Pro Deo Et Patria – My Departure

KLONDIKE, Flen @ Doctor Mine Turtles’ Desk – When we all join a community, we look for acceptance, unity and perhaps a bonding. Without even being known to present facts, I started a journey in January of this year. A journey which was meant to bring something that no one would’ve ever seen.

March of 2017 didn’t only mark the end of a great game. It also marked the end of a greater childhood I had. We all left in 2017 with a thought of never returning. With a thought that it’s done and gone for good. With a thought that we’re all on our ways now, towards a better and a more brighter future.

January 2019 was a month worth never forgetting. I remember, I got this email from Club Penguin Army Central Staff site where someone posted that they’ll be deleting their account from WordPress and wanted to say a final goodbye. That one post brought me right back where I left.

I decided to visit and see if the community has moved on maybe? Well, it didn’t. I came across Rebel Penguin Federation. I came across Elmikey and a lot of people. You know, it was like, I was stuck once again in a never ending chain of events. Back into armies, back into grouping and of course, back into my old annoying-stuff.

Well, honestly my return to Armies was suppose to be temporary phase when I actually met the devil (metaphor in a polite way), Epicmaster100/Lamlinton. Now, he’s not the devil because he’s been bad to me or anything else. It’s just that when I met Epicmaster again, I saw he was running an army league for armies over Club Penguin Online. Now, I’ve always had this “desire” to run an army league. I offered Epic to run CPOAL with him, however, he refused.

Well, I decided to partner with someone called “Sean”, though he never existed and all this time Sean has been SuperJay. Well, I really don’t know if it’s Superjay or not. Why? He’s been able to tell me something that only he and I knew and yet he’s not at all behaving like Superjay. Coming to Jason and Jade, all this time it’s been me.

Anyhow, moving further, Sean and I decided to run an army league for all others CPPSes. This was done after Club Penguin Rewritten leagues had died. So, I along with Sean, Hexxer, Cobra and Shad ran our own “Club Penguin Army Syndicate” which Twitchy also joined in the coming days.

To be honest, that idea kind of worked out, but it still didn’t had that power over armies which was required for me to fulfil what I came back for.

I decided to leave that month after having a Major-CPO-Drama with Epic, Ayan, Riley and r0pe. 

I decided to come back in July when things would settle down and be calm. In addition to this, Greeny & Memmaw started their own news website which I worked for at the backend all this time.

Now that I returned in July, I noticed that Club Penguin Armies Website has been able to gain the power over armies which I wanted my Army League to. Well, let me be clear this “power” means the ability to influence armies.

I figured out after a little talk with Epic that it was the perfect time to do what I’ve wanted to do since I came back. However, this time I would need to take things very slow. Why? Because I need to keep both Epic and the Army leaders in my hand to be able to work towards this CP Army News site “Merger” that I’ve always wanted.

Well, I managed to bring Epic, DMT, Greeny, Memmaw, Superhero & Twitchy at an agreement for this merger. Things did go well at the backend and merged them into a group chat. We reached some terms to which both the sides agreed. Moving forward, we decided to have a group chat with leaders to finalise things.

Now, this is where things got tricky. (Perhaps my preparation were not enough) I thought that getting CPO and CPA Army Leaders into one chat would give them a chance to know each other and discuss the problems. However, it turned out to be something very opposite to what I imagined.

The leadership stretch through each other, giving birth to another debate that would never end. How? Well, I forgot that removing some toxic-elements wouldn’t do the job. That there was need to remove all toxic-elements. Who am I referring to? Xing and Blueink.

These two absolute disgraceful individuals managed to ruin my effort of six months. Well, now you’d be thinking that, “wow flen, they defeated you?”. Well, I wouldn’t say they defeated me. While I along with other CPOAL-CPA Partners managed to get people under one-roof, all this two individuals did was ruin things and that’s what they’ll be known for after today.

Well, what I am happy about is that after four failed attempts to event talk, we managed to get along with CPOAL and in addition to that, even managed to get all Leaders under on roof. What I have concluded is that this generation of CPPS-Armies will never be able to merge news sites. I am not sure about the upcoming generation, but this will not be able to do much.

Now, what is the major problem here? Life.

