Christmas Chaos 2018 Finals Recap

Christmas is now just a day away and the Christmas Chaos Army tournament has finally come to an end. After some fighting, arguing and whining today we bring you the 2018 Christmas Chaos Finals Recap!


Christmas Chaos 2018 Finals Recap

Saturday, December 22nd, 2018

Pirates vs. Templars vs. Elite Guardians

Winner: Pirates


In the first room which was the Stadium, all three armies charged in after roughly 10-15 minutes of warming up. Before the battle began, the Templars had an average size of 30, the Elite Guardians had around 55-59 troops while the Pirates had around 80-82 troops online.

Once all three armies charged into the battle room, it appeared to be the Pirates that gained the upper hand as they had the size advantage. Although this room was laggier than the others, the Pirates managed to form a circle while both the Templars and Elite Guardians remained in scatter formations. Thus giving this room to the Pirates.

The Pirates forming a circle doing the E+9 Emote. The Elite Guardians chanting “Why so slow?”

Once the second room was announced, only the Pirates and Templars entered, due to this, the Elite Guardians automatically forfeited the tournament. The Pirates also had the size advantage in this room and had surrounded the Templars. The Templars managed to make a horizontal line but didn’t appear to do many tactics. After around five minutes of battling at the Ice Berg, the Templars left the room which also meant they too forfeited the tournament.

The Pirates surrounding the Templars doing the E+C emote. The Templars forming a horizontal line.


At the end of the two rooms and after both the Templars and Elite Guardians forfeited the battle. The judges decided that the Pirates were the overall winners of the 2018 Christmas Chaos tournament.

Due to the Elite Guardians being the first ones to forfeit the tournament, they finish in third place while the Templars finish as runners-up.

Christmas Chaos 2018 Trophy:

Since the Pirates won, they have now got a code which gives you their full uniform for free. If you would like the code you must join the Pirates to redeem it.


Closing Statement

I would like to thank ALL armies for taking part in this tournament and although it did not go as smoothly as expected, it was still a huge success. Ever since the original Club Penguin closed, this is the most active armies have ever been. We currently have 18 armies registered in the league and many more are still signing up. I plan to host another tournament in the New Year (the dates and times are still to be decided) and I will also be hosting End of Year awards along with Legends Inductions.

Finally, the Army League would like to wish EVERYONE a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays and we hope everyone enjoy’s themselves over the coming weeks.


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Army League President


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