Top Ten Armies [7/28/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- For the first time in over a month, we have a new army holding the first place spot in the top ten.

1.Elite Guardians [+1] [76.56]

2.Lime Green Army [+1] [60.63]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [-2] [59.06]

4. Mopia [+0] [50.17]

5. Wild Ninjas [+3] [40.50]

6. Recon Federation [-1] [36.08]

7. Red Rebellion [-1] [30.25]

8. Cosmic Army [+2] [28.80]

9. Winged Hussars [+0] [27.63]

10. Green Street Gang [-3] [27.18]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Pizza Federation [+1] [24.62]

12. Light Blue Army [NEW!] [14.99]

13. Club Penguin Police Department [NEW!] [12.00]

1. Elite Guardians

The Elite Guardians rise to the top spot in no small part of their many battles this week.  They began with a speed training session, where they maxed 21.  They then battled Mopia in the Summer Circuit, maxing 28 and winning the fight.  They went on to invade Snow Shoe, CPATG from the Lime Green Army, maxing 28 in a successful takeover.  EGCP continued to dominate their Summer Circuit group in a win over the Winged Hussars, where they had 22 troops.  Their next battle was the invasion of Rocky Road, CPATG, an event that reached 34 troops in total.  Another successful invasion followed, this time on Slushy, CPATG, where they maxed 30.  A third Summer Circuit victory this week resulted in 20 troops showing up for battle.  They closed their week with a training event, maxing 23.

2. Lime Green Army

The Lime Green Army was able to squeak past their allies, thanks to their massive amount of battles this week.  Yet, they started off with a training event, maxing 13.  They went on to draw a tournament battle against the Wild Ninjas and lose the battle for Snow Shoe, maxing 17 and 26, respectively.  They redeemed themselves by defending Sub Zero, CPATG, the next day.  Despite maxing 30 in the battle of Rocky Road, they lost the server, but were able to defend Fjord with 23 troops.  LGA lost yet another defense in the battle of Slushy, maxing 25.  Though their empire was damaged heavily from the events that occurred this week, the silver lining is a top two spot in the top ten.

3. Rebel Penguin Federation

Though the Olympic Week seemed to be bunches of fun, it hurt the Rebel Penguin Federation significantly, with a complete void in the tactics section.  The Olympics week began with two normal events, maxing 33 and 48.  The first game was Sled Racing, where the AUS division maxed 25, the EU division maxed 35, and the US division maxed 35.  Card Jitsu was next: AUS maxed 35, EU maxed 36, and US maxed 34.  One can sense a pattern here for RPF’s week.  The Dance Contest for the three regions saw sizes of 28, 25, and 24, respectively.   The EU and US divisions competed in find four, maxing 35 in both events.  The final contest was for the Pizzatron, where the three regions maxed 15, 30, and 24.  It’s the fun that matters, right?

4. Mopia 

The notable Mop army remains fourth on the top ten this week. Mopia started with their Summer Circuit battle, losing against Elite Guardians while they maxed 21. This was followed by a battle against Recon Federation, where Mopia won maxing 20. They ended their week with another tournament battle, this time against Winged Hussars. They managed to max 19, being deemed the winners of the battle.

5. Wild Ninjas

Wild Ninjas rise in the top ten this week, going up three spots. Wild Ninjas started their week with a Hide and Seek event, maxing 13. WN then had a Summer Circuit battle against the Lime Green Army, where they tied maxing 19. They had another battle later in the week against Red Rebellion, managing 14 online, which WN was declared the victor of. After this they had a training event, maxing 12. They ended their week with a  recruitment event, also maxing 12.

6. Recon Federation 

Due to the ceasefire in the war of Smoke and Sour, the Recon Federation fell back a spot in the top ten.  The week was kicked off with a party that had 8 attendees.  A training session was held on the same day, also maxing 8.  Their Summer Circuit battle on Wednesday was a loss, maxing 8.  The same day, RFCP  held a recruiting event that saw sizes of 9.  In addition to this, they and their allies defended their empire against RPF’s Strike Force, maxing 34.  Thursday brought another recruiting event, maxing 9.  They won their battle against PZF in the tournament, maxing 11, and ended the week with an 8 person training session.

7. Red Rebellion

Red Rebellion saw a decrease in activity this week, moving down a spot. Red Rebellion started their week with a training, maxing 12. This was followed by their two scheduled tournament battles, the first being against RPF where RR lost while maxing 12. Following this they had another Summer Circuit battle against Wild Ninjas, only managing to get 7 online.

8. Cosmic Army

Cosmic moves up in the top ten this week. They saw an increase in activity as they entered war with the Green Street Gang. Cosmic Army started their week off with an invasion of GSG, maxing 9. This was followed by an invasion of GSG’s capital, Fjord, where they were declared victorious while maxing 10. Cosmic ended their week by invading Matterhorn again, successfully.

9. Winged Hussars

The Winged Hussars had a fairly active week, consisting of both minigame tournaments and army tournaments. Winged Hussars started with a practice battle against GSG, maxing 6. They then had a Summer Curcuit battle against PZF, where they maxed 6 and won. Following this they had a sled racing tournament, getting 6 online. After this, they had a tournament battle against EGCP, maxing 8. At the end of the week they lost in a tournament battle against Mopia, getting 8 online.

10. Green Street Gang

Entering war, the Green Street Gang had quite a few battles this week. Green Street Gang began with a defense against Cosmic, where they lost, getting 3. After, they had a training with Winged Hussars, maxing 5. This was followed by the tournament battle, where they got 5, losing to RFCP. Then, they reinvaded their server Matterhorn against Cosmic, who didn’t show up. GSG managed to get 4 at their defense of Fjord, losing to Cosmic. To end the week, GSG maxed 10 at their invasion of Fjord and 5 at their tournament battle versus Pizza Federation.


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CPA Administrator

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