Epic101 Announces Retirement from Armies

After being at the helm of the Pirates since August 2018 and current president of the Army League, Epic101 has suddenly announced his retirement from Club Penguin Armies.

On Friday the 8th of February 2019, it was announced on the Pirates Discord that Epic101 would be having a ‘retirement event’ the following day. Immediately, the Pirates Discord erupted with shock. Most Pirates were in disbelief and did not know what to say and some just questioned what was going on.

On Saturday, the rumors spread onto the Club Penguin Online discord and many users thought Epic was retiring and leaving Club Penguin Online too. However, this was not the case. Epic did clear up the rumors and told people he would be staying as a Moderator on Club Penguin Online.

Epic’s retirement event brought a lot of people from the community together. At his retirement event the Pirates saw sizes of over 75 users. The biggest sizes they have had in a while. Maybe this was part of the reason Epic decided to retire.

Epic’s Retirement Event.

We could talk about Epic’s achievements from Armies, from 2011 all the way to now, February 2019 however, we would be here for a long time talking about them so how about we highlight his achievements from 2018 on-wards to avoid the stress.

Epic returned to the Army Community in June 2018 after noticing there was a little bit of life left in Armies due to the creation of the Army League. In June, there were around 9 or 10 armies fully functioning, one being the Templars. Epic decided to join the Templars (who at the time were maxing sizes of 15) and within a week of joining, The Templars began to max sizes of 50+. After noticing the sudden rise in the templars, Epic decided to move on and create Team Red which was a success for quite some time but eventually Epic thought it wasn’t good enough which led to the re-opening of the Pirate Army.

The Pirate Reopening event in August 2018.

Once the Pirates re-opened under Epic101’s leadership, they looked to be a promising army after having sizes of 45+ in the re-opening event. A week later, they took the number one spot on the weekly Top Ten Armies from RPF who were considered the ‘biggest’ army at the time, the Pirates proved this was not the case.

Pirates vs. RPF in August

After the RPF were banned from Club Penguin Online, the Pirates’ sizes began to dip as a result of less recruiting and lack of interest from users however, In October, this suddenly changed as the Pirates rose back up to averaging sizes of 50 yet again.

In the following months, the Pirates began to grow and grow and from November on, they were averaging sizes of 65-70. Sizes armies hadn’t seen since 2016. In December, the Christmas Chaos army tournament began and by the end of the month, the Pirates had won the tournament after defeating EGCP & the Templars in the finals.

Pirates winning the Christmas Chaos Finals

After the Christmas Chaos Finals battle, chaos unfolded as the Elite Guardians felt they were cheated simply because they lost to a bigger and better army. As a result of this, they went on to break the rules and were banned from Club Penguin Online. (lol).

We all know Epic was a key figure in the community over the last few months, leading his army to the Top spot numerous times, reviving armies with the help of Riley in August, and also being a controversial figure overall. The question is, will he be missed by the Pirates and the community?


So what do YOU think about Epic101’s retirement from the community? Was he a positive or negative impact on the army community? Was he a truly great leader? Here at the Army League, we want YOUR opinion!

Jimmy Neutron

Army League Reporter


One Response

  1. Personally I think Epic was a bit insensitive toward his community, in that he often clung to the rules and even created new rules rather than facing complaints and concerns, as well as abused his higher position outside of Army League. Those who talked about this, anyone who wanted to see change or thought anything was unfair, got banned because Epic was in the position of power to ban anyone who disagreed with him. Don’t get me wrong, the last thing I want is to slander or insult anyone, I don’t mean any offense towards his character and I’d be the first to tell you I’m impressed, amazed even, with all the work he’s done in both the Pirates and the Army League. I just hope his successor will be more apt in helping the AL as a community rather than an autocracy.


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