Club Penguin Armies Server Map: Redraft Aftermath

Earlier today, the representatives of their governing bodies participating in Club Penguin Armies held the official server redraft.

The order of the draft was randomized as follows:


  1. Green Street Gang
  2. Cofo
  3. Pizza Federation
  4. Cowbell Gang
  5. Wild Ninjas
  6. Tuba Army
  7. Penguin Militia
  8. Pizza Parlour Mafia
  9. Winged Hussars
  10. Lime Green Army
  11. Cherries


Green Street Gang

The Green Street Gang received the coveted first overall pick.  They selected Marshmallow to claim a chunk of arguably the most popular CPPS, Club Penguin Rewritten.  They traded this server to the Winged Hussars for Sleet on CPR, their capital before this draft.  However, the blessing of first brings the curse of last, and Green Street Gang picked in the final spot in the second round.  Because all of CPR was claimed, GSG picked Yeti off of SuperCPPS, contesting the home of the Wild Ninjas.


Cofo, like many armies, aims to control CPR.  With the second pick, they selected Blizzard on CPR.  Suffering from the same fate of the Green Street Gang, Cofo was forced to take Blizzard on Club Penguin Again, a server located close to the CPR landmass.  Perhaps Cofo will aim to capture every Blizzard on the map.

Pizza Federation

Pizza Federation follows a very similar path that Cofo took.  Claiming Abominable on CPR with the third pick; they chose Zipline on CP Again to establish a split of the servers landmass.  Expect to see PZF attempt to dominate it’s surrounding areas.

Cowbell Gang

The Cowbell Gang were able to claim CPR server Zipline with the fourth pick.  In the second round, they claimed the last server available on CPR, Ascent.  CG are the first of a few armies who were able to be located entirely in CPR, putting them in the thick of it all.

Wild Ninjas

It was fairly known coming into the draft that the Wild Ninjas will most likely centralize their empire around SuperCPPS.  They did just that by taking Avalancha and Nevisca.  Unexpectedly, the GSG swooped into take a server from a CPPS that many consider to be the home of the Wild Ninjas.  Time will tell how the Wild Ninjas react to this.

Tuba Army

One of the most revered armies in the community, the Tuba Army made it a priority to defend their homeland of CPR.  They took over the two coasts of the landmass, Antarctica and Beanie.  It is an interesting strategy, to sandwich their competition in the middle of their land.  And it just might work.

Penguin Militia

A fairly new army, Penguin Militia wisely stayed out of the trouble brewing on CPR.  Selecting Sandbox first on Club Penguin Remastered, PM then selected Migator off of Free Penguin.  Surprisingly, PM were the only army to take a server from Free Penguin.  If they play their cards right, they can take control of a popular CPPS.

Pizza Parlour Mafia

The Pizza Parlour Mafia established control of Club Penguin Origins quickly, taking Ice Cream to ensure the centralized location belongs to them.  Later, they took Marshmallow, after the Lime Green Army took Blizzard on CPOR.  CPOR is a new, but promising server that now houses too fairly sized armies.

Winged Hussars

The Winged Hussars had an excellent draft, selecting Snow Avalanche and Sleet.  However, after a gracious request from the Green Street Gang, they agreed to trade Sleet away for Marshmallow on CPR.  Hopefully GSG doesn’t forget this gesture.


One of the newer armies on the scene, the Cherries were the only army to touch the landmass of popular server, taking King Arthur and Merry Christmas.  Controlling one of the most well known private servers was enticing, and the Cherries will look to hold their empire.

Lime Green Army

Although picking last doesn’t sound good, the Lime Green Army benefited from it, being able to use their picks back to back.  They first took Frostbite of Penguin Remix, a small CPPS, and then claimed a third of CPOR by selecting Blizzard.

Now that the draft is in the books, armies are free to expand their empires.  It will be interesting to see how armies approach the concept of the map.  Although it does seem tempting to schedule a ton of invasions for land, doing so might put a target on your back.  55 servers may seem like a lot, but a lot of armies share the same wants for their empire.  Perhaps some armies will lie low, make allies and become active in the business of trading for land.  Or maybe some will just stand pat with what they have, and watch the chaos ensue.  This is the true beauty of the server map.  It brings a new dynamic to Club Penguin Armies that can only be classified as immersive.

If you’d like your army to join the map, it’s never too late!  Though the server draft is now concluded, armies can sign up on the “Army Register” page.  After your army is registered, you can start scheduling invasions on servers of your choosing.  We hope to see even more armies join the fight.


CPA Spokesperson and Site Manager’s Assistant


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