[Army League] New Server List Update!

Slushy, Army League Headquarters – We have been listening to requests for more servers to be added in order to fulfill our Army needs, today we didn’t add more servers but we have come up with a way for armies to invade more servers without having to add any to Club Penguin Online!

So as you may know, on original Club Penguin there was around 100+ servers, all of these servers could have been invaded by Armies. The army with the most servers back in the day would have been known as the most powerful or most dominant army.

Below we will explain our whole new idea.

Notes: The Emoji beside a server means it is a Club Penguin Online server and can be logged into. 

The name of an army beside a server means that army owns that server.

We currently have eight servers on Club Penguin Online, some say this is not enough for all armies to contest for. So our new idea should fix this situation. In the above image you can see 24 servers, seven of them are already Club Penguin Online Servers.

In order to invade a server that IS already a Club Penguin Online Server, you must list your invasion in the #invasions-schedule channel on our discord and then log onto the server which you wish to invade [Alaska, Flurry, Sleet, Blizzard, Slushy, White Out or Cream Soda]

In order to invade a server that is NOT already a Club Penguin Online Server, you must list your invasion in the #invasions-schedule channel on our discord and then you must use the server SLUSHY for the invasion as Slushy is now the Army HQ server.

Example: If I lead the Help Force and I want to invade the server BOOTS, I would list my invasion in the Invasions schedule channel, I would then log on to Server: SLUSHY for the invasion and complete the invasion as per the rules, once I have invaded the server I will then post the invasion results (a picture) in the #invasions-results channel and my army’s name will be put beside the server BOOTS.

This is a new system that we are testing for the next few months, if it does not work out we may remove this idea.

We hope this idea gives the smaller armies a chance in the community too so it’s not always the bigger armies claiming all the servers.

If you have any questions feel free to join our discord server and message @Epic1738 on the Club Penguin Online News server.

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/3jE9KXu


Club Penguin Online News CEO & Army League Chief

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  1. so basically im the sky force leader and i need tips to help get my army better and stronger looking at you epic.


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