S/M Army News Winter League Round 1 Times

ABOMINABLE, SMAN HQ-  Here are the official times for our first ever tournament, the First Annual Small Medium Army News Winter League Tournament!

The first ever tournament in SMAN sure will not disappoint with some top armies participating, and some smaller ones who are getting their first exposure to the media. All of our match-ups will surely be entertaining and we can’t wait for the battles. Here are the battles and times for the First Annual SMAN Winter League:


Super Strikers of CP vs Romans of CPR

Saturday, February 10th 

2:00 PM EST, 1:00 PM CST, 12:00 PM MST 11:00 AM PST 7:00 PM UK


Elite Guardians of CP vs Rebel Penguin Marines

Saturday, February 10th

2:45 PM EST, 1:45 PM CST, 12:45 PM MST, 11:45 AM PST, 7:45 PM UK


Hawk Rebellion Catch vs Elite National Force

Sunday, February 11th

2:00 PM EST 1:00 PM CST 12:00 PM MST 11:00 AM PST 7:00 PM UK


Federal Penguin Elites vs Underground Mafias Army

Sunday, February 11th

2:45 PM EST 1:45 PM CST 12:45 MST 11:45 AM PST 7:45 PM UK



  • 30 Minute Battles
  • Two room changes during the battle
  • Will take place on Abominable
  • No allies allowed
  • No cheating (hacking, botting, multilogging, etc)
  • Gamemaster is Zeke/Fudge (If not available then Ulysses)
  • Judges are: Zeke, Ulysses, Centaur, Eden and Xing



So, what do you think? Will the battles be pretty or interesting or just straight up boring? Who do you think will move on to the next round? Who you think will win the tournament? Comment YOUR opinions down below because at SMAN, your opinion matters most.



SM Army News CEO


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