BREAKING: Rangers Army Closes

Sleet, Army League HQ –  After returning from the grave just over a week ago, the Rangers Army has decided to shut down in an unexpected turn of events.

Well, what a great day to make a shut down post, we’re here to announce that Rangers have been shutdown by former leaders, Minsel, Zeketmp and Movamp. We heard this news from the Rangers discord after Zeketmp announced that the Rangers is officially ‘dead’

As of January 14th, 2019, the Rangers will officially cease to operate.
– Zeke, Creator and Leader of Rangers

Even though Rangers are dead now, they still have a great legacy, they formed in March 2017 just after Club Penguin’s closure. They bring back that old spirit and fighting from Club Penguin Armies, which makes them strong and powerful in many ways, even Rangers attract old Club penguin army Vets to join and fight alongside them, like Silverburg and Popsiclebeak.

This closure has come as a shock to many of us as we thought we would see the Rangers rise after taking the number 4 spot in our Top Ten armies last week.

Rangers in the number four spot on our top ten.

We managed to grab a quick interview with Minsel, former Rangers leader.

CPO:Thank you for doing this with me, can i ask why did Rangers quit CPO?

Minsel: Well we didn’t quit, we got banned

CPO:How did you feel when Rangers got banned?

CPO: I mean frustrated as I have finals this week and this just added a load of stress. However I realized I now don’t have to deal with leading Rangers so it was also kind of relieving.

CPO:Now that Rangers are gone from the community, will you take a chance to make another army or join any at all?

Minsel: As I am right now nearing the end of the high school and I don’t truly want to involve myself again. This was probably it. Maybe I’ll get involved in a news site but that’s all.

CPO: Would you like to say anything else?

Minsel: I mean I’m tired, I got finals and studying to do. So I can’t really say much more.

CPO: Thanks for your time.


As you can see the shut down (or ban) didn’t exactly take a toll on Minsel, the former leader, he was quite relieved after shutting the army down due to the amount of stress it put on him.

A lesson we can all learn is, forget the past and move on and focus on the future. Mentioning things that happened in the past isn’t the smartest thing to do. Especially when it’s things that try to harm someone.


So what do YOU think of the Rangers’ shutting down? Will the Rangers ever live again? Is this the end for Zeketmp and Zuke? Here at the army league, we want YOUR opinions!


Army League President


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  1. tbh rangers leaders lost motivation to lead the first weak the army opened lol


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