Top Ten Armies [7/14/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- The halfway point of July heats up, with many armies having a hefty amount of events.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [90.21]

2. Elite Guardians [+0] [70.00]

3. Mopia [+1] [50.98]

4. Lime Green Army [-1] [50.38]

5. Recon Federation [+2] [38.69]

6. Wild Ninjas [-1] [33.95]

7. Winged Hussars [+2] [30.75]

8. Green Street Gang [-2] [29.88]

9. Red Rebellion [+1] [25.74]

10. Pizza Federation [-2] [25.72]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Elite Penguins [NEW!] [23.85]

12. Cosmic Army [+0] [14.50]

13. Musicians of Club Penguin [-1] [14.00]

Click HERE for the full calculations.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation

RPF began their historic week with an AUS event that saw sizes of 38 troops.  On Tuesday, they held an AUS event and a US event, maxing 50 and 43, respectively.  A massive event took place the next day, where RPF reached sizes of 60, one of the highest recorded events in CPA history.  Their next event was a Thursday EU event with 49 troops.  An AUS event transpired the next morning, with only 25 troops.  The US event made up for it, with ANOTHER event of 60 troops.  They held two events on the final day of the week, maxing 40 and 50 in those.  It’s astonishing to see RPF top themselves week after week, which begs the questions: how far will they go?

2. Elite Guardians 

The Elite Guardians maintained their spot once again after a week filled with invasions.  They trained for war to kick off the week and maxed 30 troops.  They then invaded Machu Picchu,, from the Musicians with 13 troops.  EGCP unleashed a schedule of invasions on LGAs land on, but LGA informed them that they would not be attending any of the battles.  So, EGCP went forward with invasions, starting by taking over Nom’s Box with 23 troops.  King Arthur was next, and they maxed 27 in the invasion.  They invaded Halloween the next day while seeing sizes of 15, and then invaded Merry Christmas later on, reaching sizes of 21.  They took a break from invading on Thursday to celebrate a troop’s birthday (Happy Birthday Jonas!!) with 18 party goers.  They engaged in a practice battle with the Red Rebellion, maxing 22.  To conclude the week, they invaded Zero Grau, Always Penguin, with 20 troops.

3. Mopia 

The Mopia started off the week with a practice battle with Recon Federation, they maxed 25. Their next event was a war skirmish with the Pizza Federation maxing 26. The Mopia’s last event of the week was a training event, they maxed 10.

4. Lime Green Army 

The Lime Green Army has been gaining and defending land all week. They started off with an invasion of Beanie from Recon Federation. The Lime Green Army maxed 28 and averaged 25. Their next event was a defense of Fog from Recon Federation. They maxed 20 and successful defended the server. Their next event was another defense. The Lime Green Army defended Northern Lights against Recon Federation, maxing 17. Their last event of the week was defense of White House against Recon Federation, maxing 22.

5. Recon Federation 

The war with LGA, though they are losing, has brought RFCP success in the top ten.  The week started off slowly with a lopsided loss in a practice battle against Mopia, only maxing 4.  They then went on to lose the battle for Beanie, CPR, to LGA with 8 troops.  They lost their invasion of Fog, CPATG later that day, seeing sizes of 13 troops.  They hosted a recruiting event on Tuesday with 7 troops.  Another recruiting event mustered up 3 attendees.  The heavily debated battle of Northern Lights resulted in a win for RFCP, maxing 17.  They held another recruiting event the next day with 6 troops.  The week concluded with an unsuccessful invasion of White House, CPATG, maxing 17.

6. Wild Ninjas 

The Wild Ninjas started off the week with an invasion of Ascent, maxing 13 and averaging 11. Their next event was a hide and seek event where they maxed 10 and averaged 9. The Wild Ninjas’ last event of the week was an invasion on Avalancha, maxing 17.

7. Winged Hussars 

Despite having a very active week, the Hussars place 7th in a heavily competitive week.  The week began with a training event, seeing sizes of 7 troops.  A Card Jitsu tournament was held on Monday, where they maxed 10 and Takoz was crowned the winner.  The next day, they hosted a practice battle against the Green Street Gang, where they squeaked out a win with 7 troops.  A tournament preparation event saw sizes of 7 troops again.  They cooled down to a mediocre 4 troops in their next three events, including a loss of Ascent to the Wild Ninjas, but rebounded nicely on Saturday, returning to sizes of 7.

8. Green Street Gang 

Like the army above them, an abnormally active week did not benefit GSG as it normally would.  They opened the week with a training event, maxing 5.  Another training event followed the next day, also maxing 5.  Later, they reached sizes of 7 at another training event.  A practice battle with the Winged Hussars resulted in a loss, while maxing 7 troops.  Yet another training event was hosted with 5 troops.  Saturday brought two contrasting battles for GSG.  First, they successfully defended Matterhorn, CPATG, from RPF with 20 troops.  The next battle saw the size decrease to 5, in a loss to the Wild Ninjas on Avalancha, SuperCPPS.

9. Red Rebellion 

Red Rebellion started their week with a training, where they maxed 9. After this they had a practice battle against the Elite Guardians, managing to get 16. They ended with another training, maxing 10.

10. Pizza Federation 

The Pizza Federation began the week with a war skirmish against Mopia. Following this, they had a successful defense of Toboggan where they maxed 19. They ended their week with a speed training session, where they managed to max 9.

Statement on Allies in Battles

With multiple battles going on this week, it’s become increasingly evident that many armies use their alliances to gain an advantage in battle.  Personal views aside, this is a viable tactic if the army that declares war states that allies are able to be used.  However, Club Penguin Armies will not let the use of allies destroy the integrity of the top ten.  Because of this, multiple deductions were handed out to the armies who had blatant use of allies.  While the size including allies was used in the biographies for each armies week, the calculations saw a more down to earth version of their usual size.  For example, the Lime Green Army typically maxes 15 troops on their own.  Many of their battles saw sizes of 20+ troops, but those sizes were deducted down to their original size, and then 3 was added.

The formula for the allies deduction is X-Y+3, with X being the size they maxed in the event in question, and Y being the difference between the size that was maxed in the event in question and the armies usual size.  As the top ten maker, I (DMT) made the executive decision to do this, as to not punish the armies who stay true to their own size, such as the Elite Guardians, Mopia, and the Wild Ninjas.  If you have any complaints, direct them to me and me only.


CPA Spokesperson


CPA Site Manager


CPA Site Manager


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