Life how? Many people around this community, both CPPS and CPO don’t realise that they have a life to live. Trust me, I didn’t realise it either until this merger came to an end.

What these people have ever done is ruining. They’ve turned people against people, turned plans upside down for their own joy. Well, I’ll be honest, I’ve seen life way more than these people will ever see.

We all have personal struggles and I’ve had them too. However, I was able to overcome them and actually ‘get-a-life’.

Anyhow, I’d just like to say that this community had a never ending turmoil which will go from one generation to other and will keep on going. Until there are a CPPSes, there is are CP Armies.

I’ve been reached out by many old CP Armies friend to hold another reunion. Possibly next June and I’m thinking about it. Old people, even if they were bad, they had senses which this new community lacks.

The ownership of this website (along with out backend servers) has been given to Trev/Greeny as of 20th August 

Pro Deo Et Patria (For God and Country).


CPA Site backend Manager


Rebel Penguin Federation Declare War on Elite Guardians

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital- The largest army in Club Penguin has declared war on the second largest army, sending the community on a collision course with one of the greatest wars ever recorded.

The Rebel Penguin Federation have held the first place spot on the top ten for the entirety of August.  There is really not much more to be said about the army, other than that they’re a dominant force.

The real question here is, will the Strike Force be able to hold their own?

The Strike Force are a division of RPF, led by UltipenguinJ.  Founded upon their entry to the CPA map, the RPFSF has been RPF’s way of creating a presence on the map.  Since then, they’ve amassed an empire of 17 servers, highlighted by historic servers like Tuxedo (CPATG), Sled (CPATG), Chinook (CPATG), and Oasis.  As for their performance in battle, it varies.  In high pressure events, the SF can reach sizes of 40.  However, their usual sizes consist of anything in the twenty-to-thirty range.

RPFSF invading Rainbow, CPATG.

On the other side of the war, the Elite Guardians are much easier to judge.  The army typically rises to sizes of 30+ in pressure situations.  The war is between two of the biggest rivals of the CPPS army era, so it’s sure to generate mass interest in both of the armies’ respective platoons.  Despite being a tad bit on the smaller side of average size, EGCP has a vast empire of 25 servers, highlighted by complete control of CP Pegaus and

EGCP invading Grizzly, CPATG.

RPF made two separate posts regarding the war against EGCP.  The first of the two is the terms of the war.  The second post is where the real content lies.  In the exposé, RPF commander QueenieLiz details the reasons of RPF declaring the war.  In summary, the army aims to eliminate the toxic attitude that they claim EGCP possesses.  Their evidence consists of their association to the Cuddle Kittens and discussions that go on in the EGCP chat room.  In addition to this, they also aim to open up the map, which is currently experiencing a bit of staleness due to the dominance of the New Viking Alliance.

We ask the NVA to take a closer look at EGCP and ask yourselves, is it really worth allying with an army that defeats the point of your alliance in the first place (collectively supporting smaller armies) and potentially risks the safety of your troops? The influence EGCP has over it’s troops clearly teaches that sexism and racism is something to be tolerated, which in this day and age it simply isn’t. In this new CPA we have found the community to be a lot brighter, especially when all armies banded together to support RFCP on the loss of one of their troops. Sadly, this post shows EGCP’s toxic nature and their actions portray a complete lack of respect and regard for the CPA admins and the entire community. The Guardians have fallen, let war commence.

-QueenieLiz, Rebel Penguin Federation Commander

As for the terms of the war, RPF declared no allies of any sort.  Even if this rule wasn’t activated, the sizes wouldn’t be very affected.  The main allies of RPF, the Lime Green Army, are engaged in war with the Recon Federation, the second largest army in NVA.  It’s possible that RPF saw this, and decided now was the best time to take action against their long time rivals.

To get a different perspective, an interview was commissioned with the Emperor of the Elite Guardians, Edu14463.  In light of Edu’s answers, it’s best if the format of the interview is presented in transcript style.

Interview with Edu14463, Elite Guardians Emperor

DMT: What is the Elite Guardians’ initial reaction to RPF’s declaration of war, and their reasoning?

Edu: I’m deeply sad.  I’m currently planning to kill myself.  Unfortunately, RPF doesn’t even know what copypasta and mocking everyone means.

