Top Ten Armies [5/26/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- The top ten this week sees our first team able to defend the first place position for multiple weeks in a row.

1. Winged Hussars [+0] [48.43]

2. Wild Ninjas [+1] [47.29]

3. Green Street Gang  [+2] [41.72]

4. Asgard’s Vikings [+3] [39.85]

5. Pizza Federation [-3] [37.66]

6. Bass Battalion [+0] [31.35]

7. Warriors [NEW!] [31.24]

8. Lime Green Army [-4] [30.50]

9. Bobo Wariors [+0] [30.00]

10. Victorians [NEW!] [27.00]

Full calculations can be seen here.  Questions about the top ten? Ask DMT (DMT#2752) on Discord.

Winged Hussars: 

The Winged Hussars dominated another week. They started off the week with an invasion of Zipline maxing six. They ended up successful taking Zipline by Bass Battalion not showing up. Their second event of the week was a training event. They managed to max 6 and found 2 rouges to join them, but didn’t have their uniform on.  The Winged Hussars third event of the week takes the cake. They managed to gather a lot of rouges and party in the dance club. They ended up maxing 19+. Their last event for this week was a Card Jitsu Tournament. They maxed 6 with everyone participating in the tournament. Wolfy ended up winning.

2. Wild Ninjas: 

Wild Ninjas started off the weeks with a recruiting event on Avalancha maxing 13+. Their second event of the week was a Spain event. They maxed 9+ and averaged 7 with consistent tactics. Wild Ninja’s third event of the week was another Spain event. They logged on Nevisca maxing 15+. They ended the week with an event to support their Argentine friends. They logged on Necisca again, maxing 11+ and averaging 10.

3. Green Street Gang:

Green Street Gang proved this week that they aren’t a weak army. They moved up two spots in the Top Ten. They logged on Nevisca for an invasion their first event. GSG successful took Nevisca maxing 6+ and averaged 5. Their last event of the week was another invasion. They successfully invaded Penguin Chat 3 maxing 7+.

4. Asgard’s Vikings:

Asgard’s Vikings started off the week maxing 3+. Their next event went better. They maxed 5+ and averaged 4. Asgard’s third event went just as their first event did. They maxed 3+. They ended the week maxing 4+.

5. Pizza Federation:

The Pizza Federation one had one event this week. They started the week with an invasion on Arctic Oasis and maxing 9+. 

6. Bass Battalion: 

The Bass Battalion also has one event this week. The Battalion logged on to invade Deep Freeze. They maxed 5+ and averaged 5. 

7. Warriors:

The Warriors is a new army to Club Penguin Armies. They started off their only event of the week with an Operation Beta event. They maxed 4+. Welcome to the community!

8. Lime Green Army:

The Lime Green Army had a rough week having only one event. They logged on for an invasion on Deu Branco. They maxed 5+ and averaged 5. They ended their week by going into isolation.

9. Bobo Warriors:

The Bobo Warriors had a name change this week. They are formally known as the Bobo Federation. Their only event of the week was an invasion of Bass Battalion’s server, Deep Freeze. They maxed 6+ and averaged 5.



The Victorians had a fast week. They logged on for a birthday event maxing 3+. They have already withdrawn from the league.


2 Responses

  1. You could of messaged us on discord.


  2. Hello Greeny, I wanted to tell you that we are no longer in your army league, we are in the Army League of CPO, thank you.


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