The Super Strikers Come Crashing Into the Community

GRANIZO, SSCP CAPITAL- Recently we have welcomed another Portuguese army into the community, the Super Strikers of Club Penguin. 

The Super Strikers of Club Penguin were created by EGCP troop Bagasito on Christmas Day 2017. They were created by an Eltie Guardians troop because the SSCP are a colony of the EGCP. Their main purpose is to protect the EGCP from attacks and invade servers which they will deposit to the EGCP, widening their empire.

In their first event on Boxing Day they managed to max an impressive 10 penguins and average 8, which is really strong for a brand new army. You can view an image of their first event below:

Screenshot 2018-02-01 at 4.28.57 PM

I sat down with SSCP leader and EGCP 4ic Ratoru for a quick interview about the army and their future.

SMAN: Why was the SSCP founded?

Ratoru: SSCP was created to expand the empire of EGCP, and invade neutral servers virtually all week and deposit them to EGCP.

SMAN: What are your goals for the army?

Ratoru: We are currently trying to update our website and try to get back to reaching the size of 14 in the events.

SMAN: How far do you think SSCP will go on the upcoming SMAN Winter League Tournament?

Ratoru: I think we’re going to stay in a good position, our morale is high in battles.

SMAN: Any final comments?

Ratoru: No, I’m doing one thing now lol



 Personally, I think the SSCP will be a great army to protect the EGCP. They have risen to maxing impressive sises during events and I think they will get a really good spot on the upcoming Weekley SMAN Top Ten.
So, what do you think? Will the Super Strikers of CP be a strong army in the future or do you think they will flop like a lot of other armies have in the past? Comment your opinions below because here at SMAN, YOUR opinions count.


SM Army News CEO



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