DMT: Can you share any of EGCP’s plans for the war?

Edu: A good magician doesn’t reveal his tricks.

DMT: How do you see this war playing out?

Edu: In my humble opinion, I don’t consider this as a war.  That “expose” post was the weakest I’ve ever seen.  RPF must learn how to control their ego.  This looks more like a dumb rivalry.  Also, I must say that the RPF leaders should learn about “The Copypasta Art”.  I hope they don’t think I’m a socialist.

DMT: Lastly, if anything, what does this war mean for the New Viking Alliance?

Edu: Nothing.

DMT: So NVA will stay in place, regardless of the outcome?

Edu: As I said, I can’t say anything about our plans.

While the Elite Guardians are currently working on a response, per sources, RPF have already unveiled two invasions of EGCP territory on the 30th of August.  At 9:00 AM EST, they will invade Bunny Hill (CPATG).  Only a few hours later, they will invade Snowy River (CPATG) at 6:30 PM EST.  It appears that the Rebel Penguin Federation are taking a southern trot through EGCP land, building off their lone server in the central of the continent, Below Zero.  It would not be surprising for EGCP to take a passive route to start, as neither army has their most land on CPATG.  However, it wouldn’t be wrong to predict both armies will come out wanting to take over each other’s total empires, considering their tensions.


Possible war routes for RPF (Red) and EGCP (Blue).

If EGCP can defend their land in the first few days, it could spell out a long war for the community.  Only one thing is for certain: it will be fun to watch.


Club Penguin Armies Spokesperson

Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [11/08/19 – 24/08/19]

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – The End of Summer edges even closer after yet another exciting two weeks of events, wars, tournament battles & more. We see a slight mix up in the Top five armies this week and we see other armies move around in the Top Ten. Without further ado, we give you this week’s Top Ten Armies!

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Top Ten Armies [8/25/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- School is in session for most, if not all, but that doesn’t mean the top ten lacks in excitement and activity.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [84.82]

2. Elite Guardians [+0] [62.08]

3. Wild Ninjas [+0] [50.37]

4. Recon Federation [-1] [46.50]

5. Lime Green Army [+1] [40.29]

6. Winged Hussars [+2] [38.32]

7. Duck Defenders [+2] [35.31]

8. Cosmic Army [-1] [21.25]

9. Pizza Federation [+2] [17.85]

10. Green Street Gang [+2] [17.60]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Pizza Bois United [+2] [15.50]

Click HERE for the full calculations.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation

As per usual, the Rebel Penguin Federation had another consistent week.  It began with an AUS event, maxing 36.  They had a branch battle later in the day, seeing a collective size of 53.  They took an off day on Monday, but resumed on Tuesday with an AUS U-Lead, maxing 20.  They also held a US event that day, maxing 49.  An EU event the next day saw sizes of of 40.  This was followed up with a training session, maxing 35.  The next event was an AUS event, maxing 33.  Another AUS event followed, this time with 32 attendees.  RPF reached sizes of 60 on Friday, in a US costume event.  They closed out their week with an EU event, maxing 52.


2. Elite Guardians

Another second place campaign is in the books for the Guardians of an Elite stature.  EGCP started the week with a space squid invasion of CPATG, maxing 24.  On Monday, they invaded Grizzly (CPATG), reaching sizes of 27.  They then invaded Bunny Hill (CPATG), maxing 27 once again.  Their third invasion of the week was on Outback (CPATG), successfully invading the server with 20 troops.  Friday brought a comeback event for the army, maxing 21.  Their week was finished with a sled racing competition, maxing 19 troops.

3. Wild Ninjas 

The Wild Ninjas saw not only a growth in activity, but a growth in size as well this week. They started with a training event, maxing 15. Following this, they had an invasion of Alpine (held on alternative CPPS due to maintenance), where they claimed sizes of 30. The next day they held their invasion of Blizzard (CPATG), maxing 20. They ended their scheduled freeland invasions by invading Beanie with a max of 15. Later they had a cosplay event, maxing 13. This was followed up with another training, where they maxed 15. WN ended the week with training, maxing 12.


