BREAKING: Club Penguin Rewritten to be closing down? – Looking into the sudden closing of CPR

[ This is a developing story, meaning updates can still be added to this post. If this happens, they will appear just below this line. Thank you, – CPA Army Central Staff ]

UPDATE #1, 10:07PM GMT (26/2/18): According to numerous sources, CPR is closing down due to Disney shutting them down. Whether or not this is true is still to be confirmed. More on this soon.

Apline, CPR Army Central Official Headquarters, – Club Penguin Rewritten was our solution to the death of Club Penguin. But what happens when the death of our solution happens? Where do we go? Is there even anywhere to go at this point? Let’s take a look together.

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SWAT Returns to the Community

ALPINE, CPRAC OFFICE- With the community becoming bigger and bigger, new armies have started to roll in. A once legendary army was recently revived as they will try rule over CPA again. Read on to find out more.

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Return of the Legend. Return of the Fort Ghost Recon

Uncharted Territory, Fort Ghost Recon – The Fort Ghost Recon has returned to the Rewritten Army Community. Who are the Fort Ghost Recon? What are they doing? Do they have a chance to grow? Read on to find out! Continue reading

Daily Small Medium Army News -Corruption, Defaced and declared Dead

Alpine, CPR Army Central Head Office – The Daily Small Medium Army News was corrupted and declared dead after a server wipe out and a deleted website. How did this happen? Read on to find out! Continue reading

CPRAC Top Ten 2/25/18

ALPINE, CPRAC OFFICE- Welcome to another edition of the CPRAC Top Ten. This week we see some new armies come into the list and some armies fall from their positions they had in our last edition.

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Looking into the Elite Guardians vs Underground Mafias Army war – are the UMA being xenophobic?

UPDATE #1, 2:19 PM GMT – Edu’s input has been added. The post is now 100% finished unless there is anything we’ve missed. We will inform you as best we can if this is the case.

Deep Freeze, – UMA territory – The Underground Mafia’s Army, one of the oldest armies (the second oldest, in fact) to ever exist. Even in the old Club Penguin Army community the Undergound Mafias Army were a powerhouse. Why are they making the news today? Let’s find out, together.

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Responding to Oharaisbae’s False Accusations of Me

ABOMINABLE, SMAN HQ- Here I will be responding to Mason Cooper’s false accusations of me.

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Personally Exposing the Underground Mafias Army for Multilogging

ABOMINABLE, SMAN HQ- This isn’t your everyday SMAN post. Today I am personally exposing the Underground Mafias Army for multilogging.

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Into The Vault: War of Roman Subjugation

ABOMINABLE, SMAN VAULT-  Hello Readers, if you may not know, in early December, a big war happened. As CPR Armies progress, important events get lost into history, and usually die out due to defacements. Here at SMAN, we are going to go into the vault, and recover these events. Our first look will be about the War Of Roman Subjugation.


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SMAN Top Ten Armies [2/3/18]

ABOMINABLE, SMAN HQ- Another week comes another Top Ten. This week we see some new faces and some famous armies coming back into the community to try and establish themselves again.

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