BREAKING: Club Penguin Rewritten to be closing down? – Looking into the sudden closing of CPR

[ This is a developing story, meaning updates can still be added to this post. If this happens, they will appear just below this line. Thank you, – CPA Army Central Staff ]

UPDATE #1, 10:07PM GMT (26/2/18): According to numerous sources, CPR is closing down due to Disney shutting them down. Whether or not this is true is still to be confirmed. More on this soon.

Apline, CPR Army Central Official Headquarters, – Club Penguin Rewritten was our solution to the death of Club Penguin. But what happens when the death of our solution happens? Where do we go? Is there even anywhere to go at this point? Let’s take a look together.

It all kicked off today (26th of February, 2018) on an official blog post by the Club Penguin Rewritten staff. This post was supported by their two Twitter accounts (@CPRewritten and @CPRSupport) so it is in fact real. This news came so suddenly, too.

Let’s take a look at the official blog post, on Club Penguin Rewrittens website:

Today, February 26th, Club Penguin Rewritten is announcing that the virtual world will be discontinued on March 4th, 2018 permanently. After said date is passed, the game will be offline along with the website

Looking at this excerpt, we can confirm two things right off the bat: the game and servers are closing down on March the fourth, 2018 and the website itself is getting deleted.

Looking further into the post, it explains every ones’ user account will be deleted, for security purposed. (Most likely to prevent database leaks, to secure passwords, and the like) this is evidence by:

All data and accounts associated will be erased for security purposes. Any server claiming to be us will be fake unless addressed on our Twitters @CPRewritten and @CPRSupport.

This also supports that there will be no returning of the Club Penguin Rewritten private server, and any server claiming to be working with the team at Club Penguin Rewritten is a fake and is not supported by them.

The post details how Club Penguin Rewritten will go out. At exactly 1pm, Penguin Central Time (4pm EST and 9pm GMT) the servers will be shut down. Anyone who attended Club Penguin’s final moments will know and can tell you that this is exactly the same way that the original Club Penguin went out. It seems so fitting, too.

The post, at the very end, thanks all of its users and even shows a YouTube video (which you can watch here, it’s okay for all audiences) that shows Club Penguin Rewritten’s “memory lane.” It’s a really nice thing to watch, it shows from the moments you first join Club Penguin Rewritten, to mini-tasks you can do, and also meeting mascots. It’d be nice if you watch the video and leave your support for the team at Club Penguin Rewritten.

The news of Club Penguin Rewritten closing down was a shock to many, I posted on several Discord groups the same message: “Club Penguin Rewritten is closing down, what are your thoughts?” and these were the responses I received:


Arureadindis reaction

Arureadindis’ reaction: sad.

TheEmoLatina123 reaction

Positivity from TheEmoLatina23.

Yuli reaction

Very positive reaction from YuliChxn.

Zeke reaction

Anger from Zeke.

As you can clearly see from all of the above photographs, the community has very mixed feelings about this move from Club Penguin Rewritten.

Conclusion & final thoughts.

I think Club Penguin Rewritten was a good private server, it wasn’t a direct copy of Club Penguin but was close enough to be able to use for armies. It’ll be sad to see it go, but I do have to agree with TheEmoLatina23 in the sense that this potentially could get other smaller Club Penguin Private Servers to make themselves known, to improve their player base, etc.

That is my opinion! What is yours? Leave a comment below.



CPR Army Central CEO


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