4. Recon Federation

Despite having 13 events this week, the Recon Federation could not hold on to their top three spot.  The long week was kicked off with a recruiting event, maxing 9.  A training session followed, maxing 7.  They hosted a midnight invasion of Cloudy (CPATG) on Tuesday with 12 troops.  Another invasion, this time on Chinook (CPATG) maxed 7 troops.  A recruiting event took place later in the day, and a welcoming party followed it up, maxing 6 and 11, respectively.  RFCP raided an LGA recruiting session on Wednesday, maxing 14 in the process.  They then held a recruiting session of their own, maxing 7.  An invasion of Skates (CPATG) was successful, maxing 17 while claiming the server.  The army helped stress test the beta server of CPATG in a practice battle with RPF, maxing 11.  They held a birthday party for Chainpro later on, maxing 11.  A recruiting session took place on Friday with 7 troops.  Another recruiting event capped off their week, maxing 10.

5. Lime Green Army 

The Lime Green Army managed to reach the top five again this week after dropping places in weeks prior. They began with their scheduled invasions of CPATG’s new servers, beginning with Cold Front where they maxed 12. After this they had an invasion of Ice Bank, maxing 14. In between invasions they held a recruiting event, maxing 9. Their last invasion of the week was of a server which they once claimed as their capital, Great White, where they managed to achieve sizes of 17. Another recruiting event took place, maxing 11; This was followed by what they deemed their “Red vs Blue” event, maxing 17 once more.

Download (3)

6. Winged Hussars 

The Winged Hussars started their week with a cart surfer tournament, with a max of 8. This was then followed by an invasion of Ice Palace (CPATG), where they maxed 8. A raid of Cosmic was then organized by WH (who maxed 7) and their allies. Later that day they had their invasion of Frosty, maxing 10. After this WH held a training on CPATG’s beta servers, where they ordered the new “Wary” emote be done as a tactic, they maxed 7. They closed their freeland invasions by capturing Thermal, also maxing 7. WH hosted another tournament at the end of the week, this time for ice fishing where they maxed 9. To close the week, Winged Hussars had a practice battle against the Duck Defenders, where they maxed 8.

7. Duck Defenders 

The Duck Defenders continue to rise in their second week, with an all-around consistent week.  It began with a win over the Pizza Federation in a practice battle, where they maxed 9 troops.  They invaded Southern Lights (CPATG) the next day, maxing 12 while claiming the server.  They snatched up Beanie (PW) from the Cosmic Army the following day, maxing 7 in the process.  Their third invasion was another success, claiming Wool Socks (CPATG) with 7 troops.  A training session ensued on Thursday, maxing 5.  DD rebounded from the low sizes with an 8 man training session on Friday.  Saturday brought a loss to the Winged Hussars in a practice battle, maxing 6 while finishing their week.

8. Cosmic Army 

Cosmic would get right into the week with a recruiting session.They followed this with a practice event, maxing 7. To conclude their week they had an invasion of Skates, maxing 5.

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9. Pizza Federation 

The Pizza Federation began the week with a practice battle against Duck Defenders, maxing 5. They would join their allies to raid Cosmic, also maxing 5.


10. Green Street Gang 

Green Street had a training session to start their week, maxing 5. They ended their week with a card jistu tournament, maxing 8.

Screenshot 2019 08 20 03 41 45


CPA Spokesperson


CPA Administrator

Wild Ninjas Set to Invade Lime Green Army

NEVISCA, Wild Ninjas Capital- As the map returns to it’s standard form of all servers being claimed, the Wild Ninjas become the first army to make a major move for land.

The Wild Ninjas have been rising over the past two weeks.  Events have become more frequent, while the invasions from this week garnered interest from many of their troops.  This has caused the Wild Ninjas to not only see a bump in size, but they’ve also made a run for the top three in the weekly top ten.  The army saw their first top 3 finish in their time registered with Club Penguin Armies, albeit tied with the Recon Federation.  It’s a strange time for an army to experience a rise, especially with school resuming for many troops, but there are no complaints from WN.

Wild Ninjas invading Alpine, CPATG (hosted on AetherCPPS due to a maintenance period).

