Top Ten Armies [7/21/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- Aside from the top bunch of armies, it was a pretty slow week for the community, with many armies seeing a dip in activity and consistency hurting them in the top ten.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [90.23]

2. Elite Guardians [+0] [60.16]

3. Lime Green Army [+1] [51.75]

4. Mopia [-1] [43.50]

5. Recon Federation [+0] [40.02]

6. Red Rebellion [+3] [37.67]

7. Green Street Gang [+1] [32.11]

8. Wild Ninjas [-2] [30.50]

9. Winged Hussars [-2] [25.91]

10. Cosmic Army [+2] [19.89]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Blue Street Bongos [NEW!] [19.00]

12. Pizza Federation [-2] [11.25]

13. Empire of Club Penguin [NEW!] [9.00]

Click HERE for the full calculations.


1. Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation broke 90 points for the second week in a row, and did so while demonstrating a higher proficiency in tactics then weeks prior.  The week began with an AUS training session, reaching sizes of 48.  Later that day, they hosted a joint EU/US training with 48 troops again.  Their next event was another AUS event, this time with 47 troops.  They went on to max 48 at a US training and a staggering 63 in an EU event.  RPF then saw sizes of 56 in a training session and 49 in a US event.  Two events on Saturday closed their week, maxing 26 and 49, respectively.

2. Elite Guardians 

The Elite Guardians took a step back this week in terms of activity, hosting “only” seven events.  They started their week with a successful invasion of Deu Branco, Always Penguin, maxing 15.  A training session the following day saw an increase of size to 22.  Their first battle in the Summer Circuit resulted in a win against the Pizza Federation, maxing 26.  The leaders of EGCP declared the start of a naked revolution on Wednesday, and maxed 22 in the process.  They peaked in their second win of the Summer Circuit, beating the Recon Federation by reaching sizes of 30 troops.  Their next event was a hunt on Always Penguin with 20 troops.  A snowball fight with 20 troops closed their week on Saturday, enough for another second place position.

3. Lime Green Army 

The Lime Green Army re-enter the top three after a week filled with nothing but battles against other armies.  Their first Summer Circuit battle started their week off on the wrong foot, losing to RPF’s Strike Force while maxing 13.  They went on to defend Beanie from the Red Rebellion with 15 troops, and beat the same army again in the Summer Circuit, maxing 13.  Later that night, they were unable to defend Deep Freeze, CPATG from the Recon Federation, even though they maxed 23.  Their invasion of Northern Lights, CPATG, failed, only maxing 17 and logging off early.  On Friday, they won another Summer Circuit battle, beating Empire with 11 troops.  At the end of the week, both LGA and RFCP agreed to a one week ceasefire, giving both armies the chance to recuperate and focus on the Summer Circuit.

4. Mopia

Mopia, like LGA, had a week consisting of only battles, though they saw a dip in size compared to previous weeks.  They won their first Summer Circuit battle against GSG, maxing 18.  Two days later, they maxed 17 while beating the Pizza Federation.  Their third and final event was a practice battle with RFCP, which they won, maxing 15.

5. Recon Federation 

While other armies slowed down this week, the Recon Federation saw an uptick in activity.  Starting off with a recruiting session, they garnered 16 troops, creating high expectations for the army.  They cooled down with sizes of 9 troops in a training session the next day, but bounced back after beating the Winged Hussars in their tournament battle, maxing 9 again.  RFCP successfully invaded Deep Freeze, CPATG, from the Lime Green Army, reaching sizes of 26.  They went on to defend Northern Lights against LGA, maxing 24 there.  A practice battle with Mopia saw a huge drop off in size, only maxing 6.  They returned to sizes of 9 in their next training session, but fell back down to 6 in a recruiting session on Saturday.  Later in the day, they hosted one final training session for the week, maxing 6 yet again.

6. Red Rebellion 

The Red Rebellion saw a huge boost through the rankings in the top ten, thanks to their vast amount of battles this week.  They started with a draw against the Wild Ninjas in the Summer Circuit, maxing 10.  They attempted to invade Beanie, CPR, from LGA, but failed, only maxing 12.  Another loss to LGA came in the Summer Circuit, maxing 9.  They hosted an unscheduled training session the following day, maxing 12 again.  Their third battle in the Summer Circuit closed out their week, maxing 12 yet again.

7. Green Street Gang 

Despite having many events this week, GSG remains on the lower half of the top ten purely because of size.  They hosted a training session on Monday, maxing 6.  Shortly after, Marcos44 was appointed as a co-leader for the gang.  Their next event was a celebration for this occasion, reaching sizes of 12 troops.  They held a training the next day, maxing 7, and followed that up with a loss to the Winged Hussars in the Summer Circuit, where they maxed 6 troops.  On the same day, they hosted a training event, also maxing 6.  A training on Friday resulted in 8 troops.  The week ended on a sour note when the Wild Ninjas invaded Yeti, SuperCPPS from them, only maxing 4 compared to the Wild Ninjas’ 13.

8. Wild Ninjas 

Wild Ninjas had a battle against Red Rebels in the Summer Circuit to start the week, which was declared a draw. Their next tournament battle, against Empire of CP, saw no oppenent where they maxed 8. They had an unscheduled event later in the week which was followed by another tournament battle against Rebel Penguin Federation. WN ended the week with an invasion of Yeti against Green Street Gang, where they were successful.

9. Winged Hussars

Winged Hussars started their week with a training where they got 4. The following day they had their first battle in the Summer Circuit where they maxed 6. Their next tournament battle was against Green Street Gang where they maxed 6 again, this time in a winning effort. They ended the week with a training event where they managed 7.

10. Cosmic Army 

Cosmic started the week with a battle in the Summer Circuit against Empire of CP, where they saw no opponent. This was followed by another tournament battle against Rebel Penguin Federation, which they ended up losing. They ended the week with a close battle in the circuit where they were matched against Red Rebellion, maxing 8. After this they had a training event introducing their uniform change, where they maxed 5. To end the week, they had a recruiting session with 4 people.


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  3. Congrats to every army here, you're all doing wonderful! Also proud to see the LGA in 3rd place!




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