Top Ten Armies [5/26/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- The top ten this week sees our first team able to defend the first place position for multiple weeks in a row.

1. Winged Hussars [+0] [48.43]

2. Wild Ninjas [+1] [47.29]

3. Green Street Gang  [+2] [41.72]

4. Asgard’s Vikings [+3] [39.85]

5. Pizza Federation [-3] [37.66]

6. Bass Battalion [+0] [31.35]

7. Warriors [NEW!] [31.24]

8. Lime Green Army [-4] [30.50]

9. Bobo Wariors [+0] [30.00]

10. Victorians [NEW!] [27.00]

Full calculations can be seen here.  Questions about the top ten? Ask DMT (DMT#2752) on Discord.

Winged Hussars: 

The Winged Hussars dominated another week. They started off the week with an invasion of Zipline maxing six. They ended up successful taking Zipline by Bass Battalion not showing up. Their second event of the week was a training event. They managed to max 6 and found 2 rouges to join them, but didn’t have their uniform on.  The Winged Hussars third event of the week takes the cake. They managed to gather a lot of rouges and party in the dance club. They ended up maxing 19+. Their last event for this week was a Card Jitsu Tournament. They maxed 6 with everyone participating in the tournament. Wolfy ended up winning.

2. Wild Ninjas: 

Wild Ninjas started off the weeks with a recruiting event on Avalancha maxing 13+. Their second event of the week was a Spain event. They maxed 9+ and averaged 7 with consistent tactics. Wild Ninja’s third event of the week was another Spain event. They logged on Nevisca maxing 15+. They ended the week with an event to support their Argentine friends. They logged on Necisca again, maxing 11+ and averaging 10.

3. Green Street Gang:

Green Street Gang proved this week that they aren’t a weak army. They moved up two spots in the Top Ten. They logged on Nevisca for an invasion their first event. GSG successful took Nevisca maxing 6+ and averaged 5. Their last event of the week was another invasion. They successfully invaded Penguin Chat 3 maxing 7+.

4. Asgard’s Vikings:

Asgard’s Vikings started off the week maxing 3+. Their next event went better. They maxed 5+ and averaged 4. Asgard’s third event went just as their first event did. They maxed 3+. They ended the week maxing 4+.

5. Pizza Federation:

The Pizza Federation one had one event this week. They started the week with an invasion on Arctic Oasis and maxing 9+. 

6. Bass Battalion: 

The Bass Battalion also has one event this week. The Battalion logged on to invade Deep Freeze. They maxed 5+ and averaged 5. 

7. Warriors:

The Warriors is a new army to Club Penguin Armies. They started off their only event of the week with an Operation Beta event. They maxed 4+. Welcome to the community!

8. Lime Green Army:

The Lime Green Army had a rough week having only one event. They logged on for an invasion on Deu Branco. They maxed 5+ and averaged 5. They ended their week by going into isolation.

9. Bobo Warriors:

The Bobo Warriors had a name change this week. They are formally known as the Bobo Federation. Their only event of the week was an invasion of Bass Battalion’s server, Deep Freeze. They maxed 6+ and averaged 5.



The Victorians had a fast week. They logged on for a birthday event maxing 3+. They have already withdrawn from the league.


Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [05/05/19 – 18/05/19]

After quite a long wait, we bring you this week’s Top Ten Armies!

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Top Ten Armies [5/18/19]

Top Ten Armies [5/11/19]

WILD ISLAND, Club Penguin Armies Offices- The army map ushers in a new wave of activity across the community, creating a competitive start for the first top ten on Club Penguin Armies.

1. Wild Ninjas [43.83]

2. Green Street Gang [40.76]

3. Pizza Federation [33.65]

4. Winged Hussars [32.23]

5. Lime Green Army [31.0]

6. Club Penguin Cofo [30.12]

7. Cherries of Club Penguin [30.0]

8. Asgard’s Vikings [29.0]

Full calculations can be seen here.  Questions about the top ten? Ask DMT (DMT#2752) on Discord.

**Error in spreadsheet: GSG had 5 events, giving them a score of 40.76, not 39.76.



1. Wild Ninjas

The Wild Ninjas sparked alive during the final day of the week to secure the pole position on the first top ten. Averaging 15 troops in an EU event, WN would go on to see sizes of 13 in an event to celebrate Mother’s Day.

2. Green Street Gang

The busiest army this week, the Green Street Gang rocketed their way into second place with a well rounded week.  The Gang invaded OldCP’s Blizzard on Tuesday, receiving a personal best of nine troops.  Two days later, they added Socket from rCPPS to their empire, while averaging six troops.  The next day, GSG had a preparation for their invasion of Avalancha, and saw sizes of eight troops online.  To end the week, GSG successfully invaded Avalancha, maxing five.

