Club Penguin Armies: The Game Hosts Public Beta!

MAMMOTH, CPA: The Game Forum Server- So I suppose that most of you from Discord have already learned about the upcoming CPPS named Club Penguin Armies: The Game (CPATG), which I am developing, in collaboration with For those who haven’t, here is a description:

What armies are missing after Club Penguin closed is a common battleground. With each army in different CPPSes, army vs army fights have seriously decreased. This is an important element of CPA Warfare, and it made me very sad to see it gone. As a retired army leader in the 2013-2016 period, and also a CPPS Developer, I decided to make a server that will bring back that element to CPPS warfare!

Beta run of CPATG will have 27 servers. Before the round starts, each army selects one server as its capital. Winner is the first army that controls all 27 servers silmutaneously first! Battles happen with the well known rules of CPA guidelines, and the judging for the very tough battles will be handled by CPA Staff team. The CPA site map will also include the CPATG servers. Army related features, such as the !army and !size commands have been added to make the server an even better experience. Many more will be coming in the future, with priority of their development being based of their difficulty level and also the public demand. We will keep it simple for beta run though, to check those basic features. The beta run is expected to start at June 15th, since I want to be finished with my exams.

Before the beta release though, a short duration public beta test that lasted 2 hours, from 7:30 PM GMT to 9:30 PM GMT happened yesterday, at June 2nd 2019. About 35 penguins registered for it during that time period! It was really fun and helped me test the server’s capability of hosting many users, and also the multiplayer games. Here are some screenshots!

A BIG thanks to everyone that helped me test, it was really important to hear your feedback! Another small public beta is possible to happen before CPATG releases, although I can’t promise anything since I will be writing exams for the next 12 days.


CPATG Developer


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