SWAT Returns to the Community

ALPINE, CPRAC OFFICE- With the community becoming bigger and bigger, new armies have started to roll in. A once legendary army was recently revived as they will try rule over CPA again. Read on to find out more.

Recently CPRA has been booming with activity as conflicts arise and new armies being created. One of the most recent revivals was the Special Weapons & Tactics army, or the SWAT of CP. They have been revived by Ganger90, the creator of SWAT and, Games, former UMA leader.

The SWAT were open for a while now but just recently had their opening event. When the UMA died, (post about that coming soon) they merged into two armies, SWAT, and the newly-revived Blue Miners Army (post about that coming soon, too).

unknown (4)

SWAT’s re-opening event

Just recently in their opening event that maxed 8 and averaged 7, which aren’t SWAT-like sizes, but are okay considering the army was just revived. Starting out small, they hope to relive their CP days of maxing 30+ and being one of the top armies in the community.

I sat down with SWAT leader Games for an interview to talk about the army.

CPRAC: Why did you decide to join SWAT when Ganger90 revived them?

Games: I decided to join SWAT for a new experience in CPRA.

CPRAC: How do you think SWAT will do in the future?

Games: I think SWAT will do well.

CPRAC: Do you think you guys are TT top 5 worthy?

Games: Yes.

CPRAC: What do you think of your current sizes?

Games: I think they are good as we just started, but we can do much better, and will do better.

CPRAC: Do you think SWAT will go on to be at the top of the community like they were in CP?

Games: Yes.

CPRAC: Any final comments?

Games: ur mom gay lol. can i jerk off now?

So it seems that Games thinks the SWAT will do well in the community. Some people are already optimistic and think they will do good and others think that SWAT will fail because Games is an inexperienced leader.

So, what do YOU think? Do you think that SWAT will rise like they did in CP? Or do you think they will fail and just be another small army? Comment your thoughts and opinions below, because here at CPRAC, YOUR opinion counts.


CPRAC Executive Producer




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  1. Zeke u werent suppost to add the jerk off part your gonna ruin my reputation


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