Meanwhile, the Lime Green Army have been returning to form this week.  While they were on a slight decline for the past two weeks, falling out of the top five, the army seems to be rebounding.  This is in part of the rush for servers, as an invasion is much more exciting for troops than a training session.  Like WN, LGA was able to claim three servers this week, while climbing in size.

Lime Green Army invading Great White (CPATG).

As for political relations, the Wild Ninjas are one of the lone wolves on the map.  They’ve seemingly strayed away from any alliance over the past month or so, instead building their empire on their own.  Having invaded armies like the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Winged Hussars, and Cosmic, it’s clear WN owes no allegiance to anyone.  Seeing their recent rise, it makes sense for the Wild Ninjas to think they can snag a few servers from LGA.  Maxing above 20 multiple times in a week will instill confidence in any army, especially an army that relies on their own performance constantly.  The Lime Green Army, however, are in a powerful alliance.  A triple entente of sorts, the army has collaborated with the Rebel Penguin Federation and Cosmic in the past.  The three armies can combine for gargantuan sizes at times, making LGA an army to take caution with when scheduling invasions.

The first invasion, taking place on the 25th of August, will be an attempt to take Ice Box from the LGA empire.  Then, on the 27th, the invasion of Yeti will be held.  Both of these servers have been apart of LGA’s empire for a long time, dating back to the first week of CPATG.  One would think the Wild Ninjas are clear winners, with their size advantage, but there are some things to unpack here.  First, the Wild Ninjas are inconsistent in size at times.  Some events, they’ll see sizes upward of 20, but other events will only reach sizes of 13.  In the same way, their tactic completion is spotty at times, with perfect tactics being a rarity in event pictures.  Lastly, the Wild Ninjas did not declare no allies when they scheduled invasions.  This could lead to an overabundance of reinforcements from RPF assisting LGA.  With the Treaty of Smog and Citrus still active for the upcoming invasions, WN will be hard pressed to receive assistance from any other army, as no army in NVA can help them invade LGA.


Wild Ninjas battle plan.

The Lime Green Army have yet to schedule any invasions in response.


CPA Spokesperson

Club Penguin Online: Summer Bash Quarter Final Times.

Slushy, Army League HQ – After a long weekend of battles we have managed to make it through the first round of events in the Summer Bash tournament 2019. Read on to see the results from Round One and to see the battle times & information for the Quarter Finals.

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Club Penguin Armies: Summer Community Awards 2019

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- It’s time we take a look back on the inaugural summer of Club Penguin Armies v2, and celebrate what has been an incredible four months of warfare.

How it Works:

We will be recording the votes in the comment section of this post.  This is the best way to combat voter fraud.  If you do not feel like commenting for safety reasons, you may DM DMT on Discord to count your vote.  Please copy this format for your awards ballot.


Biggest Army:

Best Leader:

Biggest Rise:

Best War:

Biggest Rivalry:

Best Battle:

Best CPA Staff Member:

Most Achieved:

Biggest Savage:

Biggest L:

Best CPPS:

Best Meme:


Biggest Army

Nominees: Rebel Penguin Federation, Elite Guardians, Mopia, Lime Green Army, Recon Federation, Wild Ninjas

Best Leader

Nominees: SagaSage, Prior Bumble, Chainpro, Edu14463, HippieFresh, QueenieLiz, Cooky2, JeremitoX, UltipenguinJ, Snork, Kerx

Biggest Rise

Nominees: Mopia, Recon Federation, Lime Green Army, Winged Hussars

Best War

Nominees: The War of Smoke and Sour, The Chronic War, Mopia vs Elite Guardians

Biggest Rivalry

Nominees: RPF vs EGCP, LGA vs RFCP, LGA vs EGCP, Cosmic vs GSG

Best Battle

Nominees: First Battle of Northern Lights (RFCP vs LGA), Battle of Deep Freeze (RFCP vs RPF), EGCP vs Mopia (Summer Circuit week two), Reclamation of Northern Lights (RFCP vs LGA), Battle of Marshmallow (RPF/Mopia vs EGCP), EGCP vs Mopia (Summer Circuit week four), Summer Circuit Finals (EGCP vs RPF)

Best CPA Staff Member

Nominees: Greeny, Memmaw, DMT, Superhero123, Dr. Flen, Twitchy543, Zenevelent, Rosaferri, Hexxer, DEF246

