Top Ten Armies [8/25/19]

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- School is in session for most, if not all, but that doesn’t mean the top ten lacks in excitement and activity.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [84.82]

2. Elite Guardians [+0] [62.08]

3. Wild Ninjas [+0] [50.37]

4. Recon Federation [-1] [46.50]

5. Lime Green Army [+1] [40.29]

6. Winged Hussars [+2] [38.32]

7. Duck Defenders [+2] [35.31]

8. Cosmic Army [-1] [21.25]

9. Pizza Federation [+2] [17.85]

10. Green Street Gang [+2] [17.60]

<><><><><>Close to the Top Ten<><><><><>

11. Pizza Bois United [+2] [15.50]

Click HERE for the full calculations.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation

As per usual, the Rebel Penguin Federation had another consistent week.  It began with an AUS event, maxing 36.  They had a branch battle later in the day, seeing a collective size of 53.  They took an off day on Monday, but resumed on Tuesday with an AUS U-Lead, maxing 20.  They also held a US event that day, maxing 49.  An EU event the next day saw sizes of of 40.  This was followed up with a training session, maxing 35.  The next event was an AUS event, maxing 33.  Another AUS event followed, this time with 32 attendees.  RPF reached sizes of 60 on Friday, in a US costume event.  They closed out their week with an EU event, maxing 52.


2. Elite Guardians

Another second place campaign is in the books for the Guardians of an Elite stature.  EGCP started the week with a space squid invasion of CPATG, maxing 24.  On Monday, they invaded Grizzly (CPATG), reaching sizes of 27.  They then invaded Bunny Hill (CPATG), maxing 27 once again.  Their third invasion of the week was on Outback (CPATG), successfully invading the server with 20 troops.  Friday brought a comeback event for the army, maxing 21.  Their week was finished with a sled racing competition, maxing 19 troops.

3. Wild Ninjas 

The Wild Ninjas saw not only a growth in activity, but a growth in size as well this week. They started with a training event, maxing 15. Following this, they had an invasion of Alpine (held on alternative CPPS due to maintenance), where they claimed sizes of 30. The next day they held their invasion of Blizzard (CPATG), maxing 20. They ended their scheduled freeland invasions by invading Beanie with a max of 15. Later they had a cosplay event, maxing 13. This was followed up with another training, where they maxed 15. WN ended the week with training, maxing 12.


4. Recon Federation

Despite having 13 events this week, the Recon Federation could not hold on to their top three spot.  The long week was kicked off with a recruiting event, maxing 9.  A training session followed, maxing 7.  They hosted a midnight invasion of Cloudy (CPATG) on Tuesday with 12 troops.  Another invasion, this time on Chinook (CPATG) maxed 7 troops.  A recruiting event took place later in the day, and a welcoming party followed it up, maxing 6 and 11, respectively.  RFCP raided an LGA recruiting session on Wednesday, maxing 14 in the process.  They then held a recruiting session of their own, maxing 7.  An invasion of Skates (CPATG) was successful, maxing 17 while claiming the server.  The army helped stress test the beta server of CPATG in a practice battle with RPF, maxing 11.  They held a birthday party for Chainpro later on, maxing 11.  A recruiting session took place on Friday with 7 troops.  Another recruiting event capped off their week, maxing 10.

5. Lime Green Army 

The Lime Green Army managed to reach the top five again this week after dropping places in weeks prior. They began with their scheduled invasions of CPATG’s new servers, beginning with Cold Front where they maxed 12. After this they had an invasion of Ice Bank, maxing 14. In between invasions they held a recruiting event, maxing 9. Their last invasion of the week was of a server which they once claimed as their capital, Great White, where they managed to achieve sizes of 17. Another recruiting event took place, maxing 11; This was followed by what they deemed their “Red vs Blue” event, maxing 17 once more.

Download (3)

6. Winged Hussars 

The Winged Hussars started their week with a cart surfer tournament, with a max of 8. This was then followed by an invasion of Ice Palace (CPATG), where they maxed 8. A raid of Cosmic was then organized by WH (who maxed 7) and their allies. Later that day they had their invasion of Frosty, maxing 10. After this WH held a training on CPATG’s beta servers, where they ordered the new “Wary” emote be done as a tactic, they maxed 7. They closed their freeland invasions by capturing Thermal, also maxing 7. WH hosted another tournament at the end of the week, this time for ice fishing where they maxed 9. To close the week, Winged Hussars had a practice battle against the Duck Defenders, where they maxed 8.

7. Duck Defenders 

The Duck Defenders continue to rise in their second week, with an all-around consistent week.  It began with a win over the Pizza Federation in a practice battle, where they maxed 9 troops.  They invaded Southern Lights (CPATG) the next day, maxing 12 while claiming the server.  They snatched up Beanie (PW) from the Cosmic Army the following day, maxing 7 in the process.  Their third invasion was another success, claiming Wool Socks (CPATG) with 7 troops.  A training session ensued on Thursday, maxing 5.  DD rebounded from the low sizes with an 8 man training session on Friday.  Saturday brought a loss to the Winged Hussars in a practice battle, maxing 6 while finishing their week.

8. Cosmic Army 

Cosmic would get right into the week with a recruiting session.They followed this with a practice event, maxing 7. To conclude their week they had an invasion of Skates, maxing 5.

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9. Pizza Federation 

The Pizza Federation began the week with a practice battle against Duck Defenders, maxing 5. They would join their allies to raid Cosmic, also maxing 5.


10. Green Street Gang 

Green Street had a training session to start their week, maxing 5. They ended their week with a card jistu tournament, maxing 8.

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