Winged Hussars Enter The Community.

Sleet, Army League HQ – It is now 2019 and 2018 was a great year for armies, 2018 was mainly known as the ‘rebirth’ of armies due to the amount of armies surfacing after the formation of the army league, but we are now seeing many armies pop up in 2019, one of which is the Winged Hussars.

As many people may know, the Templars leadership slowly collapsed after the retirement of Xing, Templars legend. The leadership consisted of people like Ripmam, Phoenix and Dagyr3, all people that were made relevant by Xing. After noticing Xing had lots of power in the Templars (even after his retirement) they decided to leave the army with no leader and form their own. This army would be known as the Winged Hussars.

The Winged Hussars registered with the Army League early last week (around the 5th of January) and officially opened on the 16th of January.

They had their first event on the 16th of January, an event where they saw sizes of 10.

The Winged Hussars’ official opening event.

Their opening event was technically a success as many armies these days average between sizes of 8 – 20. As they maxed sizes of 10 they have shown that they could eventually grow in the coming days and weeks with a bit more recruiting. Could they also become a challenge to the Templars?


We managed to grab a quick interview with Dagyr3, Winged Hussars leader.

CPO: What made the Winged Hussars’ first event a success?

Dagyr3Well ever since we left Templars, we had a few friends who wanted to follow us in our tracks and they decided to join us. Also, I knew a few people who were nice to me and I trusted. All of our leaders contributed to the recruiting!

CPO: How did you feel after your first event?

Dagyr3: It made us really happy and it also showed that with our troops are together our army will come to grow!

CPOAfter having your first successful event, where do you think you will land on the Top Ten Armies this week?

Dagyr3Since we did so well in our first US event and with our first event I think we’d be able to reach the #7 spot or if we get the lucky maybe even higher!

CPO: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Dagyr3I hope everyone has a good day and if you’ve haven’t joined a CPO army consider joining the Winged Hussars!


So, from the Interview above, you can see the Winged Hussars leadership is strong enough and built off of friendship and loyalty. Something some armies may lack these days. You can also see that they are confident moving forward in the community and they know they will grow in the coming weeks.


So what do YOU think of the opening of the Winged Hussars? Will they go on to become a strong army? Is there a sense of beef heading towards the Templars? Here at the Army League, we want YOUR opinion!


Army League President


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  1. May the Winged Hussars grow. They have Great leaders which can make the Army a great one.


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