Top Ten Armies [6/30/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- While the majority of the top ten shuffles around, the top four remains almost entirely in tact from last weeks top ten.  But the undisputed largest army in CPA finally claims their throne.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [87.18]

2. Elite Guardians [-1] [81.35]

3. Mopia [+0] [53.07]

4. Lime Green Army [+0] [36.50]

5. Green Street Gang [+4] [22.96]

6. Winged Hussars [+6] [21.92]

7. Invaders of Club Penguin [+0] [18.90]

8. Recon Federation [-2] [18.26]

9. Musicians of Club Penguin [+1] [15.31]

10.Pizza Federation [-5] [14.55]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Fruit Force [NEW!] [7.00]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation 

Now fully settled into the community, RPF ran the charts in their push for first place.  They started with an AUS event where 27 troops logged on.  Later that day, the invaded Zipline, CPR, from the Winged Hussars, maxing 58 troops.  Tuesday brought another AUS event; this time with sizes of 26 troops.  The next event was a training session that saw sizes of 45.  They held another event that day, where they had 44 troops log on.  RPF returned to battling armies on Friday by invading Deep Freeze, CPR, with 55 troops.  A U-Lead event took place during AUS times, with 25 troops.  The next day, RPF added another server to their empire by taking away Antarctic, CPR, from Recon Federation, amassing 38 troops.  Another AUS event took place on Saturday morning where 35 troops logged on.  They debuted their new division called the “Strike Force” in a practice battle against the Lime Green Army, where the maxed 19.  RPF closed the week out with a branch battle within their army, garnering sizes of 50 total troops online.


2. Elite Guardians

The Elite Guardians continued with their hunt for land this week.  On the first day of the week, they invaded Pegas, Pegasus, Avalancha, Pegasus, and Snowy River, CPATG, maxing 11, 14, and 28, respectively.  The next day held two invasions, one being the invasion of Marshmallow, Pegasus, with 11 troops.  The other invasion was on Fiesta, CPATG, against Mopia.  EGCP powered through with 27 troops.  To celebrate their recent captures, they held a victory march on CPATG, where they saw sizes of 25 troops.  They returned to their invading ways on Wednesday, this time they invaded Glacier, CPATG, with a max of 23.  EGCP continued to romp CPATG with an invasion of Down Under, maxing 24 troops.  An invasion of Shiver, CPATG, the next day, amassed 25 troops.  They under performed at an AUS event on Saturday, only maxing 8 in an invasion of Schokoladenkuchen,  However, they returned to form later that day, maxing 17 in an invasion of Covfefe Twilight,, and a training session with 20 troops.

3. Mopia

Though Mopia remains in the top 3, it is a safe assumption that they are unhappy with their week.  The lead off event saw Mopia lose Snowy River, CPATG, while maxing 20 troops.  They went on to lose the battle of Fiesta, CPATG, as well, maxing 18 that time.  They ended their losing streak with a practice battle win over the Lime Green Army, returning to sizes of 20.  A mid-week recruiting event received a whopping size of 40 troops, though tactics were hard to come by.  Their week concluded with an unscheduled training event, maxing 12 troops.

4. Lime Green Army 

The army that dons the Lime Green continue to grow at a slow and steady pace.  They held three events this week, all maxing 14 troops.  The first event was a practice battle against Mopia, which they lost.  They then went on to invade Summit, CPATG.  The week finished with a practice battle against RPF’s strike force, which they lost in a close battle.  Shortly after this battle, it was announced that Chainpro decided to step down from his leadership role, leaving the helm to Zeke.  It will be interesting to see how LGA fairs without their veteran leader running the show.

5. Green Street Gang 

GSG began the week with a defense of Fjord, they maxed 10. Then, they had a training where they managed 7. They ended the week with an invasion of Marshmallow where their opposition didn’t show up.

6. Winged Hussars 

WH had a training, getting 7. After this, they had a card jistu tournament and got 6. Following their tournament, they got 6 in a training session. Closing the week with two more trainings where they had 5 at both.

