Tensions Rise between Templars & Elite Guardians

After an interesting, entertaining and heated Christmas Chaos Quarter Finals battle, the Elite Guardians and Templars have gotten into a conflict. Both sides have begun talking about the other on their discord servers and in game. Will this result in a war, or is it just a bit of beef?

Tension first began to form between the two armies after the Christmas Chaos Quarter Finals battle on Sunday the 2nd of December. Both armies faced each other in one of the biggest battles of the year. It ended in a defeat for the Elite Guardians after the judges voted the battle to be 3-1 in favor of the Templars.

Elite Guardians battling the Templars in the Christmas Chaos Quarter Finals.

After the battle there was quite a bit of tension as the Elite Guardians began to accuse the Templars of using allies. Although there was no sufficient proof of the Templars asking for help from allies, it seemed to be quite a shock that the Templars’ sizes rose by 25 troops for this battle.

On Tuesday, December 4th 2018, the Elite Guardians had an event on Club Penguin Online. They seemed to have risen again after their shock defeat to the Templars just two days prior to this event, having sizes of 40+. During this event they came out with many taunts that were aimed towards the Templars such as “Get ready Templars”. Could this mean we are on the brink of another war?

The Elite Guardians taunting the Templars.

Almost immediately after this training event, the Templars commander-in-chief, Xing, announced on the Templars discord that the Elite Guardians had declared war.

Xing announcing that war had been declared.

Later that night many words were said by members from both armies, most words being harmful towards the opposition army. In response to many statements made by Templars troops, Edu, the Elite Guardians leader said “I love going to war”.

Following all of this, the Templars then had a “war training” event on Sleet on Club Penguin Online where they prepared for a battle with the Elite Guardians. In this battle they had sizes of 20.

The Templars maxing 20 in a war training event.

As you may be able to tell, the Elite Guardians love to go to war and the Templars seem hyped for the upcoming battles. Although the Elite Guardians look to be back on the rise, the Templars are always prepared for battle which is why you can never doubt either army involved in these tensions.

Interview with Edu, Elite Guardians Leader.

Epic101: What started the tension between the Elite Guardians and the Templars?

Edu: To begin with, Xing is such an unpopular leader due to his actions and dumb decisions. We were enemies in the past, so this tension began months ago. I can admit Templars have grown, but not that much. After our match I decided to investigate what was wrong, and I discovered he had help of his alliance, the “Allied groups of CPO”. Thats why he claimed Templars had almost 40 during the tourney and only 15 during their event yesterday. Due to this evidence, Xing wasnt able do deal with the truth and declared war on us. EGCP is happy and totally hyped to this war, because as I said, they are going to lose everything they’ve got.

Epic101: How do you plan to defeat the Templars in this war?

Edu: I have activated my “war team”. Alongside with them, we’ve decided some strategies that I can’t reveal. We’ve already started our plans, and If I could say, everything is going as I planned.

Epic101: Anything else you would like to say?

Edu: Cobras fumantes eterna é sua vitória – Fear the guardians!


As you can see, Edu believes this entire conflict began because of the Templars using allies to increase their sizes. Edu also believes that Xing is an “unpopular” leader in the community due to decisions he has made in the past. Edu also believes that his current plan for this conflict and war is going just as he planned.

So what do YOU think of this conflict? We want YOUR opinions! Comment your opinions below!


Army League President


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  1. If the EGCP would fight the AGC , it would lose like it did in the tournament…


  2. A Cobra vai fumar!


  3. gostei


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