Club Penguin Armies Server Map: Server Redraft


The collective group of administrators at Club Penguin Armies have decided on how to go about integrating the server map into the army community.

The most logical way of bringing the map to the community seems to be a server redraft.  How this will be done is simple.  Armies who are willing to participate in the server map will leave a comment below, filling out the following form:


  1. Army Name
  2. Army Website
  3. Army Discord
  4. Army’s primary CPPS
  5. 3 servers your army would like to obtain – MAP
  6. Army’s primary color

Obviously, with the server map come a few questions:

How will armies expand their empire?

The server map has to be a community effort to work.  Our hope is that armies realize they have to venture out into other servers to claim more land.  In reality, it’s a win-win for everyone.  The private servers involved get more users for their player base and the community is brought closer together despite being on separate servers.

How will the server draft work?

Once a good amount of armies have signed up, a time, date, and place for the server redraft will be worked out with all armies involved.  Each army will need at least one representative, and three at the most.  There, the Club Penguin Armies administrators will put every army into a randomize machine, so it’s purely luck on who gets what pick.  From that point, the administrators will go through the randomized list of armies, letting each army pick at least one server.  If an influx of armies signs up, the redraft may last only one round.  However, we plan to have at least two rounds, serpentine style, meaning if you had the last pick of round one, you have the first pick of round two.  The draft order is flipped, basically.

Will every server be redrafted?

No.  Part of the excitement from the server map comes at the beginning, where armies scramble to schedule invasions to expand their empire quickly.  Club Penguin Armies does not wish to congest the map from day one.  We want every army to have a chance to get the servers they want.  The redraft is only to set the foundation for an armies empire.

What if my army can’t have any representatives show up?

This is why we asked for 3 preferred servers in the registration form.  If you are unable to secure trusted representatives for your army, we will base your selection off of the 3 servers you commented.  If all 3 are taken, we will do our best to pick a server we think your army would want.

As stated previously, the server map has to be a community effort.  Spread the word about this website, and share it throughout the community.  Together, we can maintain the fun environment armies are known for.


CPA Spokesperson & Site Manager’s Assistant


Welcome to Club Penguin Armies

Club Penguin Armies is dedicated to being the leading news source for the army community.  Our founding goal was to unite the Club Penguin army community as one, and unify them with one website for all.  With the addition of the mutli-CPPS server map, and longstanding community ideals like tournaments and top tens, Club Penguin Armies is an all-inclusive site for everyone.  Soon, a post will be made describing the intricate process of integrating the map into the community.  Stay tuned.

Important links:

  • Register Army: Sign your army up to be included in our weekly top tens and our server map that is updated daily.
  • Map Rules: Get yourself caught up on the rules of the map before it commences.
  • Apply: Our staff currently has many vacancies.  We are currently looking for anyone who would like to work for Club Penguin Armies.
  • Discord: Join the official Club Penguin Armies Discord to converse with fellow community members and get instant updates on the website.


CPA Spokesperson & Site Manager’s Assistant

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