Most Achieved

Nominees: SagaSage, Greeny, Prior Bumble, UltipenguinJ, DMT, Edu14463

Biggest Savage

Nominees: Cena, Cobroso, Chainpro, QueenieLiz, DMT, Guta

Biggest L

Nominees: Security, Cena, Epic101, Xing, Lord Pain


Nominees: Club Penguin Armies: The Game, Club Penguin Rewritten, SuperCPPS, Oasis,

Best Meme:

Nominees: YOU choose!  Go to the #memes channel on our Discord and link your favorite image on your ballot.

Territory Talk: How Will the New Map Shape Out?

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- As many expected, the 23 servers that were added this morning have all been scheduled.  In the next three days, the empires of many armies will expand, which begs the question: what will transpire after all the servers have been claimed?

23 servers seems like a lot of servers, but in the eyes of army leaders everywhere, it’s barely enough to create more friction on the map.  Within seven hours, all of the added servers had an invasion scheduled on them, with roughly each army scheduling three invasions.  The only two exceptions to this are the Recon Federation and the Duck Defenders, who were only able to scheduled 2.  It was widely accepted that the main powers of the map were in a deadlock after the War of Smoke and Sour.  The treaty, which called for the whole of the New Viking Alliance to keep the peace with the Lime Green Army, eliminated almost every possible source of conflict.  The Rebel Penguin Federation was left out of that treaty, sure, but at the time the Strike Force was smaller than EGCP.  Starting conflict would’ve spelled future losses for them.  However, the treaty of Smog and Citrus will expire on the 27th of August.  It will take a deep look into the future of the map to make a prediction of the incoming battles.

The Lime Green Army were the first army to schedule their invasions, and appear to be one of the main players of conflict once again.  The invasion of Great White is purely to capture a historical server, as Great White was the capital of LGA for many years.  The northeast expansion, however, is a dangerous move.  Expanding that way puts themselves at threat of being sandwiched in the middle of hostile forces.  For an army that has taken a slight dip in size as school resumes, it’s a bold strategy to insert their forces right in the epicenter of the new servers.

As faithful adversaries of LGA, the Rebel Penguin Federation are an army that they don’t have to worry about.  While most would see this move as RPF trying to claim the northwest region of the continent, the real player is the server of Rainbow.  As one can see, it’s dangerously close to Elite Guardian territory.  The Strike Force has been growing at a tremendous pace as of late, which is evident in their sizes of nearly 50 in the Summer Circuit finals.  They seem primed to finally go head to head with EGCP, and securing the center of the continent with their allies would be a huge power move.

For being an army on the smaller end, the Winged Hussars had a great set of invasions scheduled.  Centralizing their new land in the southwest region, they’re surrounded by LGA and RPF.  Yet, with the backing of the New Viking Alliance, they can rest easy knowing that the two aforementioned armies have bigger fish to fry.  Though it seems like WH will stand pact with their land, it’s possible they expand north while stopping at RPF territory.

A day before the servers dropped, the Recon Federation officially colonized the new Duck Defenders army, creating an interesting concept of allowing RFCP to gain an advantage in claiming more land.  Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts led to both RFCP and DD only being able to invade two servers, instead of three.  However, they still were able to meet their goal of claiming the majority of the northeast region of the continent.  As said previously, LGA’s expansion falls directly in the line of RFCP’s.  It appears that the community is not quite done with LGA-RFCP battles just yet.  In the meantime, DD will most likely operate on command of their colonizer.  There’s not much area to expand except straight into enemy lines.

The Cosmic Army have been hell-bent on eradicating the Green Street Gang from the map, and spent one of their invasion slots on invading GSG’s newly acquired server, Beanie, on Penguin World.  Their other two invasions are great spots to be in.  CA have joined the alliance of LGA and RPF, forming a triple entente of sorts.  RPF is close by near all of their land on CPATG, making armies think twice about invading the small army.  The Winged Hussars, however, could very much invade Skates from CA, in a sort of avenging act for GSG.  It may be a conflict that RPF doesn’t enter.

