Territory Talk: How Will the New Map Shape Out?

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- As many expected, the 23 servers that were added this morning have all been scheduled.  In the next three days, the empires of many armies will expand, which begs the question: what will transpire after all the servers have been claimed?

23 servers seems like a lot of servers, but in the eyes of army leaders everywhere, it’s barely enough to create more friction on the map.  Within seven hours, all of the added servers had an invasion scheduled on them, with roughly each army scheduling three invasions.  The only two exceptions to this are the Recon Federation and the Duck Defenders, who were only able to scheduled 2.  It was widely accepted that the main powers of the map were in a deadlock after the War of Smoke and Sour.  The treaty, which called for the whole of the New Viking Alliance to keep the peace with the Lime Green Army, eliminated almost every possible source of conflict.  The Rebel Penguin Federation was left out of that treaty, sure, but at the time the Strike Force was smaller than EGCP.  Starting conflict would’ve spelled future losses for them.  However, the treaty of Smog and Citrus will expire on the 27th of August.  It will take a deep look into the future of the map to make a prediction of the incoming battles.

The Lime Green Army were the first army to schedule their invasions, and appear to be one of the main players of conflict once again.  The invasion of Great White is purely to capture a historical server, as Great White was the capital of LGA for many years.  The northeast expansion, however, is a dangerous move.  Expanding that way puts themselves at threat of being sandwiched in the middle of hostile forces.  For an army that has taken a slight dip in size as school resumes, it’s a bold strategy to insert their forces right in the epicenter of the new servers.

As faithful adversaries of LGA, the Rebel Penguin Federation are an army that they don’t have to worry about.  While most would see this move as RPF trying to claim the northwest region of the continent, the real player is the server of Rainbow.  As one can see, it’s dangerously close to Elite Guardian territory.  The Strike Force has been growing at a tremendous pace as of late, which is evident in their sizes of nearly 50 in the Summer Circuit finals.  They seem primed to finally go head to head with EGCP, and securing the center of the continent with their allies would be a huge power move.

For being an army on the smaller end, the Winged Hussars had a great set of invasions scheduled.  Centralizing their new land in the southwest region, they’re surrounded by LGA and RPF.  Yet, with the backing of the New Viking Alliance, they can rest easy knowing that the two aforementioned armies have bigger fish to fry.  Though it seems like WH will stand pact with their land, it’s possible they expand north while stopping at RPF territory.

A day before the servers dropped, the Recon Federation officially colonized the new Duck Defenders army, creating an interesting concept of allowing RFCP to gain an advantage in claiming more land.  Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts led to both RFCP and DD only being able to invade two servers, instead of three.  However, they still were able to meet their goal of claiming the majority of the northeast region of the continent.  As said previously, LGA’s expansion falls directly in the line of RFCP’s.  It appears that the community is not quite done with LGA-RFCP battles just yet.  In the meantime, DD will most likely operate on command of their colonizer.  There’s not much area to expand except straight into enemy lines.

The Cosmic Army have been hell-bent on eradicating the Green Street Gang from the map, and spent one of their invasion slots on invading GSG’s newly acquired server, Beanie, on Penguin World.  Their other two invasions are great spots to be in.  CA have joined the alliance of LGA and RPF, forming a triple entente of sorts.  RPF is close by near all of their land on CPATG, making armies think twice about invading the small army.  The Winged Hussars, however, could very much invade Skates from CA, in a sort of avenging act for GSG.  It may be a conflict that RPF doesn’t enter.

On the contrary of what many expected, the Elite Guardians were one of the last armies to schedule their invasions.  The imperial giants put two of their new servers right in the middle of LGA and RPF.  It’s becoming clearer that more conflicts between EGCP and RPF-LGA are on the horizon, with the three armies being so close to each other.  Joining their allies in the northeast, it’s possible this can spiral into something BIG over the next few weeks.

Lastly, the Wild Ninjas.  Interesting enough, the last army to schedule invasions lucked out quite well.  After acquiring Husky as a compensation server, none of their new servers will be landlocked between hostiles.  WN can operate off the radar as a key cog in invasions.  As an army that doesn’t have any clear alliances, WN holds their cards close to their chest.  Any army next to them could be a target, potentially leading to a quiet introduction of a new power.

The incoming weeks are sure to be filled with conflicts, old and new.  The writing on the wall, however, remains more of the same.  The New Viking Alliance have a stranglehold on the map, and it’ll take some serious unification of outsider armies to open things up.


Club Penguin Armies Spokesperson


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