Rebel Penguin Federation Declare War on Elite Guardians

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital- The largest army in Club Penguin has declared war on the second largest army, sending the community on a collision course with one of the greatest wars ever recorded.

The Rebel Penguin Federation have held the first place spot on the top ten for the entirety of August.  There is really not much more to be said about the army, other than that they’re a dominant force.

The real question here is, will the Strike Force be able to hold their own?

The Strike Force are a division of RPF, led by UltipenguinJ.  Founded upon their entry to the CPA map, the RPFSF has been RPF’s way of creating a presence on the map.  Since then, they’ve amassed an empire of 17 servers, highlighted by historic servers like Tuxedo (CPATG), Sled (CPATG), Chinook (CPATG), and Oasis.  As for their performance in battle, it varies.  In high pressure events, the SF can reach sizes of 40.  However, their usual sizes consist of anything in the twenty-to-thirty range.

RPFSF invading Rainbow, CPATG.

On the other side of the war, the Elite Guardians are much easier to judge.  The army typically rises to sizes of 30+ in pressure situations.  The war is between two of the biggest rivals of the CPPS army era, so it’s sure to generate mass interest in both of the armies’ respective platoons.  Despite being a tad bit on the smaller side of average size, EGCP has a vast empire of 25 servers, highlighted by complete control of CP Pegaus and

EGCP invading Grizzly, CPATG.

RPF made two separate posts regarding the war against EGCP.  The first of the two is the terms of the war.  The second post is where the real content lies.  In the exposé, RPF commander QueenieLiz details the reasons of RPF declaring the war.  In summary, the army aims to eliminate the toxic attitude that they claim EGCP possesses.  Their evidence consists of their association to the Cuddle Kittens and discussions that go on in the EGCP chat room.  In addition to this, they also aim to open up the map, which is currently experiencing a bit of staleness due to the dominance of the New Viking Alliance.

We ask the NVA to take a closer look at EGCP and ask yourselves, is it really worth allying with an army that defeats the point of your alliance in the first place (collectively supporting smaller armies) and potentially risks the safety of your troops? The influence EGCP has over it’s troops clearly teaches that sexism and racism is something to be tolerated, which in this day and age it simply isn’t. In this new CPA we have found the community to be a lot brighter, especially when all armies banded together to support RFCP on the loss of one of their troops. Sadly, this post shows EGCP’s toxic nature and their actions portray a complete lack of respect and regard for the CPA admins and the entire community. The Guardians have fallen, let war commence.

-QueenieLiz, Rebel Penguin Federation Commander

As for the terms of the war, RPF declared no allies of any sort.  Even if this rule wasn’t activated, the sizes wouldn’t be very affected.  The main allies of RPF, the Lime Green Army, are engaged in war with the Recon Federation, the second largest army in NVA.  It’s possible that RPF saw this, and decided now was the best time to take action against their long time rivals.

To get a different perspective, an interview was commissioned with the Emperor of the Elite Guardians, Edu14463.  In light of Edu’s answers, it’s best if the format of the interview is presented in transcript style.

Interview with Edu14463, Elite Guardians Emperor

DMT: What is the Elite Guardians’ initial reaction to RPF’s declaration of war, and their reasoning?

Edu: I’m deeply sad.  I’m currently planning to kill myself.  Unfortunately, RPF doesn’t even know what copypasta and mocking everyone means.

DMT: Can you share any of EGCP’s plans for the war?

Edu: A good magician doesn’t reveal his tricks.

DMT: How do you see this war playing out?

Edu: In my humble opinion, I don’t consider this as a war.  That “expose” post was the weakest I’ve ever seen.  RPF must learn how to control their ego.  This looks more like a dumb rivalry.  Also, I must say that the RPF leaders should learn about “The Copypasta Art”.  I hope they don’t think I’m a socialist.

DMT: Lastly, if anything, what does this war mean for the New Viking Alliance?

Edu: Nothing.

DMT: So NVA will stay in place, regardless of the outcome?

Edu: As I said, I can’t say anything about our plans.

While the Elite Guardians are currently working on a response, per sources, RPF have already unveiled two invasions of EGCP territory on the 30th of August.  At 9:00 AM EST, they will invade Bunny Hill (CPATG).  Only a few hours later, they will invade Snowy River (CPATG) at 6:30 PM EST.  It appears that the Rebel Penguin Federation are taking a southern trot through EGCP land, building off their lone server in the central of the continent, Below Zero.  It would not be surprising for EGCP to take a passive route to start, as neither army has their most land on CPATG.  However, it wouldn’t be wrong to predict both armies will come out wanting to take over each other’s total empires, considering their tensions.


Possible war routes for RPF (Red) and EGCP (Blue).

If EGCP can defend their land in the first few days, it could spell out a long war for the community.  Only one thing is for certain: it will be fun to watch.


Club Penguin Armies Spokesperson

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