On the contrary of what many expected, the Elite Guardians were one of the last armies to schedule their invasions.  The imperial giants put two of their new servers right in the middle of LGA and RPF.  It’s becoming clearer that more conflicts between EGCP and RPF-LGA are on the horizon, with the three armies being so close to each other.  Joining their allies in the northeast, it’s possible this can spiral into something BIG over the next few weeks.

Lastly, the Wild Ninjas.  Interesting enough, the last army to schedule invasions lucked out quite well.  After acquiring Husky as a compensation server, none of their new servers will be landlocked between hostiles.  WN can operate off the radar as a key cog in invasions.  As an army that doesn’t have any clear alliances, WN holds their cards close to their chest.  Any army next to them could be a target, potentially leading to a quiet introduction of a new power.

The incoming weeks are sure to be filled with conflicts, old and new.  The writing on the wall, however, remains more of the same.  The New Viking Alliance have a stranglehold on the map, and it’ll take some serious unification of outsider armies to open things up.


Club Penguin Armies Spokesperson

Top Ten Armies [8/18/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- Despite school starting for many, and on the horizon for others, the top ten sees the most activity and competition it’s seen in a while.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [87.59]

2. Elite Guardians [+0] [60.38]

3T. Recon Federation [+1] [42.22]

3T. Wild Ninjas [+2] [42.22]

5. Mopia [-2] [42.14]

6. Lime Green Army [+1] [36.21]

7. Cosmic Army [NEW!] [28.52]

8. Winged Hussars [-2] [25.37]

9. Duck Defenders [NEW!] [20.11]

10. Red Rebellion [-1] [16.50]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Pizza Federation [-2] [14.62]

12. Green Street Gang [-2] [12.00]

13. Pizza Bois United [NEW!] [10.50]


1. Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation’s sizes increased across the board this week, stretching their throttle on the top ten even more.  They began their week with an AUS event, maxing 29.  The AUS division returned to activity on Tuesday, maxing 28.  Later that day, the US division saw sizes of 59 in their own event.  The EU division joined in on the events by hosting a training session with 49 troops.  On Thursday, RPF obtained sizes of 64 in a widely successful event.  They fell back to Earth the next day with 28 troops at a training session, but skyrocketed to an astonishing 67 attendees for an EU event.  The AUS division returned on Saturday for a training session, maxing 25.  The cherry on top for their impressive week was claiming the Summer Circuit title, beating the Elite Guardians with 51 troops, including lockouts.  Congratulations to RPF!

2. Elite Guardians

The Elite Guardians kicked off their week with intense preparation for the Summer Circuit finals.  Their first of four training events saw sizes of 22 troops.  The next session went down to 19 troops, which was followed up by a max of 17 at their third session.  The fourth session held a max of 18.  On Saturday, they engaged in a pre-battle prep event in the wee hours before the tournament, maxing 24.  Ultimately, their 42 troops in the Summer Circuit finals wasn’t enough to beat RPF.

3T. Recon Federation

In an attempt to hold their ground in the top ten, the Recon Federation held a staggering 14 events this week.  It all began with a simple recruiting session, maxing 8.  The next day brought two events; a training session and a recruiting session, maxing 8 in both.  RFCP hosted The Feddies, an awards show open to the public, where 11 members attended, while the total attendance tally was marked at 50 penguins.  They returned to business on Tuesday, maxing 8 in two events.  Another training session took place after this, this time reaching a max of 9.  However, the next training session saw a decrease to 7 troops.  A late night secret operation obtained sizes of 5 that same day.  Yet another training was held on Friday, maxing 7.  Later in the day, a recruiting session with 9 people was hosted.  A secret operation was once again held, this time with 9 troops.  This was followed up with a party to celebrate the ratification of their constitution, maxing 9 yet again.  The long week was closed out with, surprise: another training session!

3T. Wild Ninjas

Experiencing a rise in activity this week, the Wild Ninjas found a spot in the top three, albeit a tied spot.  Their campaign began with a training session, maxing 14.  Two days later, they held another training session with 12 troops.  Wednesday brought a costume event for the army, where 15 troops attended.  They returned to training sessions the next day, maxing 17.  Once again, they held a training session, maxing 13.  They ended their week on a high note, successfully invading Town, Penguin Chat 3, from the Cosmic Army, maxing 16.

