Wild Ninjas Set to Invade Lime Green Army

NEVISCA, Wild Ninjas Capital- As the map returns to it’s standard form of all servers being claimed, the Wild Ninjas become the first army to make a major move for land.

The Wild Ninjas have been rising over the past two weeks.  Events have become more frequent, while the invasions from this week garnered interest from many of their troops.  This has caused the Wild Ninjas to not only see a bump in size, but they’ve also made a run for the top three in the weekly top ten.  The army saw their first top 3 finish in their time registered with Club Penguin Armies, albeit tied with the Recon Federation.  It’s a strange time for an army to experience a rise, especially with school resuming for many troops, but there are no complaints from WN.

Wild Ninjas invading Alpine, CPATG (hosted on AetherCPPS due to a maintenance period).

Meanwhile, the Lime Green Army have been returning to form this week.  While they were on a slight decline for the past two weeks, falling out of the top five, the army seems to be rebounding.  This is in part of the rush for servers, as an invasion is much more exciting for troops than a training session.  Like WN, LGA was able to claim three servers this week, while climbing in size.

Lime Green Army invading Great White (CPATG).

As for political relations, the Wild Ninjas are one of the lone wolves on the map.  They’ve seemingly strayed away from any alliance over the past month or so, instead building their empire on their own.  Having invaded armies like the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Winged Hussars, and Cosmic, it’s clear WN owes no allegiance to anyone.  Seeing their recent rise, it makes sense for the Wild Ninjas to think they can snag a few servers from LGA.  Maxing above 20 multiple times in a week will instill confidence in any army, especially an army that relies on their own performance constantly.  The Lime Green Army, however, are in a powerful alliance.  A triple entente of sorts, the army has collaborated with the Rebel Penguin Federation and Cosmic in the past.  The three armies can combine for gargantuan sizes at times, making LGA an army to take caution with when scheduling invasions.

The first invasion, taking place on the 25th of August, will be an attempt to take Ice Box from the LGA empire.  Then, on the 27th, the invasion of Yeti will be held.  Both of these servers have been apart of LGA’s empire for a long time, dating back to the first week of CPATG.  One would think the Wild Ninjas are clear winners, with their size advantage, but there are some things to unpack here.  First, the Wild Ninjas are inconsistent in size at times.  Some events, they’ll see sizes upward of 20, but other events will only reach sizes of 13.  In the same way, their tactic completion is spotty at times, with perfect tactics being a rarity in event pictures.  Lastly, the Wild Ninjas did not declare no allies when they scheduled invasions.  This could lead to an overabundance of reinforcements from RPF assisting LGA.  With the Treaty of Smog and Citrus still active for the upcoming invasions, WN will be hard pressed to receive assistance from any other army, as no army in NVA can help them invade LGA.


Wild Ninjas battle plan.

The Lime Green Army have yet to schedule any invasions in response.


CPA Spokesperson

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