Return of the Legend. Return of the Fort Ghost Recon

Uncharted Territory, Fort Ghost Recon – The Fort Ghost Recon has returned to the Rewritten Army Community. Who are the Fort Ghost Recon? What are they doing? Do they have a chance to grow? Read on to find out!

The Fort Ghost Recon returned under the leadership of Xing and Zeke. This leadership combination have also led together in armies such as the Dark Knights and the Romans. However are the leadership capable of rising the Fort Ghost Recon?

Created in mid-2007 by CP Army Legend, Elitesof, also known as Korn, the army was a generally medium army through most of their time. They were well known as being one of the four main armies to participate in the Tundra Wars alongside RPF, BB, and WW. It was mainly a bunch of random skirmishes, but all these skirmishes led to more armies like the ACP and Nachos getting involved. Even though RPF was the largest army involved, FGR played an important part and had many battles when it was just them against one of the other armies.
It wasn’t until the summer 2011, their fourth generation, where they peaked under the leadership of Elitesof, Fido1625, Coolster114, and Shad. They maxed sizes of approximately 15-20 and even entered CPAC’s Top 10 at the time. Throughout 2011 they had a war with the Watex Warriors, were part of the Pink Alliance against PR, and even went to war with the Nachos. The FGR were never the largest army to wreak havoc, but they did participate in a good amount of wars in the early days and later on. On top of all that, they had some of the most influential members of the community be a part of the army. They evolved throughout the years and they were one of the armies that proved they could pull their weight when it was the right time. – Club Penguin Army Central History

CPRAC managed to hold an interview with Jeffy, a Third in Command at the Fort Ghost Recon.

CPRAC: What do you think about the current Fort Ghost Recon leadership?

Lil_Jeffy: It is a strong leadership of Xing and Zeke.

CPRAC: In the near future, how high on the Top Ten will Fort Ghost Recon go?

Lil_Jeffy: The Fort Ghost Recon has potential to achieve top figures in the Top Ten.

CPRAC: With invasions prepared for the Fort Ghost Recon, how will the neighbouring Armies respond to this expansion?

Lil_Jeffy: Not sure. Depends what army it is, and how they view the Fort Ghost Recon.

From the Interview it is clear that Jeffy foresees that the Fort Ghost Recon will be able to rise as demonstrated by his claim. He also is confident that the Fort Ghost Recon will get into the CPR Army Central Top Ten.

Overall I think that the Fort Ghost Recon can rise. This is because of the leadership and to combine individual Army Leaders who have led self proclaimed sizes of 20+ together, the potential of the Fort Ghost Recon will increase. This means that as long as the leadership are together, the army will rise. – Security, CPR Army Central Chief Executive Officer

What do YOU think? Do YOU think that the Fort Ghost Recon will rise in the CPR Army Central Top Ten? Or will the Fort Ghost Recon crumble following the fluctuating rise in Army deaths? Will this trend increase in deciding the fate of the Fort Ghost Recon? Leave YOUR opinions in the comments below!


CPR Army Central Reporter


CPR Army Central Chief Executive Officer


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