CPRAC Top Ten 2/25/18

ALPINE, CPRAC OFFICE- Welcome to another edition of the CPRAC Top Ten. This week we see some new armies come into the list and some armies fall from their positions they had in our last edition.

CPRAC Top Ten Armies

WEEK OF FEBRUARY 18th-24th 2018


1. Rebel Penguin Federation [NEW!] [83.12]

2. Elite Guardians [-2] [79.00]

3. Water Ninjas [NEW!] [55.62]

 4. Wild Ninjas [-1] [42.99]

5T. Special Weapons and Tactics [NEW!] [42.00]

5T. Romans [-3] [42.00]

7. Hawk Knights [+1] [35.00]

8. Rebel Penguin Marines [+1] [22.50]

9. Rebel Alliance [-3] [20.00]

10. Justice Penguins [NEW!] [16.00]

<>Close to the Top Ten<>

11. Delta Penguins [-4] [15.00]

12. Fort Ghost Recon [NEW!] [13.50]


  1. Rebel Penguin Federation- The RPF started their week with a Squid event, maxing 25, an Ausia training getting sizes of 45 and a UK event where they maxed 25. Next they held a lobster themed event where they had sizes of 40+ on CPR. Then they had another Ausia training where they maxed 20. They ended off the week with Operation: Break Past the Limit maxing 50 and two Ausia events, maxing 30 and 40 at each. Screenshot 2018-02-24 at 11.20.27 AM.png

2. Elite Guardians- The Elite Guardians began their long week with a raid of the UMA where they hit 10+. Next they defended Sleet from the UMA who were a no show, claiming sizes of 10+. Then they defended 3 servers from the UMA, hitting 10+ at each. Then they defended 3 more servers on OldCP, reaching sizes of 19, 25 and 10. In their next event they defended Old Aurora, maxing 10+. Next they took North Pole and Deep Freeze from the UMA, maxing 20+ and 15+. Then they defended 3 more servers from the UMA, maxing 10+. Next they took 2 servers from the UMA, hitting 20+ and 10+. Then they marched on the UMA capital where they claimed sizes of 13+. To end off their week they had a battle vs Romans where they hit 10 and a celebration event where they hit 14. 


3. Water Ninjas- The Water Ninjas, known as one of the most legendary S/M armies in CP, were recently revived by Eden and LordNinja24. In the one week they’ve been revived they have claimed the #3 spot on our top ten. The start their week they had 4 training, maxing 5, 5, 4 and 8, which aren’t impressive numbers. But soon they got on track, maxing 10 at two training events. Next they hit sizes of 15+ at a UK training and ended off the week with their first Ausia event, where they claimed sizes of 10+. Screenshot 2018-02-23 at 7.13.07 PM.png

4. Wild Ninjas- The Wild Ninjas only had 3 events this week, starting off with a defense maxing 15. To end their week off they maxed 10 in two training events. 1.png

5. Special Weapons and Tactics- The SWAT returned to the community this week, holding their re-opening event, where they maxed 8 on CPR. unknown (4)

5T. Romans- The Romans had just 2 events this week, both training where they maxed 6.ei.png

7. Hawk Knights- The Hawk Knights had 2 events, both maxing 5.



8. Rebel Penguin Marines- The RPM had a slow week, holding only 1 event where they maxed 5. cqf-gug3rpivumta0avcmw.png

9. Rebel Alliance- This week the RAC had 1 event where they maxed 5 penguin in CP Rewritten.unknown (1).png

10. Justice Penguins- The JP had 1 event where they maxed 2 on Vintage Penguin.unknown-16.png

So, what do YOU think? Are you surprised with the results? Do you think the RPF will keep the top spot next week? Comment your thoughts and comments below, because here at CPRAC, YOUR opinion counts.


CPR Army Central Executive Producer


CPR Army Central Chief Executive Officer






2 Responses

  1. Yeeeeee boy


  2. “Will the RPF keep the top spot” No they’re gonna drastically lose 35 troops and start maxing 15


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