Lime Green Army Leader Zeke Takes an Indefinite Leave from the Army

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- With the summer winding down, one of the Lime Green Army’s leaders has relieved himself from his duties.

The Lime Green Army was revived by Greeny, the creator, and Memmaw, former leader of the Takis army.  On April 28th, 2019, they registered the army on CPA (Club Penguin Armies), which at the time was remade by none other than Memmaw and Greeny.  Now, with both at the helm of CPA, Memmaw would leave the army to set his focus on CPA, and Greeny would remain an influential figure in the army as the creator.  Paulina and Emilliano would then lead the army until Chainpro joined, after the revival of the Army of Club Penguin didn’t go as planned, and became the main leader.  Zeke would later come into the picture after merging his army, the Magma Troops, into the Lime Green Army, becoming a divisional leader and later on becoming the main leader after Chainpro would leave the Lime Green Army to start Red Rebellion.  Following the merge of the Magma Troops, HippieFRESH would join the leadership after the merging of his army, the Invaders, after having been in the Lime Green Army before.

The following is a non-allied tournament battle where the Lime Green Army would face off against the Wild Ninjas, later declared a draw.

On August 2nd, 2019, Zeke would post on the announcements channel of the Lime Green Army Discord server that he would be taking a leave for “an undetermined amount of time.”

I will be going on leave for an undetermined amount of time. My PC died and I can’t fulfill my leadership duties on just my phone. I know Hippie and Greeny are great leaders so hopefully the army won’t be affected all that much by this. Everyone needs to keep recruiting. Always recruit on an alt account and it’s better when you recruit with 1 or more people. Also, gr for our Practice battle tomorrow. Zeke signing off!

The following is one of the last events Zeke was present for in the Lime Green Army, the defense of Snow Shoe, which was declared an EGCP victory.

Due to his computer dying, Zeke cannot fulfill leadership duties, and so he will be taking an indefinite leave from the army.  Karma, the second in command of the Lime Green Army, has been promoted to the leadership role to better assist HippieFRESH leading the army.  The month of July saw the Lime Green Army hover around the fourth and fifth spots on the top ten, reaching second at one point.

Club Penguin Armies Reporter

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