7. Invaders of Club Penguin 

IOCPA began with a training where they got 5. Followed with a successful invasion of Sub Zero, maxing 7. Ended the week with a training where they managed 7.

8. Recon Federation 

RFCP had two recruiting sessions this week, maxing 4 at one and 6 at another. They held a training, resulting in a max 5. At the end of the week they had an unsuccessful invasion of RPF where they managed to max 8.

9. Musicians of Club Penguin 

Musicians started with a recruiting session, getting a max of 6. After they had a training where they maxed 2. Then they maxed 4 at another training. Their week ended with a failed freeland invasion.

10. Pizza Federation

PZF had a recruitment event with a max of 7. They followed this with a training where they maxed 5.


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CPA Site Manager


Club Penguin Online : Top Ten Armies [ 22/06/19 – 28/06/19 ]

After we witnessed the Retirement of the CPO Army League’s CEO : Epic101 from Pirates , Along with some interesting Battles happening in the Army Community , We Bring to you the Top Ten of this Week !

[ Please note that the Top Ten Armies of the Past month has been posted in the Army League Discord , this just includes the Events hosted during the Time Range mentioned in the Title ]


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Top Ten Armies [6/23/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- The arrival of two prestigious armies sees a new big three form, as the top ten becomes top heavy in the frenzy for servers.


1. Elite Guardians [NEW!] [89.04]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [NEW!] [88.56]

3. Mopia [-1] [56.27]

4. Lime Green Army [-1] [27.98]

5. Pizza Federation [+5] [26.32]

6. Recon Federation [NEW!] [20.83]

7. Invaders of Club Penguin [+1] [18.50]

8. Shadow Troops [NEW!] [17.20]

9. Green Street Gang [-5] [15.00]

10. Musicians of Club Penguin [-6] [14.55]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Magma Troops [-5] [14.34]

12. Winged Hussars [-4] [12.00]

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1. Elite Guardians:

The Elite Guardians went on a tear in their first week as an official CPA member.  Beginning with a training session with 13 troops, EGCP only grew in numbers from that point.  The next day was another training session, this time seeing sizes of 21 troops.  A third training session followed on Wednesday, averaging 27 troops.  The streak of training sessions was broken when EGCP made their debut onto the server map by invading Adventuras Mayas,, averaging 19 troops.  Rio Carnival,, was next in their path, bringing 24 troops to claim the server.  They continued their reign on with an AUS invasion of Eiffel Tower during the wee hours of Friday morning.  EGCP didn’t stop there, though.  Invading Wild Island,, was a success, seeing sizes of 28 troops.  That same night, they invaded the capital of the Shadow Troops, Parka, CPATG, with a massive average of 33.  Saturday morning brought another AUS invasion, this time on Sled, CP Pegasus, with 13 troops.  Later on, EGCP invaded Zero Grau, Pegasus, averaging 16 troops.  Ultimately, the historical week ended on a sour note, with a failed invasion of Mopia server Marshmallow, CPR, maxing 25 troops.  In just six days, the Elite Guardians went from zero servers to seven servers.  The only question now is, can they defend the pole position of the top ten next week?

2. Rebel Penguin Federation:

Joining the community on Friday, the Rebel Penguin Federation tacked on three events to make their debut at second place.  First, they held a training event where they averaged 40 troops.  Early Saturday morning, they hosted an AUSIA recruiting event with an average of 31 troops.  To close the week, RPF successfully invaded Blizzard, CPR, from the Pizza Federation with a whopping 53 troops.  It will be interesting to see where RPF places once they have a full week in CPA.

3. Mopia

Mopia began their week with an invasion of Snowy River, CPATG.  This event saw sizes of 20 troops, as they successfully claimed the server.  They went without an event until Saturday, when they defended their land, Marshmallow, CPR, from the Elite Guardians, averaging a staggering 50 troops.