3. Pizza Federation

The Pizza Federation demonstrated their consistency this week.  Starting off with a training session that saw sizes of seven, PZF went into their invasion of Club Penguin Rewritten’s Blizzard.  The practice served them well, and they were able to invade the server successfully against Cofo, maxing seven, with impeccable tactics.

4. Winged Hussars

The Winged Hussars held two invasions to expand their empire.  First, they claimed Freeo off of FreePenguin while maxing five.  They stuck to claiming FreePenguin servers, and invaded Ice Paradise with seven troops.

5. Lime Green Army

Only opening two days ago, the Lime Green Army were able to squeeze in one event before the week ended.  LGA invaded Freeland, and maxed five while doing so successfully.

6. Cofo

Cofo had a very quiet week in size terms.  Starting off with an invasion of Pegas that saw sizes of four, they dropped a man in their next invasion of Sled on CP Pegasus, maxing three.  The conclusion of their week was sour, losing CPR’s Blizzard to the Pizza Federation, maxing five in a losing effort.


7. Cherries

The Cherries held two invasions of servers, and maxed five in both of them.  They merged together with Penguin Militia to form the Lime Green Army at the end of the week.

8. Asgard’s Vikings

The newest army to the community, Asgard’s Vikings, held a single event yesterday, where they maxed four troops.


CPA Spokesperson

CPA’s Official Guide to Armies- Chapter One: the Basics of an Army

WILD ISLAND, Club Penguin Armies Offices- The post-original Club Penguin era has seen many former army veterans disappear, ushering in a new generation of leaders and troops.  With the changes to the demographic brings a struggle; an adaptation period that can hang some armies out in the cold, unless they receive a bit of guidance.

About the Author:

My name is DMT, colloquially known as Doctor Mine Turtle.  I’ve taken part in Club Penguin Armies since 2011, starting off with the Club Penguin Crew.  Since my time as a “Jeepkid disciple”, I’ve picked up many skills and expanded my resume greatly within the community.  My accomplishments are as follows:

  • Nacho Army of Club Penguin 2nd in Command
  • The Army of Club Penguin 2nd in Command
  • Chaos Army Leader
  • Army Republic Leader (AR Legend)
  • Redemption Force Leader (RF Legend)
  • Striking Raiders Leader (SR Legend)
  • Major Army Central Chief Executive Officer
  • Small Medium Army Press Executive Producer
  • Club Penguin Army Central Vice President
  • Small Medium Army Central Chief Executive Officer
  • The Rusted Helmet Head of Site
  • Club Penguin Armies Spokesperson

The past eight years have been very kind to me, providing me with some memorable childhood experiences and learning moments.  Since I’ve returned the community, I’ve increasingly felt the need to follow in the footsteps of the greats I learned under.  That is why I present a new series here on Club Penguin Armies, dedicated to the betterment of armies community-wide.

The Basics of an Army


A top down overview of what the army community is is a great place to start this series.  What is the basic infrastructure of an army?  In the original Club Penguin, there was a great number of roles to match the bustling community.  However, the CPPS army community is much smaller.  Roles have been limited to more generic categories instead of specific names.  Regardless, it is important to categorize your troops by these three roles; troops, moderators, administrators, and leaders.  It is optional to give these roles fancy names, like troops being corporals, moderators being sergeants, administrators being lieutenants, and the leaders being any synonym of “leader”.

Troops are the most common role in an army.  This is the role that is given to new members of the army, unless they have bountiful experience.  Troops are expected to attend events, and do what the leader asks of them; usually minor tasks.  Moderators are a step above troops.  They are given the gift of being able to kick and ban people on chat, although some armies may take this privilege away and reserve it for only administrators.  Moderators must maintain the duties that troops have, and are expected to give guidance to troops, as leaders tend to have foreign affairs and big picture duties to attend to.  Administrators, who may be referred to as “owners” sometimes, are the highest ranking common people in the army.  They must keep fulfilling all the duties that a troop must, but are usually tasked with things to handle at request of the leader.  Admins are supposed to be trusted and well-versed in the community and army affairs.  At this point, it is expected for owners to be on top of what is going on in the army, and are expected to remind troops and moderators of events and whatnot.

Leaders have the biggest job out of everyone in the army.  As the representative of their army, they must act as professionals.  They are tasked with handling foreign affairs with other armies, talking to the media, and scheduling/recording event results, among other duties.

