Top Ten Armies [6/23/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- The arrival of two prestigious armies sees a new big three form, as the top ten becomes top heavy in the frenzy for servers.


1. Elite Guardians [NEW!] [89.04]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [NEW!] [88.56]

3. Mopia [-1] [56.27]

4. Lime Green Army [-1] [27.98]

5. Pizza Federation [+5] [26.32]

6. Recon Federation [NEW!] [20.83]

7. Invaders of Club Penguin [+1] [18.50]

8. Shadow Troops [NEW!] [17.20]

9. Green Street Gang [-5] [15.00]

10. Musicians of Club Penguin [-6] [14.55]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Magma Troops [-5] [14.34]

12. Winged Hussars [-4] [12.00]

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1. Elite Guardians:

The Elite Guardians went on a tear in their first week as an official CPA member.  Beginning with a training session with 13 troops, EGCP only grew in numbers from that point.  The next day was another training session, this time seeing sizes of 21 troops.  A third training session followed on Wednesday, averaging 27 troops.  The streak of training sessions was broken when EGCP made their debut onto the server map by invading Adventuras Mayas,, averaging 19 troops.  Rio Carnival,, was next in their path, bringing 24 troops to claim the server.  They continued their reign on with an AUS invasion of Eiffel Tower during the wee hours of Friday morning.  EGCP didn’t stop there, though.  Invading Wild Island,, was a success, seeing sizes of 28 troops.  That same night, they invaded the capital of the Shadow Troops, Parka, CPATG, with a massive average of 33.  Saturday morning brought another AUS invasion, this time on Sled, CP Pegasus, with 13 troops.  Later on, EGCP invaded Zero Grau, Pegasus, averaging 16 troops.  Ultimately, the historical week ended on a sour note, with a failed invasion of Mopia server Marshmallow, CPR, maxing 25 troops.  In just six days, the Elite Guardians went from zero servers to seven servers.  The only question now is, can they defend the pole position of the top ten next week?

2. Rebel Penguin Federation:

Joining the community on Friday, the Rebel Penguin Federation tacked on three events to make their debut at second place.  First, they held a training event where they averaged 40 troops.  Early Saturday morning, they hosted an AUSIA recruiting event with an average of 31 troops.  To close the week, RPF successfully invaded Blizzard, CPR, from the Pizza Federation with a whopping 53 troops.  It will be interesting to see where RPF places once they have a full week in CPA.

3. Mopia

Mopia began their week with an invasion of Snowy River, CPATG.  This event saw sizes of 20 troops, as they successfully claimed the server.  They went without an event until Saturday, when they defended their land, Marshmallow, CPR, from the Elite Guardians, averaging a staggering 50 troops.

4. Lime Green Army:

Once again, the Lime Green Army expanded their empire extensively throughout the week.  The first invasion on the docket was for Fog, CPATG, where LGA had six troops.  Two days later, they claimed Breeze, CPATG, with seven troops.  Wednesday’s invasion of Yeti, CPATG, saw sizes of five.  After adding three servers to their empire, LGA changed it up with a practice session for their impending battle with Mopia, where they maxed 12 troops.

5. Pizza Federation:

PZF started the week off with a recruiting session where they managed to see sizes of 10+. They then had a training session in the middle of the week where they maxed 7. Following this, they attempted to invade RF’s server Beanie, where the battle was declared a tie deeming their invasion unsuccessful.

6. Recon Federation:

RF had an invasion of Beanie where they maxed 6. They invaded Antarctica where they maxed 5. After this, they had a defense of Beanie where they reached sizes of 7.


7. Invaders of Club Penguin:

IOCPA started their week with a training where they maxed 5. They then invaded Flurry where they managed to achieve sizes of 9.

8. Shadow Troops

The Shadow Troops had a rough week. They only managed to log on for one event and failed to show up for an invasion of Summit. The Shadow Troops held their return event for Club Penguin Armies maxing 7 and averaging 6.

9. Green Street Gang:

Green Street Gang didn’t have their best week, they went back five places since last week’s Top Ten. Their only event was an invasion of Matterhorn on CPATG, maxing 6 and averaged 4.

10. Musicians of Club Penguin

The Musicians managed to remain active this week, despite losing spots on the Top Ten. They had three events this week. The Musicians logged on for a recruiting event maxing 2. Their second event was an invasion of Marshmallow maxing 5. Their last event was another recruiting event maxing 3.


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