CPA’s Official Guide to Armies- Chapter Two: Recruiting

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- A lot of armies are created but never seem to make it far in the community. The ones at the top all have one thing in common, they recruit. It is an essential activity that is necessary for an army to grow in size and often just to survive. This is a guide that will provide details on how to go about recruiting for your army.

Author’s experience:

I’m Greeny, I joined armies in 2013 after being recruited off a Club Penguin mascot tracker chat. I had various breaks in activity throughout the years of 2013-2017, but summer of 2016 was probably the highlight of my career. If you want to learn more about my army career, click Here.

  • Doritos Leader
  • RPF Leader
  • Teutons Leader
  • UMA Leader
  • Water Ninjas Leader
  • Takis Legend
  • LGA Creator

There is a lot more experience I could list, including leading a top ten army called Pookies, but I chose not to include every army as I led quite a number of them.

Game recruiting:

Recruiting using the actual CPPS client is commonly utilized in two ways. The first being recruiting as a group, attracting rogues and then redirecting them to your site/discord. Another way is autotyping. This way includes using a third party program to automatically send messages on the game. To take advantage of this, an army member is able to input recruiting lines into the program in attempt to redirect users to their army’s site/discord. One of the most used autotypers in the community has to be Rsclient, which has been around for years. To get users on your discord, it is best to generate a discord code that does not contain any numbers, this will bypass the game’s filter. Note that advertising on any CPPS may be against the rules so it is recommended to use an alternative account.

Chat recruiting:

Though chat is a vague term, it seems discord has taken place as army’s main communication over the original xat chatrooms. Because of the amount of features, many armies don’t even feel the need to have a website. Most of today’s CPPS clients have discords associated with them so many armies take advantage by messaging the users of their chat. Though direct message recruiting isn’t allowed on CPA discord, we have channels such as #recruitment-board where armies looking for new members can post their message. It is usually best to get the user’s permission to send a link to your army otherwise you may get reported and be found in violation of discord’s terms.



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