4. Lime Green Army:

Once again, the Lime Green Army expanded their empire extensively throughout the week.  The first invasion on the docket was for Fog, CPATG, where LGA had six troops.  Two days later, they claimed Breeze, CPATG, with seven troops.  Wednesday’s invasion of Yeti, CPATG, saw sizes of five.  After adding three servers to their empire, LGA changed it up with a practice session for their impending battle with Mopia, where they maxed 12 troops.

5. Pizza Federation:

PZF started the week off with a recruiting session where they managed to see sizes of 10+. They then had a training session in the middle of the week where they maxed 7. Following this, they attempted to invade RF’s server Beanie, where the battle was declared a tie deeming their invasion unsuccessful.

6. Recon Federation:

RF had an invasion of Beanie where they maxed 6. They invaded Antarctica where they maxed 5. After this, they had a defense of Beanie where they reached sizes of 7.


7. Invaders of Club Penguin:

IOCPA started their week with a training where they maxed 5. They then invaded Flurry where they managed to achieve sizes of 9.

8. Shadow Troops

The Shadow Troops had a rough week. They only managed to log on for one event and failed to show up for an invasion of Summit. The Shadow Troops held their return event for Club Penguin Armies maxing 7 and averaging 6.

9. Green Street Gang:

Green Street Gang didn’t have their best week, they went back five places since last week’s Top Ten. Their only event was an invasion of Matterhorn on CPATG, maxing 6 and averaged 4.

10. Musicians of Club Penguin

The Musicians managed to remain active this week, despite losing spots on the Top Ten. They had three events this week. The Musicians logged on for a recruiting event maxing 2. Their second event was an invasion of Marshmallow maxing 5. Their last event was another recruiting event maxing 3.


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CPA Site Manager

Elite Guardians Enter the Community

Club Penguin Armies: The Game Released!

MAMMOTH, CPA: The Game Forum Server – Today I am very excited for two reasons! First, my exams finished yesterday, and therefore I got plenty of free time. Secondly, today, June 15th 2019, Club Penguin Armies: The Game officially released! Read more to learn how to join the fight and become owner of all servers!

One by one, all servers of CPATG opened today. 27 in total, 2 of which are owned by CPA administration and can’t be invaded, 15 have been given for free to 15 different armies, and 10 have been left unclaimed. Many bugs reported on the public beta have been fixed, like the stampbook crash bug and the startscreen visual glitch bug, and the new homepage and commands page has been added!

The server is using the legacy AS2 Club Penguin client, to add a more traditional look to it! Despite having all common Club Penguin features, like minigames (including card jitsu!), igloos, friendlists etc, the CPPS is different than others for its army-friendly orientation.

First of, a neat startscreen, designed by CSY:

After logging on, you come across the following server selection page:

As you can see, next to each server’s name there is a tag. The letters into the tag are the shortname of the army that owns the server, for example Frostbite is owned by WH which is the Winged Hussars army. All changes to server ownership will be updated to both the Club Penguin Armies map page and the CPATG server selection.

Inside the game there are multiple commands you can type to do cool stuff, such as the !ai command that adds you any items you want! The two I am going to show here though are the two commands that were made specifically for this server, which are the !army and the !size commands.

The !army command registers you as a member of a specific army, giving you the army’s uniform and also a cool text below your username! For example:

The !size command on the other hand shows you the amount of users of a specific army currently online, crucial to count sizes during a tough battle!

Website link is:

Also, join the CPA Discord to discuss about the server:!
Report any bugs you find to Super! (Discord: GeoTsak#9053)!


CPATG Developer

Top Ten Armies [6/9/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices– This week we have seen a burst of energy in some armies, while others have fallen off the Top Ten completely.


