Red Rebellion Cease Operations

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- One of the few new-age armies who experienced success closed their doors this week in a move that shocked most of the community.

Lately, the Red Rebellion had experienced a dip in activity.  Appearing to suffer from the yearly Autumn recession, the army was hosting one event per week, a far cry from their previous standard.  RR went from averaging sizes of 10-to-12 troops to barely achieving sizes of 6.  It was apparent that troop interest was at an all time low for the army.  In an act to initiate a fresh start, Chainpro spearheaded a total rank reset.

Red Rebellion in a Summer Circuit battle vs the Lime Green Army.

The rank reset proved effective in waking up the troops within the army.  Their very next event reached sizes of 10.  The event was dubbed “Operation: Refresh and Renew” by Chainpro.  However, RR continued to host a minimal amount of events.  In their final week of operation, they only held one event.  The send off event was not an official one, as the closure came out of nowhere.  This was a practice battle with the Pizza Federation, where the troops fought with no knowledge of the events that would transpire later in the night.

Red Rebellion’s final event.

In his post announcing the closure of Red Rebellion, Chainpro didn’t go in detail about the reasons why RR was closing it’s doors.  Instead, he took the time to thank all his troops for their service.  The veteran leader also did not say anything about retiring, so it’s possible he will find a new home in the coming days.  In addition to this, he decided that the Red Rebellion Discord server would be converted into a hangout server.  The full post can be viewed HERE.

Chainpro was gracious enough to give CPA some answers to the most pressing questions regarding the Red Rebellion closure.  When asked why he closed down the army, Chainpro responded with “As summer is coming to an end, multiple higher ups will not be able to be active enough to ensure stability of the RR—including me. There is also the common recruiting problem, we need to be very active and dedicated to rise. We will not be able to achieve that give our circumstances.”  He also discussed the troubles of solo leading, and how he would have established a better HICOM to help shoulder the load.  He didn’t rule out the possibility of RR returning, but he said he will stay active within the community without pledging allegiance to any army for the time being.

Chainpro leading RR to a tournament victory in the Summer Circuit.

The Red Rebellion are the first army to officially go as the summer boom comes to an end.  Over the next few weeks, it’s very possible that some of the other smaller armies will follow suit.  It’s a trend that’s plagued armies for years, and unfortunately, the Red Rebellion fell victim to it.


Club Penguin Armies Spokesperson

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