Top Ten Armies [8/18/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- Despite school starting for many, and on the horizon for others, the top ten sees the most activity and competition it’s seen in a while.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [87.59]

2. Elite Guardians [+0] [60.38]

3T. Recon Federation [+1] [42.22]

3T. Wild Ninjas [+2] [42.22]

5. Mopia [-2] [42.14]

6. Lime Green Army [+1] [36.21]

7. Cosmic Army [NEW!] [28.52]

8. Winged Hussars [-2] [25.37]

9. Duck Defenders [NEW!] [20.11]

10. Red Rebellion [-1] [16.50]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Pizza Federation [-2] [14.62]

12. Green Street Gang [-2] [12.00]

13. Pizza Bois United [NEW!] [10.50]


1. Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation’s sizes increased across the board this week, stretching their throttle on the top ten even more.  They began their week with an AUS event, maxing 29.  The AUS division returned to activity on Tuesday, maxing 28.  Later that day, the US division saw sizes of 59 in their own event.  The EU division joined in on the events by hosting a training session with 49 troops.  On Thursday, RPF obtained sizes of 64 in a widely successful event.  They fell back to Earth the next day with 28 troops at a training session, but skyrocketed to an astonishing 67 attendees for an EU event.  The AUS division returned on Saturday for a training session, maxing 25.  The cherry on top for their impressive week was claiming the Summer Circuit title, beating the Elite Guardians with 51 troops, including lockouts.  Congratulations to RPF!

2. Elite Guardians

The Elite Guardians kicked off their week with intense preparation for the Summer Circuit finals.  Their first of four training events saw sizes of 22 troops.  The next session went down to 19 troops, which was followed up by a max of 17 at their third session.  The fourth session held a max of 18.  On Saturday, they engaged in a pre-battle prep event in the wee hours before the tournament, maxing 24.  Ultimately, their 42 troops in the Summer Circuit finals wasn’t enough to beat RPF.

3T. Recon Federation

In an attempt to hold their ground in the top ten, the Recon Federation held a staggering 14 events this week.  It all began with a simple recruiting session, maxing 8.  The next day brought two events; a training session and a recruiting session, maxing 8 in both.  RFCP hosted The Feddies, an awards show open to the public, where 11 members attended, while the total attendance tally was marked at 50 penguins.  They returned to business on Tuesday, maxing 8 in two events.  Another training session took place after this, this time reaching a max of 9.  However, the next training session saw a decrease to 7 troops.  A late night secret operation obtained sizes of 5 that same day.  Yet another training was held on Friday, maxing 7.  Later in the day, a recruiting session with 9 people was hosted.  A secret operation was once again held, this time with 9 troops.  This was followed up with a party to celebrate the ratification of their constitution, maxing 9 yet again.  The long week was closed out with, surprise: another training session!

3T. Wild Ninjas

Experiencing a rise in activity this week, the Wild Ninjas found a spot in the top three, albeit a tied spot.  Their campaign began with a training session, maxing 14.  Two days later, they held another training session with 12 troops.  Wednesday brought a costume event for the army, where 15 troops attended.  They returned to training sessions the next day, maxing 17.  Once again, they held a training session, maxing 13.  They ended their week on a high note, successfully invading Town, Penguin Chat 3, from the Cosmic Army, maxing 16.

5. Mopia

The Mopia had one event this week. They faced the Lime Green Army in CPA’s Summer Circuit maxing 20.

6. Lime Green Army

LGA had four events this week. First was the 3rd place Summer Circuit battle against Mopia, in which they maxed 17. Second one was a training event, with sizes of 10. The next event was a Kermitmelon costume event, in which they got 7 troops. Their last event was a Red VS Blue training event, maxing 15.

7. Cosmic Army

Cosmic had a very active week. It started with an invasion of Blizzard, Penguin Chat against GSG, maxing 5. Next was a training on CPATG, with sizes of 6. It was followed by the invasion of Town, Penguin Chat 3 against GSG, with a max of 10 troops online. Then, they hold another training on CPATG, with sizes of 6 troops. Lastly, they successfully invaded Marshmallow on CPOrigins against GSG, maxing 5.

8. Winged Hussars

Though the Winged Hussars’ performance was similar to last week, it didn’t match up well to the improved runs from the rest of the community.  Their week commenced with a training session, maxing 7.  Their next event was a recruiting session, where they maxed 6.  They held a Card Jitsu tournament on Wednesday, maxing 8 while Shinzo was named the victor.  They returned to hosting a recruiting session the following day, this time maxing 8.  This was followed up with a training session, maxing 9.  They finished their week by unleashing the Rainbow Hussars, where 7 troops were able to experience the awe-inspiring amount of colors.

9. Duck Defenders

This is the Duck Defender’s opening week. They had two events, maxing 11 at a training event for their first event. The Duck Defender’s second event was a recruiting session maxing 6.

10. Red Rebellion

This was the Red Rebellion’s last week since they closed down. They only had one event this week. The Red Rebellion had a practice battle with the Pizza Federation maxing 7.


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