Top Ten Armies [8/11/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- As the summer drop looms, many armies make their final push for the best spot possible in the rankings.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [80.63]

2. Elite Guardians [+0] [63.66]

3. Mopia [+3] [55.85]

4. Recon Federation [+3] [37.58]

5. Wild Ninjas [-2] [37.52]

6. Winged Hussars [-2] [33.13]

7. Lime Green Army [-2] [33.11]

8. Pizza Federation [+1] [20.45]

9. Red Rebellion [-1] [20.00]

10. Green Street Gang [+0] [13.00]

Click HERE for the full calculations.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation

Even the strongest of armies see a drop in size once school resumes.  The Rebel Penguin Federation began their week with an AUS event, maxing 25.  Later thay day, they hosted a hide and seek event with 30 troops.  The AUS division returned for another training session, maxing 38, which was followed up by a raid, maxing 45.  The next day brought sizes of 55 in a training session for the EU division.  The high sizes rolled on with a 50 man costume contest on the following day.  The AUS division had a similar event, maxing 33 instead.  That same day, a US event was hoted with 41 troops.  RPF closed out the week with two events on Saturday, maxing 25 and 35, respectively.

2. Elite Guardians

The Elite Guardians, although maintaining the number two spot, improved after last weeks quiet performance.  They started with an underground event, maxing 21 troops.  Their next event was a practice battle with Mopia, where they maxed 21 troops again.  Their sizes dipped on Wednesday, maxing 18 while beating the Winged Hussars.  The next day they had another battle with Mopia, maxing 21 once more.  Their next Summer Circuit battle was with GSG, maxing 22 en route to a victory.  They concluded their week with a smashing victory over Mopia, maxing 35 and moving on to the finals of the Summer Circuit.

3. Mopia

Mopia’s busy week came mainly at the hands of EGCP, battling them three times this week.  They kicked things off with a practice battle with EGCP on CPATG, maxing 14 troops.  They routed the Pizza Federation and Recon Federation in the Summer Circuit, maxing 18 and 21, respectively.  They returned to fighting EGCP on Thursday, where they snuck away with a victory after obtaining sizes of 23.  The next day brought yet another battle, this time with the Winged Hussars, maxing 21.  They closed their week out with a loss to EGCP, maxing 21 again.

4. Recon Federation 

The Recon Federation started off their week rather busily with two recruiting events, where they maxed eight and 15 respectively. The next day, the army had a “joust” training, maxing eight, a victorious tournament battle, maxing 12, and a recruitment event, maxing ten. After that, the RFCP held a training event where they maxed six and a tournament battle with sizes of 13. Finally, they finished their week with a tournament battle, maxing ten.

5. Wild Ninjas 

Wild Ninjas started the week with an unsuccessful invasion of Toboggan against the Rebel Penguin Federation, where with ally assistance they maxed 32. Later in the week they had their final Summer Circuit battle against LGA, where it was determined they lost in a effort where they managed 12 troops. They ended their week with a training event on where they had 8.

6. Winged Hussars 

The Winged Hussars remain increasingly active despite signs that the summer is ending for many. Starting their week with a training session where managed to max 9 troops. Afterwards they had their Summer Circuit battle against PZF, on which they got 8 troops online. On Wednesday, they had a training session and a tournament battle against EGCP, maxing 6 in both. Next, they hold yet another training session, maxing 7. They ended their week with a tournament battle against Mopia, maxing 8, and a dance tournament, maxing 9.

7. Lime Green Army 

Despite dropping two more spots from last week, the Lime Green Army seems to remain the same in activity. They started with a tournament battle against Wild Ninjas, where they won maxing 13. Later on, they held a U-lead where they had 9. To end the week, they lost in their semisfinals versus RPF, in an effort where they maxed 14.

8. Pizza Federation 

The Pizza Federation began later in the week with a training maxing 6. Following this they had their Summer Circuit battle against Recon Federation, where they maxed 7 in a losing effort.

9. Red Rebellion 

Red Rebellion only had one event this week, an event they deemed “Operation: Refresh and Renew” where they maxed 9.

10. Green Street Gang

Green Street Gang only showed to one of their scheduled battles this week, where they battled Recon Federation in a losing effort.



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