Looking into the Elite Guardians vs Underground Mafias Army war – are the UMA being xenophobic?

UPDATE #1, 2:19 PM GMT – Edu’s input has been added. The post is now 100% finished unless there is anything we’ve missed. We will inform you as best we can if this is the case.

Deep Freeze, – UMA territory – The Underground Mafia’s Army, one of the oldest armies (the second oldest, in fact) to ever exist. Even in the old Club Penguin Army community the Undergound Mafias Army were a powerhouse. Why are they making the news today? Let’s find out, together.

When two armies enter a state of war, they tend to throw insults at each other – it’s normal. But is there ever a point that things can go too far? Many believe so, and CP Army Hub will present to you what we have found.

Let’s take a look at why this war started in the first place, why do these armies hate each other? Below is an excerpt of their declaration of war on the Elite Guardians:

On 2/17/18, the Underground Mafias Army declares war on the EGCP Empire.

The EGCP and the NVA divided us, and hoped we never come back to threaten their “glorious” empire. Soon, we came back. As time passed by, the EGCP not only became a threat to UMA, but to all of CPRA.

According the the Underground Mafias Army, the Elite Guardians had “divded them” and they also stated that “the Elite Guardians not only became a threat to UMA, but to all of CPRA.”

What could this possibly mean? I was unsure, so I messaged both an Elite Guardians leader and an Underground Mafias Army leader to ask what this could mean. Here is what, Games, Underground Mafias Army leader had to say:

In January, EGCP and NVA (an alliance of pretty much all armies) started attacking UMA and wanted to get rid of me and Ehroyals.
It failed for them. – Games, former UMA leader.
That was Games’ response. As you can see, the NVA (an alliance) and the Elite Guardians were trashing and attacking UMA, supposedly. I could not back this up, so I am unsure if this is true or not.
I then proceeded to message Edu14463 on Discord to have his input on the situation, he had this to say:
In the r*** of January, when we declared war on them, we conquered their land. Like, every server. We were going to capture Walrus, their capital in the past. But Oharaisbae, former UMA 3ic, went in my direct messages saying, “We will coup Ehroyals81 if you don’t take Walrus.” We then agreed, Ehroyals81 was then couped. Mason (Oharaisbae) created the NUMA. And Ehroyals81 the EHUMA. That’s how we divided them. This month, (February of 2018) they declared war because he have too many territories. They made a giant alliance: Romans + Underground Mafias Army + The Club Penguin Crew + HRC + JPCP versus the Elite Guardians. They planned to take our land, but they failed. The Elite Guardians successfully defended their land. This made the Club Penguin Crew quit the alliance, the Romans left on Wednesday (21st of February) after we invaded Nevasca. HRC left too. Then JPCP was the only one left, with UMA. But UMA’s closed.
Some words blocked to prevent offense to anyone reading. Some grammatical errors were fixed, too. But it’s still the exact same message.
Above was the input of Elite Guardians leader, Edu. He clarifies some things the readers here may be wondering: “Why did they declare war? How did they divide them?” The short answer being Oharaisbae performed a coup on former leader Ehroyals81, and they blamed the Elite Guardians on this move.

The Underground Mafias Army post continues, below the official declaration it also says:

To all penguins to look up to the EGCP High Command… You are looking in the wrong direction.. The EGCP High Command (Edu, Guta, etc) only want land and power. They don’t care for anything you do as long as it doesn’t threaten their massive server ownership. They will even destroy reputations and careers in CPRA just to keep ONE server. You want to look up to these fools? **** to the NO you shouldn’t.

*Some words blocked to prevent offense. Some viewers may find these word(s) offensive.

As we can see here, the Underground Mafias Army are saying the Elite Guardians leaders don’t care for their troops. That they don’t care for their army, just their land. And that the Elite Guardians soldiers shouldn’t follow or trust their leaders. Infact, “**** to the no, they shouldn’t.”

Now on to the real reason this story is news:


Some pictures have surfaced of the Underground Mafias Army being xenophobic to their enemy – the Elite Guardians. If you don’t know what xenophobia is, it is “dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.” – Google Dictionary. The act of this is considered disgusting by many places around the world and it just has no place in our community.

Below is an excerpt of a post posted on the Underground Mafia’s Army site:

Bert’s UPDATE: I ain’t continuing no war with illegal immigrants because:


I’d link the full post, for credit, but the act of xenophobia deserves no credit from the Club Penguin Army Hub.

As you can see, he calls the Elite Guardians “illegal immigrants” and is discontinuing the war because of that, he also posts a “meme” which states “If you don’t speak English, your opinion doesn’t count.” Disgusting.

Conclusion & final thoughts.

To conclude the first post on CP Army Hub, I would have to say this:

Don’t treat anyone in this community differently because of their sex, race, nationality, religion, etc. We’re all human beings, let’s act that way. Don’t be disgusting.

Thanks for reading.

-Conor, Club Penguin Army Hub CEO & Founder.




One Response

  1. using xenophobia because of servers in a game of children is a very idiotic attitude.
    We are here to have fun, not to disappoint someone because of his nationality, because his army is bigger than mine.
    If you have that kind of attitude, well, your life should be pretty disgusting to use a child’s game to inflate your ego.


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