Top Ten Armies [6/2/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- As May came to a close, many armies took a leisurely week before entering the first month of summer.  However, a wave of new armies joins the top ten, adding new competition for the charter members of CPA.

1. Pizza Federation [+4] [42.92]

2. Shadow Troops [NEW!] [42.75]

3. Warriors of Club Penguin [NEW!] [38.85]

4. Green Street Gang [-1] [35.22]

5. Winged Hussars [-4] [35.17]

6. Asgard’s Vikings [-2] [33.80]

7. Soviet Federation [NEW!] [31.58]

8. Nacion Pinguina [NEW!] [31.15]

9. Tuba Army [NEW!] [30.06]

10. Bobo Warriors [-1] [30.00]

1. Pizza Federation

The Pizza Federation saw their leader Retro return from a hiatus, thus they experienced a boost in activity.  To start off the week, they hosted a memorial day event with seven troops.  Continuing on, Retro’s official return event garnered sizes of seven.  To end the week, PZF held an event in preparation to invade the Bobo Warriors, an event they scheduled for Tuesday.  They maxed 5 troops.


2. Shadow Troops

In their first Club Penguin Armies top ten, the Shadow Troops demonstrated their numbers with a memorial day event, where they maxed eleven troops with impressive tactics.  Expecting to be more active next week, ST could take the top ten by storm.

3. Warriors of Club Penguin

The Warriors is a new army to the community. Their first week paid off for the Top Ten. The Warriors logged on for a fun summer event. They maxed 6+ and averaged 4. They had an invasion for their last event of the week. They logged on Marshmallow of CP Origins maxing 6+.

4. Green Street Gang

Green Street Gang made it a priority to expand their empire this week, and they did just that.  First, the gang invaded Blizzard, SnowPenguins, with three troops.  Following this somewhat disappointing event, they held a training session to ensure they’d get the next invasion right, maxing five troops.  The result paid it’s dividends, as GSG successfully invaded Blizzard, PenguinZone, with five troops.

5. Winged Hussars

Plummeting down the top ten, the Winged Hussars had an inactive week.  They only held one event, a recruiting session, where they maxed twelve with lackluster tactics.

6. Asgard’s Vikings

The Asgard Vikings didn’t have their best week. They managed to go back two spots on the Top Ten. The Vikings had a party maxing 6+ and averaged 5. Their last event of the week was an invasion of Ice Cream on CP Origins. They maxed 7+ and averaged 5.

7. Soviet Federation

New to the scene, the Soviet Federation held three quick events to secure their spot in the top ten.  First, they held a late night event with three troops.  Next, they raided the Penguin Chat server with four troops, sending a clear message to it’s owners, the Green Street Gang.  The Soviets closed the week with an invasion of Macchu Pichu, maxing five.

8. Nacion Pinguina

The Nacion Pinguina is another new army to the Top Ten. Their only of the week was an invasion of Aether. They maxed and averaged 4.

9. Tuba Army

After a week of inactivity, the Tuba Army returns to the top ten with a lone recruiting event, where they maxed 10.

10. Bobo Warriors

The Bobo Warriors round out the top ten with an early AUSIA event, maxing five troops.


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Club Penguin Armies Site Manager

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