Club Penguin Online : Top Ten Armies [ 29/06/19 – 05/07/19 ]

After another interesting week of Army Events , Alliances and an emerge of enthusiasm in Armies , We bring to you the Top Ten of this Week !


1. Pirates [77] [+0]

2. Help Force [64.6] [+0]

3. Elite Penguin Force [56.25] [NEW!]

4. Aliens of CPO [47.5] [-1]

5. Royals Family of CPO [42] [-1]

6. Vikings of CPO [36.6] [NEW!]

7. Pizza Clan [35.4] [-1]

8. Cloud Kingdom [28] [NEW!]

9. Midnight Troops [26.5] [-1]

10. Winged Army [25.5] [-1]

Close to the Top Ten :

11. Hurricanes of CPO [25]

12. Skinnies Society [19]


1. Pirates :

The Pirates maintain their #1 Spot on the Top Ten this week. The Pirate Army had 3 Army Events this week , One as a Stamp Event in which they maxed around 45 , another one as a Medieval Costume Contest again maxing around 45.

2. Help Force :

The Help Force CPO’s week with regards to the army can be considered as Idle. They had 1 Army Event on Saturday celebrating the Success of the army over Templars in which they managed to max over 55 Penguins in CPO. Apart from that , The week for the army was full of Fun Events to refresh the enthusiasm of the troops and give them a break from continuous army Events.

3. Elite Penguin Force :

The EPF Army , being idle for some weeks emerged into the Top 3 Armies of this Week with 4 Army [Fun] Events done. The Best one being the Elite Penguin Force > Moderator Meetup in which the army managed to max over 50 Penguins in CPO.

4. Aliens of CPO :

The Aliens army dropped down a spot but still managed to come into the Top 5 Armies of this Week. Their Army week was an active one , consisting of 6 Army Events done this week. They started their week with an Invasion of Creme Soda along with their allies successfully claiming over the territory.

5. Royals Family of CPO:

The Royals dropped down by 1 Position in this week’s Top Ten Armies , still managing to come into the Top 5 Armies of this Week. The Royals army had 2 Army Events in this week , doing a Tactic Practice and a Celebration of the Independence day of America.

6. Vikings of CPO:

The Vikings , after being Idle for a week , came back into action , managing to come into the Top Ten Armies of this week. They had an Interesting week consisting of 6 Individual army events and some Allied Events , their average max being around 6 Penguins in CPO.

7. Pizza Clan:

The Pizza Clan dropped a Position in this Week’s Top Ten. Their Army Week consisted of 5 Individual army events , along with some allied events. Their average max lying around 7 Penguins in CPO.

8. Cloud Kingdom:

After Witnessing a Name change of the army [ Previously called Angels ] , The Cloud Kingdom of CPO managed to come into the Top Ten Armies of this week. With 3 Events done this week , their average max lies around 2 Penguins in CPO.

9. Midnight Troops:

Not a Lot of Events done this week , Still the Midnight Troops have managed to stay in the Top Ten armies of this Week. The Army had 2 Events in the week , maxing 2 and 3 respectively in those events.

10. Winged Army:

The Winged Army dropped a Position in this Week’s Top Ten after an Idle week with just 2 Events done. The Average max being of around 2 Penguins in CPO.

Want your army to be included in the Top Ten Armies? Just sign up to join the Club Penguin Online Army League! Join our discord and sign up!


CPO Army League Staff


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