Club Penguin Online: End of Year Army Awards 2018 [VOTING]

**Voting is now CLOSED!**

2018 is slowly coming to an end which also means the end of another year for Club Penguin Armies. It has been a tradition for there to be the annual End of Year awards so today we bring you the 2018 Club Penguin Online Army League End of Year awards nominee’s and voting!

With the year now coming towards an end, it is the time for us to release our End of Year Awards. While, at times, these can turn into a huge popularity contest, we do encourage that you give your true feeling towards what you think on each of the awards. These awards have been the crowning moment, in addition to becoming a CPA Legend, for many army leaders in the past. You must give your vote by choosing one item from each poll below. If we find that there has been cheating with the voting the candidate may be removed from the poll and another winner shall be crowned.

The Awards

Best Leader

The best leader is not just someone who was there, or got the most hype, or had his or her army at the top, but was someone who exemplified the trait of leader, and maintained their army. They are the definition of charisma, character, and integrity, and they inspired their troops from the beginning until the very end. So while this is certainly a popularity contest and you may very well just vote for your own leader, put thought into the leadership of that person.


  • Epic101
  • Edu14463
  • Cookky2
  • Ayan
  • Xing
  • Jazmine

Most Achieved

This can be a leader, but we are looking for more of a person who has risen through the ranks in many armies and has made themselves known over this year. They may be someone who has become new high ranks in many armies or organizations such as a news site, or someone who has just generally impacted the community through their beliefs.


  • Edu14463
  • Epic101
  • Mr Silmy
  • Xing
  • Bolinoys
  • CPMonkey
  • Chanel

Best Owner Rank

Second in commands and third in commands are a big part of an army. To be a good 2ic/3ic, you must be able to lead and take control just like a Leader does. You should be able to take command when a leader is away and lead when a leader is AFK or talking to the other army. But, who is the best at that?


  • Henderson
  • xAyshax
  • BolinoyS
  • Koala
  • Pingu
  • Dollynhoxdd
  • Roxient37

Biggest Savage

Whether it be in the chat room, on Club Penguin, or in an intricately written post, there are people who can slice someone open with their actions or words, and pour gallons of lemon juice on the wound. We want to know who you think is the biggest savage of them all.


  • Epic101
  • BolinoyS
  • Edu14463
  • Phin
  • Pingu

Biggest Army

Obviously, this means who has been the biggest army this year. Since the beginning of this June, countless armies have fought for dominance and a few have held the number one spot, but we’d like to know who you think is the king of them all.


  • Pirates
  • Elite Guardians
  • Templars
  • Ninjas
  • Light Troops

Best Battle

This is an award for the best battle this year, whether it has been from a Tournament or it has been from a practice battle or a war. If you have a favorite from the list below make sure you vote for it!

  • Elite Guardians vs. Templars (Christmas Chaos Quarter Finals)
  • Pirates vs. Elite Guardians vs. Templars (Christmas Chaos Finals)
  • Elite Trackers & Activities vs. Rebel Penguin Federation (Legends Cup 2018)

Best Tournament

This Year was a major rise for Club Penguin Armies which led to just two tournaments being held. You may vote for your favorite one below.


  • Legends Cup 2018
  • Christmas Chaos 2018


Legends Inductions

Back in original Club Penguin Armies, there was the annual Legends Inductions. People that were nominated for Legend status were nominated for their hard work, dedication and skills and has been revolutionary while being part of the community. This doesn’t have to be a leader, it can be anyone in the Army Community that has contributed to the growth and success of armies in general. We don’t want this one to be a popularity contest so we wish that you vote for someone that you truly believe is worthy to become a Legend.


  • Epic101
  • Edu14463
  • Xing


That brings this post to a conclusion. You have 4 days to vote and results will be revealed on **Saturday the 29th of December 2018** – We wish all candidates and nominees the very best of luck.


Army League Admin


Army League President


10 Responses

  1. vote for me


  2. Epic101 Is The Best!!! BTW, This Is Fabulous2008 From Discord And CPO.


  3. Da lhe egcp


  4. vote bolinoys or i will cry irl


  5. I LOVE EPIC101


  6. epic101 for life GO PIRATES OF CP!!


  7. I vote for Melkor, Liam and King and Xing.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Go epic101!


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