Club Penguin Online: End of Year Army awards [RESULTS]

After four days of voting and a total of 3265 combined votes today we bring you the Club penguin Army League End of Year awards along with the results and the winners.

This year, we have had an incredible turn out with more than 480 and 3265 combined votes casted by YOU, the members of this community. It has been a spectacular year for this community with several ups and downs. But 2018 is finally over and we can finally move on and reflect on the year we had. Without further ado, here are the results of the 2018 Awards!

Best Leader

  1. Epic101
  2. Xing
  3. Jazmine
  4. Ayan
  5. Cookky2
  6. Edu14463


Most Achieved

  1. Epic101
  2. Xing
  3. CPMonkey
  4. Edu14463
  5. Chanel
  6. Mr Silmy


Best Owner Rank

  1. Henderson
  2. Pingu
  3. Dollynhoxdd
  4. Koala
  5. Roxient37
  6. Bolinoys & xAyshax (Tied)


Biggest Savage

  1. Epic101
  2. Edu14463
  3. Pingu
  4. Bolinoys
  5. Phin


Biggest Army

  1. Pirates
  2. Elite Guardians
  3. Templars & Ninjas (Tied)
  4. Light Troops


Best Battle

  1. Pirates vs. Elite Guardians vs. Templars (Christmas Chaos Finals)
  2. Elite Guardians vs. Templars (Christmas Chaos Quarter Finals)
  3. Rebel Penguins vs. Elite Trackers and Activities (Legends Cup Finals)


Best Tournament

  1. Christmas Chaos 2018
  2. Legends Cup 2018

*I ran out of time for editing the trophies so for this one I’ll put in a new one later hopefully.*


That brings our 2018 End of Year awards to an end but next up we have our Legends Inductions results. We will find out who of the three nominees were voted in to become a Club Penguin Army Legend.

For those unfamiliar with how this works, the Army League Committee and the public work together to decide who will be inducted as an Army Legend and who will not. People who are voted in as a legend have not only been voted in because of their leadership skills, but also because of how revolutionary they were and how they contributed to the growth of Club Penguin Armies.

Epic101 (2018)

Epic101 has been recognized in the past for his work in the Light Troops and other armies like the Marines and the Redemption Force. This time around he has been inducted to become an Army Legend for his recent work in the Pirates and his contribution to Armies this year. Epic101 returned to the army community in July 2018, Epic began leading the Templars army, who at the time were maxing sizes of 15, he rose the Templars up over the course of a week and began maxing sizes of 50. Shortly after this, he departed the Templars and began leading the Pirates. Since early August he has been leading the Pirates to successful sizes and the Pirates have not seen sizes of less than 50 since mid-September. Aside from his leadership in armies, Epic, with the help of Club Penguin Online Admin, Riley, reformed the Club Penguin online Army League and in November 2018 he held the second Army Tournament since Club Penguin closed, the Christmas Chaos. In the end many armies took part and enjoyed the various amount of battles and the Army League has now got 20 registered armies. Armies are currently at an all time high since 2015, this being the most active the community has been since Club Penguin closed. For all of the above reasons, the public has decided to vote Epic101 in as a Club Penguin Army Legend.


The legends inductions results brings us to a conclusion of our year. We have seen many highs and lows this year and you have all voted for your favorite battles, favorite leaders and the best owners. Club Penguin Armies are currently more alive than they have been since 2015 which is something brilliant to see and we can only thank Club Penguin Online and you guys for being part of this amazing community. Here’s to hopefully another year of success for Club penguin armies.


Army League President


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