Top Ten Armies [8/4/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- A wave of inactivity hits the community, causing a major shuffle from the top to bottom of the list.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+2] [81.60]

2. Elite Guardians [-1] [59.42]

3. Wild Ninjas [+2] [42.06]

4. Winged Hussars [+5] [32.17]

5. Lime Green Army [-3] [28.86]

6. Mopia [-2] [27.00]

7. Recon Federation [-1] [22.93]

8. Red Rebellion [-1] [18.74]

9. Pizza Federation [+2] [17.98]

10. Green Street Gang [+0] [17.97]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Cosmic Army [-3] [14.00]

12T. Solar Force [NEW!] [11.00]

12T. The Red Band [NEW!] [11.00]


1. Rebel Penguin Federation

Unlike their fellow armies, RPF remained active this week to regain the top spot.  They invaded Oasis successfully from the Elite Guardians to start the week, maxing 50.  On the next day, an AUSIA event saw sizes of 20. Later on they invaded Ascent, CPR, from the Wild Ninjas, reaching sizes of 45 troops.  Thursday brought a stamp collecting event, where the EU division maxed 47.  The AUSIA divsion maxed 24 in a recruiting session, which was followed up by a staggering 63 troops at a US training.  They finished the week with a branch battle, maxing 42.

2. Elite Guardians

Compared to weeks prior, the Elite Guardians had a slow week.  Starting with a speed training where they maxed 22, they went on to lose Oasis at the hands of RPF, maxing 21.  Their sizes dipped in the Summer Circuit tournament, only maxing 18 while still beating the Pizza Federation.  They went event-less until Friday, when they held a training session with 23 troops. EGCP closed out the week with another speed training, maxing 25.

3. Wild Ninjas

The Wild Ninjas were one of the only armies to see an uptick in activity this week.  They kicked off the week with a standard 12-man training event.  They rose to sizes of 18 in a Summer Circuit battle, but fell back down to 13 in their failed defense of Ascent against RPF.  WN rebounded from this loss with another tournament win, maxing 12.  Another defeat at the hands of RPF ended their week, maxing 13 in a Summer Circuit loss.

4. Winged Hussars

The Winged Hussars saw a meteoric rise in the top ten due to their surplus of events this week.  The run began with two training sessions, where they maxed 7 and 10, respectively.  Their first battle of the week was a win against the Recon Federation in the Summer Circuit, maxing 10 again.  Sizes of 9 were reached in the following event, a training session.  WH held a fishing competition with 9 of their troops on Friday, with Takoz being crowned the fishing king.  They ended their week on a high note, maxing 10 in a tournament win over the Green Street Gang.

5. Lime Green Army

The Lime Green Army started off the week with an unscheduled training event, maxing 9. Their next event was against Red Rebellion in the Summer Circuit where they maxed 11. The Lime Green Army’s last event of the week was a practice battle against RPF, maxing 12.

6. Mopia

Mopia only had one event this week. They faced the Green Street Gang in the Summer Circuit where they maxed 12.


7. Recon Federation

The Recon Federation started off the week with two recruitment events, maxing 6 and 7. Their third event was in the Summer Circuit where they maxed 9. The Recon Federation’s fourth event was a basic training, maxing 9. Their last event of the week was an advanced training where they maxed 9.


8. Red Rebellion

Red Rebellion faced some inactivity this week, not having any planned events other than their scheduled tournament battles. They started their week with a battle against Lime Green Army, where they sadly lost. This was followed by a battle against Cosmic, where they saw no opponent.


9. Pizza Federation

Pizza Federation began with their scheduled Summer Circuit battle against EGCP, maxing 5. They ended with a training event, also getting 5.


10. Green Street Gang

The Green Street Gang started off the week with a surge of events, but became more inactive as it progressed. They began with a recruiting session maxing 8. Afterwards they had a failed invasion of Matterhorn, where they maxed 4. Then they had another recruiting session, achieving 6. Later in the week they had their tournament battle against WH, where they lost.


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CPA Administrator

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