Army Structure:

Nowadays, most CPPS armies follow the same structure, or government, of a dictatorship, where the leader has full control.  However, it is highly recommended by myself to establish a simplified government in an army.  There is nothing wrong with dictatorship in the army world, but there are many structures to choose from.  In the original army scene, the most popular form of government was a simplified form of a republic.  The leader would propose things to the administrators, who would work to find a common ground.  The leader would ultimately still have the final say, but it promotes a safe environment to share ideas and grow in.  Democracy is a larger scale form of a Republic state, where the leader presents ideas to the entire army instead of just the high rankings.  Dictatorship was fairly common in the old army community, but was only present in armies where the leader was highly reputable and trusted.  Rounding out the list of most common forms of governments is an Oligarchy.  An Oligarchy requires a group, commonly referred to as a high council.  This is similar to a Republic, but the difference is that every member of the high council has equal say.  Everything in an Oligarchy must be agreed on by the majority of the high council (typically no more than 5 members).  The high council would take ideas from the rest of the army, and put them to test in the council voting process.  In foreign affairs, Oligarchical armies would select one member of the high council, typically the most experience, to represent the army.

Some armies take these governments a step further, and host elections where army members can step up as candidates and run for leader or high council member.  However, most armies use a promotion based system, where the “next man up” is the highest ranked member that follows the leader or high council member.

Army Relations:

Army relations are a huge part of what makes the army community so exciting.  Typically, an army is recommended to have at least one ally as a precaution.  If an army were to be declared war on by a much larger army, the ally of the smaller army would be able to assist it’s ally by declaring war on the larger army.  In the community, it is considered bad taste to have one army have their troops dressed in their allies uniform.  This shows a false amount of troops for one army.  Instead, allies are expected to assist their ally as themselves.  Colonies are a much tighter form of an alliance.  The colonized army is required to be at the beckoning call of the army that colonized them.  Typically, the colonized army is smaller than it’s parent army and is used as a task force.  However, the colonized army still governs itself freely to have it’s own events and empire.  Typically, an army will be colonized on an agreement, and break away once they’re big enough to support themselves, which may cause a war with their parent army.  Enemies are usually decided through physical actions, such as going to battle with them or denouncing them.



In original armies, every army was expected to have a website.  A website serves as a place where anyone can check out your army without needing to speak to someone in the army.  It also serves as a a message board for the members of the army, where they can see event results, upcoming events, and other things.  The website hosts all the information of the army, from their empire to their forms of communication.  It is by far, one of the most useful things an army can have.  Most armies use WordPress or Blogger to build a site.  These organizations have simplified website templates that are easy to navigate and not complex to set up.  They also have free domains, so armies don’t have to pay real money to have a website.

Recording Event Results:

Armies must have some way to show physical proof of a completed event.  The most popular form of recording results is by taking pictures.  This is done with a free program called Lightshot (click that word to be taken to their download page).  Lightshot gives you the ability to take pictures of your screen in any dimensions you’d like.  This usually lets armies decide what pictures they want to present, such as biggest size, cool formations or perfect tactics.


Armies are expected to be active.  This is so they can rank high on weekly top tens, and not appear weak to other armies.  Having multiple events can be draining, so it is advised to have different types of events over the week.

  • Training Session: The most common form of event.  This event lets leaders try out new tactics and keep their troops active and skilled.
  • U-Lead: A U-Lead is a troop/moderator driven event.  Leaders usually take a back seat and advise the event, while letting the lower ranks lead tactics.  The leader will usually appoint members to do tactics one by one, to ease chaos.  These are fun events to spice up an army’s schedule.
  • Patrol: Common in the early days of armies, a patrol was a sweep of a server that the army owns.  Armies usually patrol the servers they own that are widely coveted, to make sure no army is using it.
  • Recruiting Session: These take place to get new members into the army.  There are usually very few tactics, and mostly reciting phrases to get people to search for the army or join and act as a “rogue” to better their size.
  • Defense: A defense only takes place when an opposing army schedules an invasion on your army’s empire.  Defenders will follow the attacking army throughout the map for a 30 minute time period, where they will deflect the oppositions attacks.  If successful, your army will get to keep the server.
  • Invasion: An invasion is an event scheduled in advance, that’s goal is to take a server from the opposing army’s empire.  The invading army will go to three rooms, usually spending 10 minutes in each one, trying to best the defending army in size and tactics.
  • Raid: A raid is like an invasion, except it doesn’t have to be scheduled in advance.  Raids follow the same structure of an invasion, but it does not count as an invasion, thus the raiding army will not receive the server even if they dominate the opposing army.

Among these events, some armies host Club Penguin game nights, or contests on Club Penguin like best costume, and then take a picture of the army doing a tactic so it counts as an event.


Back in 2006, armies were founded simply as little groups of people who thought it was fun to fight for territory.  From that point on, armies got more and more complex, to the point where armies became less of “armies” and more as independent nations or “countries” even.  With the closure of Disney’s Club Penguin, we have seen armies revert to that gang-like state from 2006.  This guide is to help armies return to their high stature, one chapter at a time.


