NEW SERIES: Newly Released with Revivedman!

Slushy, Club Penguin Online News HQ Welcome to the new series: NEWLY RELEASED. Newly Released is here to help anyone navigate the regularly updated pins and codes! So please come back often to check what is newly release.

Happy Wednesday to all penguins! It’s that time again when everyone starts searching for a new pin for their profiles and ever-growing collections. This week’s pin is a follow up to the current Operation: Crustacean Party!

The Pin: UFO Pin

Today’s Hint: This week’s pin is located near a treasure hunt for all penguins seeking a shiny new puffle!

Still need help or want to chat about the new pin? Head over to the Club Penguin Online discord and join the general chat!

As always, remember to:

  1. Never completely reveal the place where a pin is located.
  2. Use a simple hint that will slightly reveal only the location of the new pin.
  3. Try to be accurate in all information you can give to other players.
  4. Do not spread false rumors or information about any Club Penguin Online in-game or Discord members, items, or staff members.
  5. Be kind to all members who are having trouble in finding, understanding, or enjoying the game.
  6. There are always players in different time zones that may skew the time in which the pin is located for you or another player (12 AM Eastern Standard Time is different than 12 AM Pacific Time).
  7. Never spam any chat or channel as it may result in being muted.
  8. Don’t post link to external sites in chat channels.
  9. Always take any suspected issue with another player to a moderator or report via the #report with the player’s name, issue, and proof of the issue.
  10. As always have fun.

I will be back next week with another edition of NEWLY RELEASED: Pin Edition to begin the search for another new pin!

Happy searching!


Club Penguin Online News Reporter & Club Penguin Online Wiki Moderator

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