Top Ten Armies [6/9/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices– This week we have seen a burst of energy in some armies, while others have fallen off the Top Ten completely.


1. Soviet Federation [+6] [46.5]

2. Winged Hussars [+3] [33.25]

3. Pizza Federation [-2] [32.25]

4T. Nacion Pinguina [+4] [28.00]

4T. Shadow Troops [-2] [28.00]

6. Cliff Crew [NEW!] [27.00]

7. Green Street Gang [-2] [26.75]

8. Asgard’s Vikings [-1] [26.00]

9. Mopia [NEW] [25.50]

10. Tubas [-1] [16.00]


Click here to view full calculations. Please direct any questions to baja waves#5518



1. The Soviet Federation

The Soviet Federation had a very active week, with a total of 6 events. They began the week with a strong training session, maxing 5, on They had multiple events throughout the week including a training session, in which they averaged 7 and an AUSIA session, maxing 4. Later they invaded Schokoladernkuchen maxing 5, and finished off the week with two recruiting sessions where they maxed 4 and 7, respectively.

2. The Winged Hussars

Despite only having one event this week, the Winged Hussars move back into the Top Three. Their sole event was on CP Rewritten, where they maxed 7 with good tactics. If they are more active in the coming weeks, they could easily take back the number one spot.

3. Pizza Federation
Falling down two spots from first place, The Pizza Federation were fairly active in comparison to a lot of other armies this week. Their first event of the week was an invasion of Deep Freeze from the Bobo Warriors, who failed to show up making the invasion an easy win. They finished the week maxing 10 during a recruitment event. 

4T. Shadow Troops 

To much surprise, Shadow Troops have fallen down to fourth place. Despite maxing 8, they only had one event with no tactics. The Shadow Troops will need to see an increase in activity if they hope to return to their former glory.

4T. Nacion Pinguina 

Nacion Pinguina only had one event this week. They maxed and averaged 4.


6. Cliff Crew 

Cliff Crew enters this weeks Top Ten at fifth place. They had one event on Beanie, CPR and maxed and averaged 3. Like most of the other armies on the Top Ten, Cliff Crew will require more events to progress.

7. Green Street Gang 

Green Street Gang had a somewhat disappointing week. They only had one event, maxing 3. 

8. Asgards Vikings

Asgards Vikings had one training event where they maxed 4.


9. Mopia

Mopia was welcomed into this league this week having a recruiting session where they saw sizes of 10+.



10. Tubas

Tubas hosted a recruiting session to start their week. Following this, they had an event where they maxed 5.

*DISCLAIMER: It is obvious when an army’s size is a majority rogues. Recruiting sessions should be utilized to recruit for your army, not to look bigger for the top ten. Tactics are also a huge part of event points, so those armies who perform no tactics only suffer. Activeness is key for the formula, thus an army with 6 events will place first over an army with 1-2 events.


Paul “Baja Waves”

Club Penguin Armies Reporter



Club Penguin Armies Site Manager

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