Club Penguin Online releases’ Operation: Crustacean Party

Alaska, Club Penguin Online News HQ – As we all know, when you play Club Penguin Online you will find that there are many different parties and events over the course of the year. Earlier this week Club Penguin Online released another unique party, this party is called Operation: Crustacean. It includes many cool features and designs. Today we will be doing a little walk-through of the Operation: Crustacean party!

Once you first log in to a server on Club Penguin Online, you will notice on the top right corner of your screen, there is an oval shaped icon that says “EPF”, once you click on it a whole page should come up that says “Operation Crustacean” and within the page you will see there is gear that you can claim for free and special Alien Puffles that you can purchase.

Special EPF Operation Crustacean Icon

You will also notice that once you click on this EPF Icon, there will be multiple tasks and missions that you must complete in order to claim the prizes. There are various missions such as; Restore the back-up power, Restore the emergency thrusters, Restore the gamma shields, and more missions & tasks will be unlocked as the days go by.

Operation Crustacean special tasks.

In order to restore the back-up power, you will have to go through a dark maze and collect three keys, once you collect all three keys you will see that the room will light up as you have restored the power. (Note: It is more helpful if you have an alien puffle with you as they give you a bit of light to see the pathway).

Back-up Power room maze.

After restoring the power, you will have to enter the “Emergency Thrusters” room, in this room there will be yet another maze, this time it will be a little bit more difficult. The room will still be dark so it would be helpful to bring an Alien Puffle with you. Once you collect all three keys again, the room will light up.

Emergency Thrusters room maze.

Now you will have to enter the gamma shields room, in this room you will have to complete a maze to get to the other side of the room where there will be a small door, once you go through this door there will be another maze, in this maze you will have to find all three keys yet again.

Gamma shields room.

Once you’ve completed all three of these tasks (the three rooms) you will have access to the final room, the Gyro Stabilizer. Once you arrive in this room you will once again have to go through a tricky maze. (Note; You should stick to the right for this maze) and then once you get through the first maze you will be brought into the second room, this room is the hardest of all and lucky for you, we have a Maze Map right here.

Gyro Stabilizer room.

Once you complete this task (by collecting all three keys) the room will light up just like the photo above, and then you will get an achievement pop-up on your screen!

Now you will be able to collect all the free gear in the EPF tab on the top right corner of your screen (or in the Area 501 room).

We hope this Area 501 / Operation Crustacean helped some of you out with gaining some free items and completing the challenges!

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