ended off the week with another Ausia training, maxing 4.


7. New Underground Mafias Army- The NUMA earn the 6th spot this week, only holding 2 events. They started off with a training on CPPS.ME where they maxed 3 and a recruiting session of Free Penguin where they maxed 2.


8. Rebel Penguin Marines- The RPM had a very slow week, only holding one event, Operation Buckshot, where they maxed 4 on CPR.


9. Eastern Hancock Underground Mafias Army- This week the EHUMA have earned the 8th spot in our top ten. Like many other armies on this list, they had a very slow week, hold just one event where they maxed 4 on CPR.


10. Retards- The Retards, another army coming into the community this week, held their opening event on CPR where they maxed 1 penguin.

Screenshot 2018-01-27 at 5.59.25 PM.png





So, what do you think of this weeks Top Ten? Do you think any of the decisions made this week were controversial? Be sure to leave YOUR opinion down below.



SM Army News CEO


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  2. The Rebel Alliance of CP didn’t multilog


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