CPA: The Game Server Shuffle

MAMMOTH, CPA: The Game Forum Server- With CPATG opening at June 15th, the CPA administration decided how the distribution of servers will happen, based on public voting on the Discord server. I suggest every army leader reads this post!

Across all 27 CPATG servers, two belong to CPA administration and can’t be invaded. Out of the rest 25 servers, each army will receive one server randomly. This is to enforce server trades. The rest of the servers will remain free unclaimed land for anyone to invade. In order for your army to receive one server fill the form and comment below:

Army Name:
Army Website:
Army Discord:

You can register your army until June 13th. You will learn which server you army gets at June 14th, one day before CPATG opens. For every army who wants a server o CPATG after June 13th, they will have to either invade it (being free or claimed land) or have it been given to them from another army.


CPATG Developer


15 Responses

  1. Army Name: Edgy Gang Of CPWebsite: We dont have one yet.Army Discord:


  2. Army Name: The Shadow TroopsArmy Website: Army Discord:


  3. Army Name: Lime Green ArmyArmy Website: https://www.limegreenarmy.comArmy Discord:


  4. Army Name: Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP)Army Website: priorbumble.home.blogArmy Discord:


  5. Army Name: Musicians!Army Website: Coming soonArmy Discord:


  6. Army Name: MopiaArmy Website: None CurrentlyArmy Discord:


  7. Green Street Gangwww.greenstreetgang.wordptess.com


  8. Army Name: Cliff CrewArmy Website: Not doneArmy Discord:


  9. Soviet Federation


  10. Army: TubasWebsite: h//


  11. Cryptic Spiescprewrittensa.wordpress.com


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