5. Mopia

The Mopia had one event this week. They faced the Lime Green Army in CPA’s Summer Circuit maxing 20.

6. Lime Green Army

LGA had four events this week. First was the 3rd place Summer Circuit battle against Mopia, in which they maxed 17. Second one was a training event, with sizes of 10. The next event was a Kermitmelon costume event, in which they got 7 troops. Their last event was a Red VS Blue training event, maxing 15.

7. Cosmic Army

Cosmic had a very active week. It started with an invasion of Blizzard, Penguin Chat against GSG, maxing 5. Next was a training on CPATG, with sizes of 6. It was followed by the invasion of Town, Penguin Chat 3 against GSG, with a max of 10 troops online. Then, they hold another training on CPATG, with sizes of 6 troops. Lastly, they successfully invaded Marshmallow on CPOrigins against GSG, maxing 5.

8. Winged Hussars

Though the Winged Hussars’ performance was similar to last week, it didn’t match up well to the improved runs from the rest of the community.  Their week commenced with a training session, maxing 7.  Their next event was a recruiting session, where they maxed 6.  They held a Card Jitsu tournament on Wednesday, maxing 8 while Shinzo was named the victor.  They returned to hosting a recruiting session the following day, this time maxing 8.  This was followed up with a training session, maxing 9.  They finished their week by unleashing the Rainbow Hussars, where 7 troops were able to experience the awe-inspiring amount of colors.

9. Duck Defenders

This is the Duck Defender’s opening week. They had two events, maxing 11 at a training event for their first event. The Duck Defender’s second event was a recruiting session maxing 6.

10. Red Rebellion

This was the Red Rebellion’s last week since they closed down. They only had one event this week. The Red Rebellion had a practice battle with the Pizza Federation maxing 7.

Red Rebellion Cease Operations

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- One of the few new-age armies who experienced success closed their doors this week in a move that shocked most of the community.

Lately, the Red Rebellion had experienced a dip in activity.  Appearing to suffer from the yearly Autumn recession, the army was hosting one event per week, a far cry from their previous standard.  RR went from averaging sizes of 10-to-12 troops to barely achieving sizes of 6.  It was apparent that troop interest was at an all time low for the army.  In an act to initiate a fresh start, Chainpro spearheaded a total rank reset.

Red Rebellion in a Summer Circuit battle vs the Lime Green Army.

The rank reset proved effective in waking up the troops within the army.  Their very next event reached sizes of 10.  The event was dubbed “Operation: Refresh and Renew” by Chainpro.  However, RR continued to host a minimal amount of events.  In their final week of operation, they only held one event.  The send off event was not an official one, as the closure came out of nowhere.  This was a practice battle with the Pizza Federation, where the troops fought with no knowledge of the events that would transpire later in the night.

Red Rebellion’s final event.

In his post announcing the closure of Red Rebellion, Chainpro didn’t go in detail about the reasons why RR was closing it’s doors.  Instead, he took the time to thank all his troops for their service.  The veteran leader also did not say anything about retiring, so it’s possible he will find a new home in the coming days.  In addition to this, he decided that the Red Rebellion Discord server would be converted into a hangout server.  The full post can be viewed HERE.

Chainpro was gracious enough to give CPA some answers to the most pressing questions regarding the Red Rebellion closure.  When asked why he closed down the army, Chainpro responded with “As summer is coming to an end, multiple higher ups will not be able to be active enough to ensure stability of the RR—including me. There is also the common recruiting problem, we need to be very active and dedicated to rise. We will not be able to achieve that give our circumstances.”  He also discussed the troubles of solo leading, and how he would have established a better HICOM to help shoulder the load.  He didn’t rule out the possibility of RR returning, but he said he will stay active within the community without pledging allegiance to any army for the time being.

Chainpro leading RR to a tournament victory in the Summer Circuit.

The Red Rebellion are the first army to officially go as the summer boom comes to an end.  Over the next few weeks, it’s very possible that some of the other smaller armies will follow suit.  It’s a trend that’s plagued armies for years, and unfortunately, the Red Rebellion fell victim to it.


Club Penguin Armies Spokesperson