Into The Vault: War of Roman Subjugation

ABOMINABLE, SMAN VAULT-  Hello Readers, if you may not know, in early December, a big war happened. As CPR Armies progress, important events get lost into history, and usually die out due to defacements. Here at SMAN, we are going to go into the vault, and recover these events. Our first look will be about the War Of Roman Subjugation.


The War of Roman Subjugation started with the belief that the DKE leader EmperorFlame, was a dictator. These claims were made by Dj, the Roman Emperor, and soon declared war. Shortly after the declaration, UMA got involved and were supporting DKE, the same with URP, as they joined in as-well. After a few hours, DKE with the help of 2 UMA soldiers raided a Roman event, and failed to do so. This is where full on war broke out.

 UMADKE Armies

  • Dark Knight Empire
  • Underground Mafias Army
  • Tubas
  • United Republic of Penguins


Roman Armies

  • Romans
  • Rebel Penguin Federation










In the end of the war, the UMADKE had taken all of the Romans’ servers so the Romans stopped all affiliations with them (basically a surrender) because they had no servers and had to rebuild their empire. The UMA would go on to flourish and getting 15+ at events.




These sources were provided by myself,Games, a UMADKE Officer.

Please refer to the CPA Wiki for more information on the war.



SM Army News Editor








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  1. >Implying that UMA didn’t got buttraped by NVA after the war.


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