1. Soviet Federation [+6] [46.5]

2. Winged Hussars [+3] [33.25]

3. Pizza Federation [-2] [32.25]

4T. Nacion Pinguina [+4] [28.00]

4T. Shadow Troops [-2] [28.00]

6. Cliff Crew [NEW!] [27.00]

7. Green Street Gang [-2] [26.75]

8. Asgard’s Vikings [-1] [26.00]

9. Mopia [NEW] [25.50]

10. Tubas [-1] [16.00]


Click here to view full calculations. Please direct any questions to baja waves#5518



1. The Soviet Federation

The Soviet Federation had a very active week, with a total of 6 events. They began the week with a strong training session, maxing 5, on They had multiple events throughout the week including a training session, in which they averaged 7 and an AUSIA session, maxing 4. Later they invaded Schokoladernkuchen maxing 5, and finished off the week with two recruiting sessions where they maxed 4 and 7, respectively.

2. The Winged Hussars

Despite only having one event this week, the Winged Hussars move back into the Top Three. Their sole event was on CP Rewritten, where they maxed 7 with good tactics. If they are more active in the coming weeks, they could easily take back the number one spot.

3. Pizza Federation
Falling down two spots from first place, The Pizza Federation were fairly active in comparison to a lot of other armies this week. Their first event of the week was an invasion of Deep Freeze from the Bobo Warriors, who failed to show up making the invasion an easy win. They finished the week maxing 10 during a recruitment event. 

4T. Shadow Troops 

To much surprise, Shadow Troops have fallen down to fourth place. Despite maxing 8, they only had one event with no tactics. The Shadow Troops will need to see an increase in activity if they hope to return to their former glory.

4T. Nacion Pinguina 

Nacion Pinguina only had one event this week. They maxed and averaged 4.


6. Cliff Crew 

Cliff Crew enters this weeks Top Ten at fifth place. They had one event on Beanie, CPR and maxed and averaged 3. Like most of the other armies on the Top Ten, Cliff Crew will require more events to progress.

7. Green Street Gang 

Green Street Gang had a somewhat disappointing week. They only had one event, maxing 3. 

8. Asgards Vikings

Asgards Vikings had one training event where they maxed 4.


9. Mopia

Mopia was welcomed into this league this week having a recruiting session where they saw sizes of 10+.



10. Tubas

Tubas hosted a recruiting session to start their week. Following this, they had an event where they maxed 5.

*DISCLAIMER: It is obvious when an army’s size is a majority rogues. Recruiting sessions should be utilized to recruit for your army, not to look bigger for the top ten. Tactics are also a huge part of event points, so those armies who perform no tactics only suffer. Activeness is key for the formula, thus an army with 6 events will place first over an army with 1-2 events.


Paul “Baja Waves”

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CPA: The Game Server Shuffle

MAMMOTH, CPA: The Game Forum Server- With CPATG opening at June 15th, the CPA administration decided how the distribution of servers will happen, based on public voting on the Discord server. I suggest every army leader reads this post!

Across all 27 CPATG servers, two belong to CPA administration and can’t be invaded. Out of the rest 25 servers, each army will receive one server randomly. This is to enforce server trades. The rest of the servers will remain free unclaimed land for anyone to invade. In order for your army to receive one server fill the form and comment below:

Army Name:
Army Website:
Army Discord:

You can register your army until June 13th. You will learn which server you army gets at June 14th, one day before CPATG opens. For every army who wants a server o CPATG after June 13th, they will have to either invade it (being free or claimed land) or have it been given to them from another army.


CPATG Developer

Club Penguin Armies: The Game Hosts Public Beta!

MAMMOTH, CPA: The Game Forum Server- So I suppose that most of you from Discord have already learned about the upcoming CPPS named Club Penguin Armies: The Game (CPATG), which I am developing, in collaboration with For those who haven’t, here is a description:

What armies are missing after Club Penguin closed is a common battleground. With each army in different CPPSes, army vs army fights have seriously decreased. This is an important element of CPA Warfare, and it made me very sad to see it gone. As a retired army leader in the 2013-2016 period, and also a CPPS Developer, I decided to make a server that will bring back that element to CPPS warfare!

