Help Force Invade Flurry || Pirates Declare War on Help Force

BREAKING NEWS: The Pirate Army has declared war on the Help Force.

In a dramatic few hours of battles and raids, the Pirate Army has decided to declare war on the Help Force of CPO.

On Tuesday the 16th of April 2019, the Help Force announced that they would be invading the Light Troops’ server, Flurry. This came as a shock to a few armies in the community but this battle looked to be in the Help Forces’ hands as it was an AUSIA invasion, whilst the Light Troops are a UK time-zone based army.

The battle took place on Wednesday the 17th of April, the Help Force and Light Troops battled at the Ice Berg for around 10 minutes, the Help Force had sizes of 40 whilst the Light Troops had lesser sizes of just 25-28.

Help Force vs Light Troops

During this battle, the Light Troops logged off declaring the Help Force as the overall victors, giving them the rights to own the server Flurry. Many thought this was the end of it, however, the Pirates decided to make a statement.

At 9:20pm on Wednesday the 17th of April, the Captain of the Pirates, Epic101 released a post on the Pirates website named ‘Declaration of War’. This could only mean one thing and we all knew who it was aimed at.The post stated:

It has come to my attention that an army by the name of the Help Force has decided to attack our brothers, the Light Troops. As you all may know, the Light Troops haven’t been very active lately due to the commander being away due to school & exams so the Help Force decided to attack when the Light Empire had fallen, they also decided to attack during times when the Light Troops would not be fully able to defend their Empire, a cowardly attack much like the Army of Club Penguin used to do to try gain an advantage over their opponents. However, we all know what happened to the Army of Club Penguin after their cowardly attacks.

Due to the above reasons, the Glorious Pirate Reich will be declaring war on the Help Force. -Epic101, Captain of the Pirates

You can view the full original post > here < 

Before this was announced, the Pirates had left some teasing memes of the Help Force in their discord and this is when all armies began making some strange memes to try and taunt the opposition armies.

A meme created by the Help Force

A meme created by the Light Troops

Amidst all of the trash talking, the Pirates still managed to host an event which ultimately they went on to trash talk the Help Force in, doing numerous war tactics such as “RIP HF”.

The Pirates taunting the Help Force


This will be the first big war since the Templars took on EGCP back in December after the EGCP were defeated during the Christmas Chaos. I think this war will be extremely entertaining and it could go on for quite a number of days.

So what do YOU think of all of this? Will the Help Force & their allies be able to fight back and defend their land? Will the Pirates & Light Troops defeat the Help Force? Here at the Army League, we want YOUR opinion!


The League Reporter

Army League Reporter


Army League President


3 Responses

  1. gj


  2. GO HELP FORCE!!!!!


  3. Of course my army the Pirates won. We are not the number one army for nothing! 😘


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