Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [20/01/2019 – 27/01/2019]

Another fun week for Club Penguin Armies, Today we bring you a slightly different Top Ten Armies after seeing all the trash armies quit like babies. Who will be placed in the Top five spot today?


1. Pirates [93.25] [+0]

2. Help Force [68.0] [+0]

3. Fashion Army [44.6] [+4]

4. Aliens of CPO [43.5] [NEW!]

5. Hurricanes [38.4] [+4]

6. Ninjas [34.0] [NEW!]

7. CP Savages [30.3] [-1]

8. Red Miners [24.0] [NEW!]

9. Tea of CPO [22.0] [-1]

10. Wizards [19.0] [NEW!]


To see the full statistics, click here!


Want your army to be included in the Top Ten Armies? Just sign up to join the Club Penguin Online Army League! Join our discord and sign up!



Army League President

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