CPA Spokesperson

Club Penguin Rewritten: The Map’s Most Coveted Landmass

Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [21/04/19 – 04/05/19]

In this week’s Top Ten, we see a slight shuffle inside the Top five armies, we also see many new and familiar faces appear on the Top Ten. We also see a slight rise in sizes with armies, more than 7 armies averaged more than 15 this week. We also have had such an influx in armies that we now have a Top 19 armies!

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Club Penguin Armies Server Map: Redraft Aftermath

Earlier today, the representatives of their governing bodies participating in Club Penguin Armies held the official server redraft.

The order of the draft was randomized as follows:


  1. Green Street Gang
  2. Cofo
  3. Pizza Federation
  4. Cowbell Gang
  5. Wild Ninjas
  6. Tuba Army
  7. Penguin Militia
  8. Pizza Parlour Mafia
  9. Winged Hussars
  10. Lime Green Army
  11. Cherries


Green Street Gang

The Green Street Gang received the coveted first overall pick.  They selected Marshmallow to claim a chunk of arguably the most popular CPPS, Club Penguin Rewritten.  They traded this server to the Winged Hussars for Sleet on CPR, their capital before this draft.  However, the blessing of first brings the curse of last, and Green Street Gang picked in the final spot in the second round.  Because all of CPR was claimed, GSG picked Yeti off of SuperCPPS, contesting the home of the Wild Ninjas.


Cofo, like many armies, aims to control CPR.  With the second pick, they selected Blizzard on CPR.  Suffering from the same fate of the Green Street Gang, Cofo was forced to take Blizzard on Club Penguin Again, a server located close to the CPR landmass.  Perhaps Cofo will aim to capture every Blizzard on the map.

Pizza Federation

Pizza Federation follows a very similar path that Cofo took.  Claiming Abominable on CPR with the third pick; they chose Zipline on CP Again to establish a split of the servers landmass.  Expect to see PZF attempt to dominate it’s surrounding areas.

Cowbell Gang

The Cowbell Gang were able to claim CPR server Zipline with the fourth pick.  In the second round, they claimed the last server available on CPR, Ascent.  CG are the first of a few armies who were able to be located entirely in CPR, putting them in the thick of it all.

Wild Ninjas

It was fairly known coming into the draft that the Wild Ninjas will most likely centralize their empire around SuperCPPS.  They did just that by taking Avalancha and Nevisca.  Unexpectedly, the GSG swooped into take a server from a CPPS that many consider to be the home of the Wild Ninjas.  Time will tell how the Wild Ninjas react to this.

Tuba Army

One of the most revered armies in the community, the Tuba Army made it a priority to defend their homeland of CPR.  They took over the two coasts of the landmass, Antarctica and Beanie.  It is an interesting strategy, to sandwich their competition in the middle of their land.  And it just might work.

Penguin Militia

A fairly new army, Penguin Militia wisely stayed out of the trouble brewing on CPR.  Selecting Sandbox first on Club Penguin Remastered, PM then selected Migator off of Free Penguin.  Surprisingly, PM were the only army to take a server from Free Penguin.  If they play their cards right, they can take control of a popular CPPS.

Pizza Parlour Mafia

The Pizza Parlour Mafia established control of Club Penguin Origins quickly, taking Ice Cream to ensure the centralized location belongs to them.  Later, they took Marshmallow, after the Lime Green Army took Blizzard on CPOR.  CPOR is a new, but promising server that now houses too fairly sized armies.

Winged Hussars

The Winged Hussars had an excellent draft, selecting Snow Avalanche and Sleet.  However, after a gracious request from the Green Street Gang, they agreed to trade Sleet away for Marshmallow on CPR.  Hopefully GSG doesn’t forget this gesture.


One of the newer armies on the scene, the Cherries were the only army to touch the landmass of popular server, taking King Arthur and Merry Christmas.  Controlling one of the most well known private servers was enticing, and the Cherries will look to hold their empire.

Lime Green Army

Although picking last doesn’t sound good, the Lime Green Army benefited from it, being able to use their picks back to back.  They first took Frostbite of Penguin Remix, a small CPPS, and then claimed a third of CPOR by selecting Blizzard.

Now that the draft is in the books, armies are free to expand their empires.  It will be interesting to see how armies approach the concept of the map.  Although it does seem tempting to schedule a ton of invasions for land, doing so might put a target on your back.  55 servers may seem like a lot, but a lot of armies share the same wants for their empire.  Perhaps some armies will lie low, make allies and become active in the business of trading for land.  Or maybe some will just stand pat with what they have, and watch the chaos ensue.  This is the true beauty of the server map.  It brings a new dynamic to Club Penguin Armies that can only be classified as immersive.

If you’d like your army to join the map, it’s never too late!  Though the server draft is now concluded, armies can sign up on the “Army Register” page.  After your army is registered, you can start scheduling invasions on servers of your choosing.  We hope to see even more armies join the fight.


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