Beta run of CPATG will have 27 servers. Before the round starts, each army selects one server as its capital. Winner is the first army that controls all 27 servers silmutaneously first! Battles happen with the well known rules of CPA guidelines, and the judging for the very tough battles will be handled by CPA Staff team. The CPA site map will also include the CPATG servers. Army related features, such as the !army and !size commands have been added to make the server an even better experience. Many more will be coming in the future, with priority of their development being based of their difficulty level and also the public demand. We will keep it simple for beta run though, to check those basic features. The beta run is expected to start at June 15th, since I want to be finished with my exams.

Before the beta release though, a short duration public beta test that lasted 2 hours, from 7:30 PM GMT to 9:30 PM GMT happened yesterday, at June 2nd 2019. About 35 penguins registered for it during that time period! It was really fun and helped me test the server’s capability of hosting many users, and also the multiplayer games. Here are some screenshots!

A BIG thanks to everyone that helped me test, it was really important to hear your feedback! Another small public beta is possible to happen before CPATG releases, although I can’t promise anything since I will be writing exams for the next 12 days.


CPATG Developer

Top Ten Armies [6/2/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- As May came to a close, many armies took a leisurely week before entering the first month of summer.  However, a wave of new armies joins the top ten, adding new competition for the charter members of CPA.

1. Pizza Federation [+4] [42.92]

2. Shadow Troops [NEW!] [42.75]

3. Warriors of Club Penguin [NEW!] [38.85]

4. Green Street Gang [-1] [35.22]

5. Winged Hussars [-4] [35.17]

6. Asgard’s Vikings [-2] [33.80]

7. Soviet Federation [NEW!] [31.58]

8. Nacion Pinguina [NEW!] [31.15]

9. Tuba Army [NEW!] [30.06]

10. Bobo Warriors [-1] [30.00]

1. Pizza Federation

The Pizza Federation saw their leader Retro return from a hiatus, thus they experienced a boost in activity.  To start off the week, they hosted a memorial day event with seven troops.  Continuing on, Retro’s official return event garnered sizes of seven.  To end the week, PZF held an event in preparation to invade the Bobo Warriors, an event they scheduled for Tuesday.  They maxed 5 troops.


2. Shadow Troops

In their first Club Penguin Armies top ten, the Shadow Troops demonstrated their numbers with a memorial day event, where they maxed eleven troops with impressive tactics.  Expecting to be more active next week, ST could take the top ten by storm.

3. Warriors of Club Penguin

The Warriors is a new army to the community. Their first week paid off for the Top Ten. The Warriors logged on for a fun summer event. They maxed 6+ and averaged 4. They had an invasion for their last event of the week. They logged on Marshmallow of CP Origins maxing 6+.

4. Green Street Gang

Green Street Gang made it a priority to expand their empire this week, and they did just that.  First, the gang invaded Blizzard, SnowPenguins, with three troops.  Following this somewhat disappointing event, they held a training session to ensure they’d get the next invasion right, maxing five troops.  The result paid it’s dividends, as GSG successfully invaded Blizzard, PenguinZone, with five troops.

5. Winged Hussars

Plummeting down the top ten, the Winged Hussars had an inactive week.  They only held one event, a recruiting session, where they maxed twelve with lackluster tactics.

6. Asgard’s Vikings

The Asgard Vikings didn’t have their best week. They managed to go back two spots on the Top Ten. The Vikings had a party maxing 6+ and averaged 5. Their last event of the week was an invasion of Ice Cream on CP Origins. They maxed 7+ and averaged 5.

7. Soviet Federation

New to the scene, the Soviet Federation held three quick events to secure their spot in the top ten.  First, they held a late night event with three troops.  Next, they raided the Penguin Chat server with four troops, sending a clear message to it’s owners, the Green Street Gang.  The Soviets closed the week with an invasion of Macchu Pichu, maxing five.

8. Nacion Pinguina

The Nacion Pinguina is another new army to the Top Ten. Their only of the week was an invasion of Aether. They maxed and averaged 4.

9. Tuba Army

After a week of inactivity, the Tuba Army returns to the top ten with a lone recruiting event, where they maxed 10.

10. Bobo Warriors

The Bobo Warriors round out the top ten with an early AUSIA event, maxing five troops.


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