Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [21/04/19 – 04/05/19]

In this week’s Top Ten, we see a slight shuffle inside the Top five armies, we also see many new and familiar faces appear on the Top Ten. We also see a slight rise in sizes with armies, more than 7 armies averaged more than 15 this week. We also have had such an influx in armies that we now have a Top 19 armies!


1. Pirates [96.57] [+0]

2. Light Troops [59.25] [+1]

3. Templars [57.57] [+1]

4. Help Force [54.0] [-2]

5. Wild Ninjas [49.87] [NEW!]

6. Royal Family [47.0] [-1]

7. Elite Penguin Force [43.0] [NEW!]

8. Shadow Troops [41.0] [NEW!]

9. Victorians [39.4] [+2]

10. Fashion Army [32.3] [-1]


Close to the Top Ten:
11. Delta Force [27.0]

12. Spartans [26.5]

13. Vikings [26.0]

14. Gangsters [25.0]

15. Acids [24.5]

16. Coffee Warriors [24.3]

17T. United Republican Penguins [21.0]

17T. Empty Ones [21.0]

18. G Force [18.0]

To see the full statistics, click here!


No descriptions this week due to the fact that it was a Top Ten from the past two weeks and it would take us literally another week to write each description.

Descriptions will be added next week.


Want your army to be included in the Top Ten Armies? Just sign up to join the Club Penguin Online Army League! Join our discord and sign up!



Army League Director


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  1. hey plz unban me in the discord server . i am sorry for my behavior. give one more chance plz . i beg you


  2. New Goal For Pizza Clan: Reach the list!


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