Christmas Chaos Semi Finals Rematch

After two weeks of conflict, pain and bitterness, we have decided to call for a rematch (definitely not because of all the people asking for a rematch) but because we’re in the Christmas mood and we feel like giving back to the community. Read on for the Christmas Chaos Semi Finals rematch information.

Just two weekends ago we saw one of the best battles of the year take place on Sleet during the Christmas Chaos Quarter Finals. The Elite Guardians took on the Templars in an important battle and the winning army would book a place in the Semi Finals of the 2018 Christmas Chaos.

A lot was on the line and during the battle both armies achieved sizes of 35-40. The Templars’ were criticized the most by their opposition and were accused of using allies for this battle. Although there is no proof of the Templars asking for allies it did seem quite suspicious that their sizes rose by atleast 20 troops during this event.

The Elite Guardians facing the Templars at the Quarter Finals of the Christmas Chaos.

One week on, the Templars took on the Light Troops in the Christmas Chaos Semi Finals which ended in a defeat for the Templars and a victory for the Light Troops. This meant the Light Troops would be taking on the Pirates in the Finals however this match would be an impossible one to create as there would be no one to lead the Light Troops.

The Light Troops battling the Templars during the Semi Finals.

As a result of this match not being a possibility there is only one way to get another finalist worthy enough to face the Pirates. This will all be decided this Saturday.


Christmas Chaos Semi-Finals rematch times:

Saturday December 15th 2018

Templars vs. Elite Guardians

Server: Sleet

Times: 12PM PST || 1PM MST || 2PM CST || 3PM EST || 8PM UK


We wish both armies the very best of luck!


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