Welcome to Club Penguin Armies

Club Penguin Armies is dedicated to being the leading news source for the army community.  Our founding goal was to unite the Club Penguin army community as one, and unify them with one website for all.  With the addition of the mutli-CPPS server map, and longstanding community ideals like tournaments and top tens, Club Penguin Armies is an all-inclusive site for everyone.  Soon, a post will be made describing the intricate process of integrating the map into the community.  Stay tuned.

Important links:

  • Register Army: Sign your army up to be included in our weekly top tens and our server map that is updated daily.
  • Map Rules: Get yourself caught up on the rules of the map before it commences.
  • Apply: Our staff currently has many vacancies.  We are currently looking for anyone who would like to work for Club Penguin Armies.
  • Discord: Join the official Club Penguin Armies Discord to converse with fellow community members and get instant updates on the website.


CPA Spokesperson & Site Manager’s Assistant

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